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Wunderland War Series 3

Wunderland War Series 3 went on sale March 1st. The new series contains 3 brand spanking new characters.  Each figure is limited to a run of 496 pieces.


Crazy 88 Monkey Assassin

Complete with Kantana.  This assassin has special skills in martial arts.  He's a pretty snappy dresser too...


Cult Leader Monkey

Straight out of Jonestown.  Don't drink the kool-aid...


8 Hands For Bad Habits Octopus
Another huge hunk of vinyl.  It measures almost 7"
tall and 5" wide at the base. 

Alice Cherry Blossom and William Billie Winterberry


The 3rd Edition of Alice Cherry
(School Angel) was released on February 15th. The figure is limited to a run of 150 pieces.  And Alice is now joined by her little brother - William 'Billie' Winterberry.  Each figure has been designed by pig artist Charles
and sculpted by Elfdoll’s Rainman.

Buildman Ranic


Onell Design has released photos of their newest creation.  Buildman Ranic is a figure
"designed to build with, having no dead end parts."  Look for him to drop sometime this summer. 

Ranic is sporting the Phase Arm in a few of these pics.
His arms and lower legs are designed to have slightly different
aesthetics on each side(kind of like Kikaider) so that more
combinations can be created with multiple figures of the same
character. If you have two figures, you can create two symmetrical
looking styles. With connector points on the bottoms of his feet,
middle of his back, back of his head and even his fist holes, Ranic
should be fun to tinker with.


We can't wait for this and the Pheyden and Exellis colorways that will drop later this month.


Giant Skuttle Ready for Pre-Order


Play Imaginative and Touma teamed up to produce an 18" tall Giant Skuttle vinyl figure.  The regular green
Skuttle's shell, belly, nails and teeth will all be finished in
gloss.  And it's only available through the Play Imaginative Online Store.

Mezco Shows Off Their Heroes


Mezco has revealed their Heroes line of 7" tall action figures.  The characters from the hit NBC show are being set in plastic.  Series One features Mohinder Suresh the inquisitive scientist, Claire Bennet the cheerleader
with incredible recuperative powers, Peter Petrelli the most powerful of the heroes, Hiro Nakamura the programmer
with the ability to bend time and space and Sylar the villainous power


Roen Crown Mickey VCD


Sideshow currently has Medicom's Roen Crown Mickey VCD (Vinyl Collectible Doll) available for pre-order.  The princely Crown Mickey VCD is the design of the popular Japanese apparel brand Roen.   It's one of our favorite Mickey VCDs.

Kicktoys…Block Figures?


Sam L sent in this little teaser from Kicktoys.  There's little to no information about the line, but we can tell that it's a block figure line.  It looks like one figure has a skateboard, one has a microphone and one has some sort of sword.  Do you ever find yourself tilting your computer screen to see if maybe you can see more from a different angle?  Maybe I just have too much time on my hands.  More info as it becomes available!

Vinylmore Art Toy Show


The folks from atomic
have asked artists to take blank, vinyl toys, and use them as a sort of 3D
template to create their own artwork on. The results will be unveiled on March
, as over 50 artists (including illustrators, sculptors, photographers,
painters, graphic designers, tattooists, graffiti artists, fine artists,
and more) responded to the challenge.  If you'll be in the Baltimore area on Friday March 7th at 8PM, stop by and check out the opening.  It will run through the end of the month.

atomic POP
3620 Falls Rd.
Baltimore, MD

REVIEW: Pirate Cheshire Cat



If you never saw the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, you’ve probably seen or read some iteration of Lewis Carroll’s classic story.  One of the most popular characters from Walt Disney’s animated adaptation is the Cheshire Cat.  You remember…it’s the philosophical cat with the disappearing body.

Well, Span of Sunset teamed up with Disney to produce a line of vinyl Cheshire Cat figures.  They are based on the character from the 1951 animated feature film.  And for purposes of this review, we are looking at the Pirate Cheshire Cat, which is being distributed by Sideshow Collectibles.



The packaging for this figure is great.  If the lid is closed, it just looks like a regular black box.  But as soon as you tilt the lid open, you see the Cheshire’s eyes and grin (including a gold tooth).  Inside, the figure is well protected inside of a plastic bag, with tissue paper and cardboard keeping it in place.

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Wheaty Wheat’s Dolly


Together with the SoCal artists at Med Fed, Wheaty Wheat
and Sideshow Collectibles are showing off the above photo of their upcoming Dolly vinyl figure.  The Sideshow Exclusive black edition Dolly will be available for pre-order in the near future. 

We saw the prototype for this figure back at VTN 2007 in San Diego.  It's a very impressive piece.  And it's reminding me that I need to go take an aspirin.