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Mikie Graham has revealed exactly what he has been working on for San Diego Comic Con, a run of custom mini figures he is calling "This Is Your Brain".

This is Mikie's take on the 80's anti-drug scare ad "Your brain on drugs". Using Emilio Garcia's mini Jumping Brain figure, Mikie used clear resin and a little hand painted detail to make the vinyl figures resemble a sunny-side up egg. Oh and there's even a miniature cast iron frying pan.

Mikie Graham This Is Your Brain 4 Mikie Graham This Is Your Brain 3

Each egg comes compete with customized packaging - a black cardboard box with removable photo print mounted to its lid. Both the figure and the print come hand signed and numbered.

Mikie will have 10 pieces for sale at Dragatomi's booth #4935 starting on Preview night for only $45.00. (And if you can't get to SDCC, there's an off chance some might hit the interwebs in August)

Mikie Graham This Is Your Brain 2

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