PAPAs Best Toy Line

The Best Toy Line category is really about toy lines that have produced a consistently good/entertaining lineup over the past year. As we look at five of them...there's pretty much something for everyone here.


5. Topozoo by Geared For Imagination

The Topozoo line features wooden animals and robots that you can put together (or take apart), featuring interchange parts. Want to keep a three year old busy for an hour or you go.

Mystical Warriors 01

4. Mystical Warriors of the Ring

The Mystical Warriors of the Ring started out as a small run resin figure venture, but NYCC featured the unveiling of their first PVC production trio. The line features a simple premise...crazy looking monster things battle it out in a wrestling ring for your pleasure.

OMFG Series 3

3. OMFG! by October Toys

Now finished with their third series of crowdsourced Kickstarted mini-figs, October Toys' OMFG! series shows no signs of losing steam. They continue to receive solid submissions from artists looking to get their nipple-ring-wearing-pug designs turned into a toy.

Monsters University Cosbaby 01

2. Cosbaby (S) Series by Hot Toys

The Cosbaby mini figure series from Hot Toys allows collectors the ability to see their favorite film characters as little kids. Essentially, they're supposed to be kids doing cosplay as those characters. Ten year old fans of Monsters University and Iron Man who dress up and go to Cons will get me...right?

Funko GOT Jon Snow

**WINNER** 1. POP! Vinyl by Funko

Funko has really expanded their POP! Vinyl series. They've picked up licenses from Uglydolls to Game of Thrones to Disney films to Jay and Silent Bob. So, yep, they're all over the place.

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