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SDCC19: Dumbrella Releases

The Dumbrella island will taking up Booth #1335 at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. They'll be there with a number of new releases, including the following (many of which are from artist Andrew Bell):

"Spike" Android - $12.00
Kisses of Death - $30.00
4-inch Skull Kiss - $30.00
Chris Yates Puzzles - Last Knight, KillKat, Skull Kiss, and Androids - From $50.00 to $350.00
Enamel Pins - $10.00 each (or 5+ for $8.00 each)
Die cut vinyl screen printed stickers - $1.00 each
King Size Kill Kat : Himalayan Death Pepper Edition - $130.00
Skate decks from Andrew Bell, Quiccs, and Sonic - $60.00 each

DesignerCon 2019 – Tickets on Sale

Tickets for DesignerCon 2019 are currently available to purchase via their site. The show takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center from November 22nd 2019 through November 24th 2019 with even more artists, vendors, exclusives, installations and surprises. Tickets run $70.00 for 3-Day VIP Tickets. The Weekend 2-Day Pass runs $35.00. And the single day passes will set you back $20.00.

Pop! Movies: A Bunch of Tom Hanks Films…

Funko has just announced a whole bunch of Pop! Movies figures...with the main theme being Tom Hanks Films

From A League Of Their Own, there's the Pop! Dottie and Pop! Jimmy.

From the film Cast Away, there's Pop! Chuck and his best friend Wilson the volleyball. Also, the Pop! Chuck holding a spear with a crab is available exclusively at Target.

Finally, from the 1980's film Big, you can grab a Pop! Josh wearing his piano outfit, Pop! Josh in a "big" coat, and Pop! 6-inch tall Zoltar. And the Pop! Josh Baskin wearing a tuxedo is available as a Target exclusive.

Look for these - and lot os additional Pop! figures - to be available to purchase over at

Thomas Nosuke Krell Edition by Doktor A

Tomenosuke will be releasing the 6th colorway of artist Doktor A's "Thomas Nosuke” sofubi vinyl figure. The Thomas Nosuke Krell Edition is produced by Tomenosuke, sculpted by Yohei Kaneko and Mirock Toy (Japan), and manufactured at Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co., ltd (Japan). This version is an edition of 40 pieces, with 30 of them sold online (5 APs and 5 PPs).

They will go on sale on Friday July 19th 2019 at 23:59 JST (10:59AM ET). They will run 17,280JPY ($160.00) and be available via Tomenosuke's Japan shop and their International shop.

Apple and Worm: Yellow Edition by T. L. McBeth

Artist T.L. McBeth is introducing the third colorway of the Apple and Worm resin figure. The Apple and Worm: Yellow Edition is limited to only 3 pieces. Each 6-inch tall hand-painted resin sculpture will run you $130.00 plus shipping ($15.00 for USA or contact the artist for international shipping prices).

SDCC19: Funko Exclusives

Funko will be well represented at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Not only will they have their own booth (#5341), but there will be a SDCC x Funko booth (#100). As you can see above, there are a number of exclusives shared with a ton of retailers. Pricing-wise, look for those show exclusives to run the following amounts:

Pop!: Regular - $15.00
Pop!: 2-pack - $30.00
Pop!: 3-pack - $35.00

Pop! Tee - $20.00
Pop! Ride - $40.00
6” Pop! - $25.00
Rock Candy - $15.00
Vynl. - $20.00
Skateboard Deck - $60.00
Pez - $8.00

SDCC19: The Loyal Subjects Exclusives

The Loyal Subjects will be at San Diego Comic Con 2019 Booth #2544 with a number of exclusives. This year, they'll be dropping various exclusives at specific times throughout the event. 

Preview Night : Game of Thrones - Night King - Translucent; Bone Shaker Hot Wheels
Thursday July 18th - 11AM: Game of Thrones - White Walker; Twinduction Hot Wheels
Thursday July 18th - 2PM: Sanrio - Aggretsuko Star Eyes; Game of Thrones - "Dead" Jon Snow
Friday July 19th - 11AM: My Hero Academia - Katsuki Bakugo; Ghostbusters - Slimer
Friday July 19th - 2PM: Family Guy - Stewie; Night Shifter Hot Wheels
Friday July 19th - 4PM: Game of Thrones - The Night King and Viserion
Saturday July 20th - 11AM: Sanrio - Aggretsuko Black; My Hero Academia - Stain
Saturday July 20th - 2PM: My Hero Academia - All Might; Bob's Burgers - Tina Belcher
Saturday July 20th - 4PM: Ghostbusters - Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
Sunday July 21st - 11AM: Game of Thrones - The Night King Silver; My Hero Academia - Izulku Midoriya
Sunday July 21st - 2PM: King of the Hill - Dale Gribble

SDCC19: Monogram International Exclusives

Monogram International will be at San Diego Comic Con 2019 at Booth #3645. Among the exclusives that they'll be bringing with them, you'll be able to grab the following items:

Toy Story 4 - 3D Foam Bag Clips - 3 Piece Collector's Set. 250 pieces. $25.00
Aladdin - 3D Foam Magnet 4 piece Collector's Set. 400 pieces. $20.00
Alien vs Predator 3D Foam Bag Clip Collector's Set. 250 pieces. $25.00
Godzilla 65th Anniversary Collector's Set with 3D Foam Bag Clips and a Special Pin. 300 pieces. $30.00
My Hero Academia 3D Foam Bag Clips - 3 pack Collector's Set. 300 pieces. $25.00
Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Deluxe Gift Set. 400 pieces. $30.00
F.R.I.E.N.D.S. the TV Series 3D Foam Bag Clips 7 piece Collector's Set. 400 pieces. $50.00
Harry Potter 5 Pc Enamel Pins Set. 300 pieces. $25.00
Transformers 3D Foam Bag Clips - 3 Piece Collector's Set. 250 pieces. $25.00
Dungeons & Dragons 3D Foam Bag Clips - 5 Piece Collector's Set. 250 pieces. $40.00

SDCC19: 3A Toys and the Ashley Wood Gallery

3A Toys will be at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 with what they're terming the Ashley Wood Gallery. Held up at Booth #3750, artist Ashley Wood will be in attendance on Preview Night (July 17th) and Thursday (July 19th). He will have over a dozen pieces of original artwork, including select oil paintings, framed ink drawings, limited edition prints, and limited edition tabloids.

Also, 3A is bringing the Show Edition Ultra TK's and the final two Fang Gals. They include the following:

Tomorrow Kings
01 Last Stand Yama – $190.00
02 Smirking Master Jodan – $190.00
03 Severed Head Flesh Eater Royal Mortis – $390.00

Fang Gals
7174 Fang Gal - Edition of 50 pieces – $100.00
Mistress Fang Gal - Edition of 50 pieces – $100.00

And GOGOGO will be showcasing for the first time at SDCC, and they will have a number of the items shown off below:

Pet Star Clutch – $220.00
Lepus Purse – $60.00
Seasonal Gold Nabler Purse Thin Style LTD – $60.00
LP/LAY Bag – $300.00
Tomorrow Kings Embroidered Patch – $5.00
GOGOGO Embroidered Patch – $5.00

Mondo: Disney Tiki Mug – Sorcerer Mickey

Mondo returns with their very first Disney Tiki Mug - Sorcerer Mickey, as seen in the seminal animated feature - Fantasia. Measuring 11.5 inches tall and able to hold approximately 22oz of your favorite beverage, the handmade Mondo-Exclusive tiki mug is available to pre-order until Friday July 26th 2019 at Noon CT. It's slated to begin shipping in Fall of 2019. You can currently grab one for yourself  for $80.00.