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REVIEW: Boxee Toyer BB



Toy2R celebrated releasing their 1,000th Qee by producing the very special Boxee Toyer BB figure.  In order to make it super special, they needed to shoot for a design that was never attempted before.  The BB figure does that with it's clear vinyl encapsulating a number of colored BB’s inside of the head.



The figure is carded and in a plastic tray.  The packaging is easy to open (just slide out the card), and you can easily replace it without knowing you tampered with the packaging.

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Ice-Bat Kaijus…Number 2 and 3


David Horvath posted news on his blog about the exclusive Red and Solid Blue Ice-Bat Kaiju vinyls.  They're currently on the way from Japan and should be on sale by mid-March.  They will each be limited to a run of 100 pieces and be available through the Uglydolls website.

Kreactavader from Suckadelic


This Saturday, March 8th from 6PM until 10PM, you'll want to check out the official opening
party for the JK5 Capsule collection at the Mishka NYC Pop-Up shop in
Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Suckadelic has produced a super-limited bootleg figure for the occasion called the Kreactavader.  Limited to only 16 pieces in two colorwaves (8 each), the Kreactavader is only availble at this event.  Good luck getting one!


My World Is Flat Show


The opening of the My World Is Flat show took place at Gallery Hanahou in New York City on February 28th.  The show displayed work from French designer SuperdeuxEnvisionboy sent in some photos taken by Chris Kline at the opening.  It looks like a good, colorful time.


Munky King Exclusive Smash


Toy2R has announced another exclusive Smash colorway.  The yellow version will only be available via Munky King and will be limited to a run of 200 total pieces.  Who can't wait for the new Joe Ledbetter figure?

Mekakawa: The Roller Terminator


The NVC Crew is at it again.  Bao and Spive have customized a MADL - named Mekakawa: The Roller Terminator - for a private collector.  Being fans of Transformers, they combined the futuristic, alien robots with a samurai warrior.  The custom has both a sword and a paint roller...for fighting and graffiti.  Another great custom from a set of the best customizers out there.


Touma’s Squeezel


Play Imaginative has dropped the above photo of their upcoming vinyl figure - Squeezel.  The 9" tall piece is from Touma and has an enormous tail that resembles a hand with two thumbs.  There are plans for it to be released this coming June, so be on the look out.

Roen Pirate Mickey VCD


Aargh!  Pirates are all the craze nowadays.  They are to 2008 what slap bracelets and Hypercolor t-shirts were to 1992. 

Nevertheless, Sideshow and Medicom have teamed up to bring this swashbuckling Roen Pirate Mickey VCD to collectors.   This figure is the design of the popular Japanese apparel brand Roen.  Its now available for pre-order.

Hello Brute Hand Cast Line


Hello Brute has dropped word of his new handmade toy series. This is the first sculpt in the line. And the first colorway is in an edition of 5 hand cast polyurethane resin.  Each figure is approximately 9" in height and will be put up for sale on the Hello Brute website this coming Saturday March 8th at 5PM EST.