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Grody Shogun’s Monster

grody shogun monster group

Lulubell Toys has announced that Grody Shogun's newest figure, Monster, will be available at DKE Toys San Diego Comic Con Booth #4728. Each Monster is made up of a combination of the following: 6 different heads, 6 different arms, 4 different bodies and 5 different colors - all mixed and matched.

grody shogun monster 2
grody shogun monster 1
grody shogun monster

This 6-inch tall vinyl figure features 3 points of articulation and will be available for $25.00 each. If you're a little antsy - or won't be at SDCC - you can always pre-order these from Lulubell for the same amount.

grody shogun monster 5
grody shogun monster 4
grody shogun monster 3

Monster Worship takes on Comic Con

Monster Worship will be at the Global Figure Symposium All-Stars Booth #4937 at San Diego Comic Con. They will be there on Friday July 22nd 2011 from 5:00PM until 7:00PM.

monster worship altar beast

The debut of Monster Worship's Altar Beast sofubi vinyl will take form in the Black Mass colorway. The 6-inch tall figure features one point of articulation. From artist Mark Rudolph and sculpted by Monster5, Altar Beast will be available for $35.00.

monster worship cannibal

Another figure debut will be the Cannibal Fuckface - Blood Bath colorway. Created by Johnny Ryan and sculpted by Monster5, the 7.5-inch tall sofubi vinyl figure features four points of articulation. Pick one of these bad boys up for $85.00.

monster worship greasebat

The Real Fighting Greasebat (super clear) will be transparent vinyl with paper "guts" inside. Sculpted by Chauskoskis, standing in at 7-inches tall and featuring three points of articulation, each Greasebat includes a "Greasebat Field Target Identification Guide" illustrated by artist Jeff Lamm. Pick one up for $75.00.

monster worship kusogon

Monster Worship and beaK will be releasing a new colorway of the pachi kaiju Kusogon. There aren't yet many details - or an image - to go along with the release.

monster worship splurrt

There will also be a few collaborations, including offerings from Splurrt (Digglers and HiYas) and hand-painted Kusogons from beaK.

3DRetro SDCC Releases

3dretro sdcc

3DRetro has announced their San Diego Comic Con releases and signing schedule. They'll be sharing the October Toys Booth #4838. This will be your place to pick up Jim Mahfood's Beat Bee, Ragnar's "2 Bags" Pepper, Brandi Milne's Bunny Ride, Go, and Nathan Hamill's Bellicose Bunny.

Shocker Toys’ SDCC Exclusives

shocker toys sdcc tick

Shocker Toys will be at San Diego Comic Con in Booth #3351 with a pair of exclusives.

The exclusive 1st edition artist signature Tick action figure features a hand written number on back and a foil signature seal on the front. It can be signed by artist/creator Ben Edlund at the New England Comic’s Booth #1807 on Sunday July 24th. A limited run of 250 pieces, you'll be able to pick one up for $20.00.

Also, at Bill Plympton Studios Booth #1537, you'll be able to purchase a Shocker Toys Bill Plympton "Mallow" figure featuring original artwork. These will be available for $25.00.

shocker toys plympton

ESC-Toy SDCC Reveal 1 – Daibutsu Midori

esctoy Daibutsu Midori

Erick Scarecrow has revealed the final San Diego Comic Con exclusive from ESC-Toy. Daibutsu Midori is a hand-painted resin figure. Limited to only 10 pieces worldwide, each figure comes with a 8" x 10" giclee print featuring new art (teased below). Available on Thursday July 21st 2011, you'll be able to purchase one for $275.00.

esctoy sdcc reveal
esctoy Daibutsu Midori print

Dumbrella at SDCC

dumbrella sashimi

Andrew Bell, Chris Yates, Jon Rosenberg and Meredith Gran will be manning the Dumbrella Booth #1335/#1337 at San Diego Comic Con.

Andrew will have a number of new items available for purchase, including:

• Skrulb T-Shirt
• “Every Day” T-Shirt
• O-No Sashimi (blue special edition)
• O-No Sashimi (green regular edition, limited quantities)
• New Creatures and Android stickers and buttons!

There will also be a Dumbrella Panel discussion taking place on Thursday July 21st 2011 from 12:30PM to 1:30PM in Room 4.

The Bunny-Fu’s Travel to SDCC

jled bunny tofu

Joe Ledbetter's Mr. Bunny-Fu and Sno Bunny-Fu - a joint project using Devilrobot’s TO-FU characters - will make their US debut at San Diego Comic Con. Th Bunny-fu’s stand 4″ tall (not including the ears) and will be available at Toy Tokyo’s Booth #5437.

The Friends Forever Plush Set

bored inc plush sdcc

Bored Inc will be at San Diego Comic Con Booth #609 with a new plush set. The Friends Forever Plush Set features Bored Inc's most infamous duo - Stinky Poo and TP. Limited to only 200 sets, you'll be able to pick one up for $15.00.

Giant Robot SDCC Signings and Specials

giant robot sdcc

Giant Robot has announced their San Diego Comic Con (Booth #1729) signing schedule.

Mari Inukai (Sekaiseifukudan figures and bonus items)
Friday July 22nd from 3:30PM to 5:30PM

Kid Koala (Space Cadet book)
Saturday July 23rd from 10:30AM to 11:30AM

Mari Inukai
Saturday July 23rd from Noon to 2:00PM

Bonnie Burton (Star Wars Craft Book)
Saturday July 23rd from 3:00PM to 4:00PM

David Horvath (Bossy Bear and more!)
Saturday July 23rd from 4:30PM to 5:30PM

ToyQube + Keithing SDCC Releases

Keithing (Keith Poon) has shared what was going down at ToyQube's Booth #4934.

toyqube batman sharky

The BatBaby Sharky is limited to only 150 pieces, with only 80 of them available at San Diego Comic Con. These will run $47.99 each.

toyqube Keithing Dracula Red

The Deep-Sea Dracula will be limited to 50 pieces and be released on Friday July 22nd 2011. You'll be able to purchase these for $64.99 each.

toyqube myth warriors

ToyQube will have four different versions of their 4" tall Myth Warriors. There will be only 50 sets available at SDCC. Each set will run $34.99.

toyqube Keithing HiDEF Clone5

Keithing's Custom "HI-DEF Clone" will be limited to 12 pieces (3 of each color). Only two sets will be available at SDCC, running $300.00 each.

toyqube Driftwood Set

Keithing's "Driftwood" Customs (check price at the booth) will include twenty Super7 Ghost Town figures, an 8" Dunny, a Super7 Gator, two Super7 MummyBoys, and six 3A Squares.