2013 PAPAs: Plastic Toy of the Year

Our final Plastic and Plush Awards category is the Plastic Toy of the Year. While the term “plastic” encompasses a whole array of collectibles, we are mainly looking at vinyl … Read More

2013 PAPAs: Plush Toy of the Year

We haven’t seen much of a change in the realm of plush toys. While some of the smaller brands have become much bigger, there still are a number of artists … Read More

2013 PAPAs: Best Resin

We move on to highlight some of the best resin figures from 2013. This year, we saw the transition from vinyl to resin continue to gain speed. Since it’s much … Read More

2013 PAPAs: Best Sixth-Scale Figure

Sixth-Scale figures have pretty much taken over my personal collection. The level of quality in this genre of action figures has made it difficult to determine if you’re looking at … Read More

2013 PAPAs: Artist of the Year

I like to make the artist of the year category as broad as possible. From customizers to toy designers to artwork to paper to plush…they’re all included. Also, I like … Read More

2013 PAPAs: Best Toy Line

The Best Toy Line category is really about toy lines that have produced a consistently good/entertaining lineup over the past year. As we look at five of them…there’s pretty much … Read More

2013 PAPAs: Best Packaging

Choosing the best toy packaging is always a different venture. Is it the most attractive? The best to display? The easiest to open? Well, here are five examples that run … Read More

2013 PAPAs: Best Sculpting

We start out the 2013 Plastic and Plush Awards with the Best Sculpting Award. The top five examples of excellent sculpting work are listed below: 5. Mike, Sulley, and Archie … Read More

2013 Plastic and Plush Awards: The PAPAs

It’s a little late, but the 2013 Plastic and Plush Awards (PAPAs) have been tabulated. Over the next week-plus, I will be announcing winners in the following categories. • Artist … Read More