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Grody Shogun’s Monster

grody shogun monster group

Lulubell Toys has announced that Grody Shogun's newest figure, Monster, will be available at DKE Toys San Diego Comic Con Booth #4728. Each Monster is made up of a combination of the following: 6 different heads, 6 different arms, 4 different bodies and 5 different colors - all mixed and matched.

grody shogun monster 2
grody shogun monster 1
grody shogun monster

This 6-inch tall vinyl figure features 3 points of articulation and will be available for $25.00 each. If you're a little antsy - or won't be at SDCC - you can always pre-order these from Lulubell for the same amount.

grody shogun monster 5
grody shogun monster 4
grody shogun monster 3

Monster Worship takes on Comic Con

Monster Worship will be at the Global Figure Symposium All-Stars Booth #4937 at San Diego Comic Con. They will be there on Friday July 22nd 2011 from 5:00PM until 7:00PM.

monster worship altar beast

The debut of Monster Worship's Altar Beast sofubi vinyl will take form in the Black Mass colorway. The 6-inch tall figure features one point of articulation. From artist Mark Rudolph and sculpted by Monster5, Altar Beast will be available for $35.00.

monster worship cannibal

Another figure debut will be the Cannibal Fuckface - Blood Bath colorway. Created by Johnny Ryan and sculpted by Monster5, the 7.5-inch tall sofubi vinyl figure features four points of articulation. Pick one of these bad boys up for $85.00.

monster worship greasebat

The Real Fighting Greasebat (super clear) will be transparent vinyl with paper "guts" inside. Sculpted by Chauskoskis, standing in at 7-inches tall and featuring three points of articulation, each Greasebat includes a "Greasebat Field Target Identification Guide" illustrated by artist Jeff Lamm. Pick one up for $75.00.

monster worship kusogon

Monster Worship and beaK will be releasing a new colorway of the pachi kaiju Kusogon. There aren't yet many details - or an image - to go along with the release.

monster worship splurrt

There will also be a few collaborations, including offerings from Splurrt (Digglers and HiYas) and hand-painted Kusogons from beaK.

Shocker Toys’ SDCC Exclusives

shocker toys sdcc tick

Shocker Toys will be at San Diego Comic Con in Booth #3351 with a pair of exclusives.

The exclusive 1st edition artist signature Tick action figure features a hand written number on back and a foil signature seal on the front. It can be signed by artist/creator Ben Edlund at the New England Comic’s Booth #1807 on Sunday July 24th. A limited run of 250 pieces, you'll be able to pick one up for $20.00.

Also, at Bill Plympton Studios Booth #1537, you'll be able to purchase a Shocker Toys Bill Plympton "Mallow" figure featuring original artwork. These will be available for $25.00.

shocker toys plympton

Dumbrella at SDCC

dumbrella sashimi

Andrew Bell, Chris Yates, Jon Rosenberg and Meredith Gran will be manning the Dumbrella Booth #1335/#1337 at San Diego Comic Con.

Andrew will have a number of new items available for purchase, including:

• Skrulb T-Shirt
• “Every Day” T-Shirt
• O-No Sashimi (blue special edition)
• O-No Sashimi (green regular edition, limited quantities)
• New Creatures and Android stickers and buttons!

There will also be a Dumbrella Panel discussion taking place on Thursday July 21st 2011 from 12:30PM to 1:30PM in Room 4.

Giant Robot SDCC Signings and Specials

giant robot sdcc

Giant Robot has announced their San Diego Comic Con (Booth #1729) signing schedule.

Mari Inukai (Sekaiseifukudan figures and bonus items)
Friday July 22nd from 3:30PM to 5:30PM

Kid Koala (Space Cadet book)
Saturday July 23rd from 10:30AM to 11:30AM

Mari Inukai
Saturday July 23rd from Noon to 2:00PM

Bonnie Burton (Star Wars Craft Book)
Saturday July 23rd from 3:00PM to 4:00PM

David Horvath (Bossy Bear and more!)
Saturday July 23rd from 4:30PM to 5:30PM

ToyQube + Keithing SDCC Releases

Keithing (Keith Poon) has shared what was going down at ToyQube's Booth #4934.

toyqube batman sharky

The BatBaby Sharky is limited to only 150 pieces, with only 80 of them available at San Diego Comic Con. These will run $47.99 each.

toyqube Keithing Dracula Red

The Deep-Sea Dracula will be limited to 50 pieces and be released on Friday July 22nd 2011. You'll be able to purchase these for $64.99 each.

toyqube myth warriors

ToyQube will have four different versions of their 4" tall Myth Warriors. There will be only 50 sets available at SDCC. Each set will run $34.99.

toyqube Keithing HiDEF Clone5

Keithing's Custom "HI-DEF Clone" will be limited to 12 pieces (3 of each color). Only two sets will be available at SDCC, running $300.00 each.

toyqube Driftwood Set

Keithing's "Driftwood" Customs (check price at the booth) will include twenty Super7 Ghost Town figures, an 8" Dunny, a Super7 Gator, two Super7 MummyBoys, and six 3A Squares.