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Adventure Time Collector Pack Finn and Jake

adventure time

Fans of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time will be able to pick up the first items from the upcoming Jazwares toy line at San Diego Comic Con. The Adventure Time Collector Pack Finn and Jake two figure set will be available for $10.00 at the Entertainment Earth Booth (#2343). Series creator, Pendleton Ward, will be on hand at the booth for a two hour signing on Saturday from 10:00AM to Noon.

adventure time packaging

Find this man! Win a Gumpy Kuz.

gumpy kuz

Jose Reynoso will be running a contest during San Diego Comic Con. He'll be giving away the first colorway of the Gumpy Kuz figure. There will be 5 pieces plus a prototype. While they are not available for sale, you'll just need to track down Jose at various times during the Con and give him a piece of candy. So fill your pockets with candy...and begin looking for the man below.

gumpy jose

JLed Print and Signing at Hi-Fructose Booth

jled bunny sdcc

Joe Ledbetter will be releasing a new serigraph print on birch wood at the Hi-Fructose Magazine Booth #4939 during San Diego Comic Con. The Mutant Bunny Mickey Monster will be available during Joe's two signing at Noon and 5PM on Friday July 22nd 2011. The print will limited to only 50 prints.

Get Your Fill of Alex Pardee Toys


While Alex Pardee fans will be able to find plenty of his new prints and t-shirts at the Zerofriends booth, he also has a few toy collaborations available. Alex teamed up with The Witness (Tyke) and Toynami (Booth #3229) to release a new design for their Canman Series of collectible toys. You'll be able to pick one up from Toynami for $30.00.

tupac cat

You'll also be able to pick up "It's Tupac Cat, Bitch!" Sculpted and designed by JAY 222, Alex's Tupac Cat Character will be available in 75 unique, hand-painted pieces. They will only be putting out a handful of these a just stalk out Booth #5502/#5503. Also, anyone who picks up a Tupac Cat will get a FREE mini-book featuring the adventures of Tupac Cat. They will run $70.00 each.

Hug to Drool at SDCC

blamo hug 1

While Blamo Toys will not have a San Diego Comic Con booth this year, they will be releasing an exclusive toy through the Dragatomi Booth #4935. Blamo will be releasing a brand new character upon the world of Blamoville, a squat little gentleman by the name of "Hug".

Hug is a 2-inch tall resin mini figure created and produced by Blamo founder Spencer Hansen. This "Drool" Edition has been hand-detailed by Mikie Graham and limited to only 5 pieces. Each figure is packaged with 4 full color Blamo stickers and can be purchased for $20.00 each.

blamo hug 2

The Global Figure Symposium at SDCC 2011

global figure symposium sdcc

One of my favorite San Diego Comic Con booths to hit is the Global Figure Symposium. Listed in your program as the Onell Design Booth #4937, the booth is often manned by a huge assortment of artist. And they have announced their SDCC schedule.

Thursday, July 21st 2011

All Star Bazaar: Open - 2:00PM
A smorgasbord of Global Figure goodness including mini minis from UAMOU, new Millennial Monsters from BloBpuS, Barbarians from Frenzy Bros., new aliens from Galaxy People PLUS select goodies from the FIG-X.JP warehouse.

Team Europa: 2:00PM - Close
The Tarantulas, Triclops & Bruno Orbit bring a touch of Continental Class to the Symposium.

Friday, July 22nd 2011

All Star Bazaar: Open - 1:00PM

Paul Kaiju: 1:00PM - 3:00PM
The West Coast Master of Monsters will hold forth with a cornucopia of his latest creations.

Suckadelic: 3:00PM - 5:00PM
The East Coast King of Bootleg Action Figures holds court with a bevy of hot Necromancer exclusives and sexy sidekicks.

Monster Worship: 5:00 - 7:00PM
Newcomer to the Symposium - Monster Worship will be dropping new vinyl goodness from their All Star roster including Johnny Ryan, Jeff Lam and Mark Rudolph.

Saturday, July 23rd 2011

All Star Bazaar: Open - 12:00PM

L'Amour Supreme & Fiends: 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Illustrator Provocateur L'Amour Supreme is bringing an All-Star entourage of artists to the table for 2 hours of creative chaos. Rumored yet unconfirmed names culled from the Twitosphere have included Skinner, Count Chocula, TWERPS, the Creature from Laguna Beach, COOP, and Beezelbub Jr.

