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We move on to highlight some of the best resin figures from 2013. This year, we saw the transition from vinyl to resin continue to gain speed. Since it's much easier (and more affordable) for artists to self-produce resin figures, we've seen this sub-genre take off. Here are our 5 favorites.

polyopticsLABs vera1 2

5. Vulpes: Exploration Rover Alpha 1 from polyopticsLABS

We first saw this crazy, transformable figure at New York Comic Con (and I'm assuming it's made of resin). It features lights with an on/off switch as well as removable plates and pieces.

UME Scamwave

4. Scamwave from umetoys (Rich Page)

A number of Rich Page's resin creations harken us back to the 1980's. And while this isn't Star Wars (he has produced some of those), Scamwave is a stylized take on Soundwave from the Transformers (yes, kids...we used to have big giant MP3 players that played cassettes and ran off of AA batteries). 

ESC M2 Villainous

3. Mermadi 2 Villainous from ESC-Toy (Erick Scarecrow)

2013 saw Erick Scarecrow focus more of his effort on short run resin figures as well as customs. This version of his Mermadi character figure was one of our favorites. It does sort of look like it's a fish throwing up a little girl's head...

PatientNo6 Psychiatrist 1

2. Psychiatrist from Patient No.6

Some of the craziest resin figures I've seen come from the Ukraine based artist - Patient No.6. Usually dealing with psychiatry or some aspect of the brain, his depiction of the psychiatrist in this resin is likely to make the late L. Ron Hubbard smile.

Argonaut Terminators Tuttz

**WINNER** 1. Terminator Tuttz from Argonaut Resins (Eric Nocella Diaz) and Kilroy's Attic (Leroy Wilkes)

This collaboration features the Tuttz resin from Argonaut Resins carved down to a skeleton and then cold-cast in metal by Leroy Wilkes. That piece is then set in a clear resin by Eric. And looks like we can see the innards of this Tuttz.

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