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James Jarvis’ The Bird God


The newest figure from James Jarvis and Amos Toys is The Bird God.  While there are not many details yet, it appears that the rotocast vinyl figure will be available in two colorways.  Look for it to be released on March 27th.

ALIEN – The Nostromo Crew Members


Hot Toys has released photos of two of their newest 1/6 scale figures from the film Alien.  The Nostromo Crew Members (Captain Dallas and Executive Officer Kane) are set for a second quarter 2008 release.  And the helmet and backpack on these figures actually light up.

REVIEW: Mothman vs. Flatwoods



If you’ve ever seen David Horvath’s work, you know that he is a fan of the paranormal and unexplained.  In the past, he teamed up with Wonderwall to release his take on the Mothman, Flatwoods Monster and Chupacabra legends.

But David and Sun-Min have self-released a new line called the UMA Super Market Toys SeriesMothman vs. The Flatwoods (Green Monster of Braxton County) is the 1st set from these grocery store inspired collectibles.

These figures are based on real entities and actual events which took place in West Virginia between 1952 and 1967.  Mothman can still be seen to this day.  You don’t believe in creatures living on a planet in outer space?  Isn’t that what you are?  Giant corporations and a “powerful” few have been telling us what is and isn’t real for far too long.  And not just about aliens.



The play set is bagged and carded similar to the toy sets you’d find randomly placed at your favorite super market.  Each figure is individually bagged so you won’t have to worry about paint exchange.  The information above is listed on the header card, as well as illustrations of the characters.

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The Celebrated Jumping Brain of Calaveras County


Emilio Garcia is a Spanish designer whose Jumping Brain figure was imagined within his own brain.  The figure is said to represent "all the prodigious brains that day by day, with their art, work for stimulate the scene of pop-surrealism."   

The 3" tall figure, made of high quality resin, is currently in production.   The brain actually splits in half and is made up of a total of six pieces.  The first series will include a red, green and blue Jumping Brain, and each color will be limited to a run of 120 pieces.

Sucklord 660 – The Art of Self-Bootlegging


Suckadelic is relaunching their Sucklord 600 vinyl figure...with a self-bootlegged twist. The super-limited "artist do-overs" have custom paint jobs and new hand done packaging.  The first up is the SUCKLORD 660, an homage to the very first Suckadelic figure - 2004's Sucklord 66.   Limited to only 20 pieces, you can pick one up for $65.


Go Go Speakerdog


The Go Go Speakerdog exhibition in Birmingham is currently on display.  So, the folks from Speakerdog sent photos of some of the pieces that are on display at Go Go Plastic.  On display is new artwork, custom vinyl toys, paper toys
and super plush toys.