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OsirisOrion’s Customs for Toy Invaderz

OsirisOrion Custom Target Earth Gebora

OsirisOrion will be taking part in the Toy Invaderz group custom show which opens at the RGB Lounge in Chicago, IL on June 30th 2012. His customs include a Target Earth Gebora (above) and Ultrus Bog (below).

OsirisOrion Custom Ultrus Bog

Homeless Quatchi “Sasquatch on Fire”

Albert Homeless Quatch

Albert Art debuted The Homeless Quatchi Project back in 2011, during the anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. He has since been a popular custom vinyl toy figure, with his own comic book, and website.

On June 18th 2012, Albert launched Homeless Quatchi "Sasquatch on Fire", a short stop motion animation. "It is my hope that Homeless Quatchi continues to spread the word on homelessness while melting the hearts of all those who come in contact with The Homeless Quatchi Project."

The WorryBug Pre-Order

WorryWoos The Worry Bug

Andi Green has announced that the next WorryWoo Monster - The WorryBug - is now available for pre-order. The WorryBug character was first seen in Andi's book - Don't Feed The WorryBug. You can pre-order the plush here for $12.99.

Two New TazX Android Customs

TazX Android 1 1
TazX Android 1 2
TazX Android 1 3

Bruno GC aka TazX is revealing some photos of new Android customs. These custom actually have LED eyes that are activated by a switch on the back of the Android's head. Unfortunately, these have been sold...but you can contact TazX for commission via email at

TazX Android 2 1
TazX Android 2 2
TazX Android 2 3

Doug Boehm’s Primus Print

boehm primus poster

Doug Boehm recently finished an art commission for the band, Primus. The poster was made for their latest tour, with his design being used for their Redding, California show a couple weeks ago. Doug has 50 posters available for purchase directly from him for $50.00 each. Each poster is numbered and signed, a 5 color screen printed, and 18" x 24".

Contact him here if you're interested in purchasing one of these limited edition posters.

Keithing’s WWRp Ape Bramble

Keithing Ape Bramble 1

Keithing (Keith Poon) will be releasing a new custom series - the WWRp Ape Bramble - on Wednesday June 27th 2012 at Noon ET at Inspired by the Planet Of The Ape movie, Keith sculpted a helmet over Tim Tsui's ape head keychain. It was then fit it on 3A's WWRp Heavy Bramble body and given a red Swarovski crystal eye.

If you're interested in purchasing one, this will be a limited edition run of 12 custom pieces. Each piece will run $329.99.

Keithing Ape Bramble 2

Fleetwood – See Cruizin

pr fleetwood beyond the sea 2

Pierre Rouzier has completed work on his first run of Fleetwood (sea dragon) summer cruise themed figures that he''s entitled "See Cruizin".

These limited edition hand cast polystone resin figures measure 6" tall by 8" long. Each one sports a removable flowered lei. The series features six metallic and pearlized colorways. Two pieces of each colorway are available, with each figure running $68.00 plus shipping.

pr fleetwood beyond the sea 1

Four New Customs from Trenton M Studios

Trenton M Studios has four new customs available for purchase.

TrentonM 3

The Young Boy with the Very Square Shaped Head
• Custom 5" MADL with acrylics, watercolor, clay and ink

TrentonM 4

Weak Robot №.3
• Custom 1.5" Buff Monster with acrylics, ink, and watercolor

TrentonM 1
TrentonM 2

Weak Robot Twin Set №.1 and №.2
• Custom 4" Buff Monster and 1.5" Buff Monster with acrylics, ink, and watercolor

Pandaimyo ‘Spirit Clan’ Edition Mini Qee

Toy2R Pandaimyo Bear Spirit Edition

Destiny is bringing the warrior clans together. The original Dark Mist Clan has shown itself and while we await the Fire Clan, the Royal Clan, the Bamboo Clan and the Mountain Clan to make their presence known, the mysterious Spirit Clan make their first appearance bringing honor as well as death. What does fate have in store for these mighty warriors?

Toy2R has announced the impending arrival of Jon-Paul Kaiser’s 5-inch Pandaimyo ‘Spirit Clan’ edition Mini Qee. This limited edition variant will be available in August 2012 and sell around $28.00.

GID Fonzo at SDCC

Fonzo Ham GID

Freak Store's Fonzo will be glowing in the dark at San Diego Comic Con 2012. Gary Ham and Freak bring the 6" GID Fonzo as a limited edition of 100 pieces to SDCC. They will be available at Gary´s Booth #4836.