Mini Stranger – Stellar Dreams and Rosecast Stranger Release

Flawtoys is releasing two different toys in a few different colorways starting tomorrow (Thursday May 21st 2020) at 11AM ET via their webshop.  The Mini Stranger – Stellar Dreams measures 3.2 … Read More

Lowfool – Winner

Fools Paradise has announced the pre-order availability of their Lowfool – Winner collectible figure. Measuring in at approximately 13 inches in height, this Vinyl/PVC figure depicts Two-Face (Harvey Dent) in … Read More


STITCH-BIT is offering up custom cross-stitch creations based on your favorite retro video games. Whether it’s Sega, Nintendo, Atari, Coleco, etc., you can chat with Bryan to have your pixelated … Read More

Custom Meowlting by SoKo Cat

Tenacious Toys has announced another tasty custom Meowlting, this time by NJ-based artist SoKo Cat. The Fudgy Meowscream is painted up by Victoria (SoKo). The 6-inch tall vinyl Meowlting ice cream kitty … Read More

Lowfool – Schemer

Fools Paradise has announced the Lowfool – Schemer collectible art figure. Currently available to pre-order, this 13-inch tall vinyl/PVC figure is expected to begin shipping in Q1 of 2021. The … Read More

Chia Pet Smorkin Labbit Terracotta Art Figure

What happens when Frank Kozik’s iconic pop art figure the Labbit collides with the classic nostalgia of Ch-ch-ch-chia? A glazed terracotta, mustache wearing, butthole baring, cigarette smokin’, pack-Labbit, of course. … Read More

Legend – EightTwoFour

Fools Paradise is dropping an amazing tribute to the late Kobe Bryant – the Legend – EightTwoFour set. These 1/6th scale figure set includes two heads, two bodies, four pairs … Read More

Icy Grape SuperKranky by Sket One

Superplastic has released the Icy Grape SuperKranky by artist Sket One. The fourth colorway of the SuperKranky from Sket, this 8-inch tall soft vinyl figure is limited to a run … Read More

Yummy World Chips and Guac Large Plush

Kidrobot has released the latest large plush from their Yummy World collaboration. The Yummy World Chips and Guac Large Interactive Plush features a large bowl of happy guacamole and a … Read More

Lulubell drops new Splurrt releases

Lulubell Toys will be dropping two new releases from Splurrt this Saturday (April 18th 2020) at 9AM PT. The “Torch Light” Hell Cattle (shown above) features a GID vinyl head set … Read More

King Janky The 6.5 “Platinum Panama” Edition

Superplastic has released the King Janky The 6.5 “Platinum Panama” Edition. The “Capo dei Capi” of the Janky royal family is back from hiding out in Panama from the feds, … Read More

Plaseebo “Astro-not Attacked by Giant Space Centipede” Lottery

The Plaseebo “Astro-not Attacked by Giant Space Centipede” Lottery is open now thru Saturday April 18th 2020. From artist Bob Conge and Plaseebo, the “Astro-not Attacked by Giant Space Centipede” is … Read More