2013 PAPAs Sixth Scale

Sixth-Scale figures have pretty much taken over my personal collection. The level of quality in this genre of action figures has made it difficult to determine if you're looking at a photo of a toy or an actual person. We've seen a ton of sixth-scale figures this past year, so choosing only five was a little difficult...

Captain Action Top

5. Captain Action by CAE

The newest version of Captain Action was released with a series of interchangeable Marvel action figure outfits, including Wolverine and Iron Man (two superheroes who each had a film release in 2013). The line gave collectors a different (retro) spin on the characters we've seen so often in past years.

3A Shadow Slinger and Funeral Horse 1

4. In Service of Him aka Super Dead Equine Set by 3A Toys

This was the second Dead Equine (Funeral Horse) and Blind Cowboy (Shadow Slinger) set from Ashley Wood and 3A Toys. It's a grey and black version with the cowboy sporting a rifle rather as well as his six-shooters. And the thing is just a beast...an enormous resin horse.

HT Joe Colton 05

3. General Joe Colton (GI Joe) by Hot Toys

Including Bruce Willis in GI Joe: Retaliation makes sense. He continues to be one of the biggest action heroes in film, even at his age. While the movie didn't earn high praise, I enjoyed it for what it was - an action flick. Of course, Hot Toys was finally able to get their hands on Willis' likeness...and they didn't disappoint.

Sideshow Boba Fett 05

2. Boba Fett (Star Wars) by Sideshow Collectibles

For the amount of face time he received in the original Star Wars films, it's funny the amount of fandom that surrounds Boba Fett. I've seen several iterations of Boba Fett in sixth-scale form (mainly from Medicom), but Sideshow's version is both detailed and includes some nice extras (yep...a light-up base).

3A Real Steel Atom

**WINNER** 1. ATOM (Real Steel) by 3A Toys

My son's favorite film of 2013 was most likely Real Steel. For a little kid, enormous fighting robots are pretty much all you need to keep them entertained. And while ATOM (the main robot character) was the third Real Steel figure released by 3A Toys, it was the most advanced to date. There are light up components, including the eyes, as well as a spinning fan on the rear.  Now...let's see what Ashley Wood and 3A can do with Noisy Boy.

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