PAPAs 2013 Plush

We haven't seen much of a change in the realm of plush toys. While some of the smaller brands have become much bigger, there still are a number of artists out there making small run releases. This year, we take a look at five of our favorites from 2013.

Uglydolls Universal Monsters

5. Universal Monster Uglydolls from Uglydolls (David + Sun-Min)

With the expansion of Uglydolls to various licenses, one of the first series to be released was the Universal Monsters. Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Mummy...they're all there. Scary + Ugly + Cute = so confusing.

Review Horndribbles 01

4. Horndribbles from Explorers Playground

The Horndribbles are a series of four characters that were released as plush toys. Spawning from Herbert Joel and his Zapp and the Oogah-Oogah-Nut book, the series of four very different plush toys really appeal to the youngsters.

Madknits Minis 1

3. MadKnits Minis from MadKnits

Since the face is hand-cast resin, the MadKnits Minis could technically fall under the resin category. But the plush body is enough for it to grab a spot here. MadKnits went the blind-bagged route - one that we don't usually see in the plush world.

Uglydolls Ice Bat Batman

2. DC Comics Uglydolls from Uglydolls (Sun-Min and David)

Superheroes and Uglydolls. By teaming up with DC Comics, kids and collectors are able to get an Ice Bat Batman or a Wedgehead Robin. It's one of those license deals that just makes sense.

Goodsell Vince

**WINNER** 1. Vince the Videotape from Dan Goodsell

Dan Goodsell took to Kickstarter to get his Vince the Videotape plush produced. There were 143 backers that got one of the Obsolete Vince (with X'd out eyes). From the world of Mr. Toast, Vince is a must have for anyone that remembers they need to "Be Kind, Please Rewind".