Monstre Sean's Resin Emporium: 2:00PM - 5:00PM
Monstre Hero and UHOH toys team up to bring us a crunchy selection of cutting edge Resin-based Figures

Vectar's Saturday Night Special: 5:00PM - 7:00PM
He's Baaaack. Second tier toy villain crashes the Symposium to drop a glyos-compatible version of himself. He will be joined in his capers by SideKick Lab. It might get messy.

Sunday, July 24th 2011

The Final Battle: All Stars versus the End of Time

Toy2R and Fugitive Toys at SDCC

toy2r sdcc

Toy2R has announced their lineup for San Diego Comic Con that will be taking place in the Fugitive Toys Booth #601.

Scott Tolleson's Uncle Argh 5" Mini Qee Debut
   Signing event with Scott on Thursday at 1:00PM

Voltaire's Deady "Big in Japan" 5" Mini Qee Debut

Skelanimals 2.5" Qee Artist Collection Series 2 Debut
   Signing event with Skelanimals creator Mitch Bernall on Friday at 1:00PM

Advanced look at Jon-Paul Kaiser's 5" Mini Qees

• Customized Qees by artists including:

Jon-Paul Kaiser, Frank Mysterio, A Little Stranger, Gus Fink, RSIN, Joe Scarano, Grimsheep, Pocket Wookie, William Long, Monsterbot, Lisa Rae Hansen, Sneaky Raccon, Fried Gold Productions, Kim Mayhew, Phil T. Hunter, DrilOne, B.A.L.D., Tony Depew, Lightning Holt, Nicole Gustafsson, Jereme Memming, Misterdarkboy and more.

What to pick up at Super7’s SDCC Booth

super7 big sal
super7 burger buns

Super7's San Diego Comic Con Booth #4729 is always a must see for kaiju collectors...and this year will not be an exception.

super7 earth wolf
super7 foster

The list of available figures is fairly extensive, and while you can glean all of this info from the individual photos...we've listed it below.

Big Sal Metallic Silver Version - $35
Burger Buns Clear Green Version  - $65
Earth Wolf Glow-in-the-Dark Version - $125
Foster Vanilla Filling Version - $18
Honoo Clear Orange Version - $35
Leroy C. Glow-in-the-Dark Version - $35
Little Prick Cactus Green Version - $35
Mongolion Pink and Glow-in-the-Dark Version - $65
Mummy Boy Blue Glow-in-the-Dark Version - $30
Rose Vampire DX Glow-in-the-Dark - $65
Rose Vampire Clear Green Final Version - $35
Taoking Maru-Blue Version - $95
Zombiefighter Yellow Glow-in-the-Dark Version - $65

super7 honoo
super7 leroy c
super7 little prick
super7 mongolion
super7 mummy boy
super7 rose vampire dx
super7 rose vampire
super7 tao king
super7 zombiefighter

Mikie Graham’s Chochinobake at SDCC

graham motorbot chochinobake 2

San Diego Comic Con 2011 is just around the corner, and Mikie Graham is excited to unveil what he has in store for the show. Available exclusively through the Dragatomi Booth #4935, Mikie will have two colorways of his new resin figure "Chochinobake" available for sale. The yellow edition will be available Thursday through Sunday and a mystery colorway (5 pieces) available during his signing on Sunday (11:00AM to 1:00PM).

graham motorbot chochinobake 1

The second character from Mikie's ongoing "Yokaiju" line of hand made resin figures, Chochinobake - or the "haunted paper lantern" - features two articulated arms and a clear hair/fire piece that sits on top of the figure. Each Chichinobake comes with a battery powered tea candle that sits inside the figure lighting the hair piece up from underneath.

Designed, sculpted and hand painted by Mikie Graham, Chochinobake was molded and poured by Motorbot of Deadbear Studios. Each figure comes bagged with a header that includes an 8" x 10" mini print and bio story for the character. You'll be able to pick one up for $60.00.

graham motorbot chochinobake 3

Maqet unveils Heathrow the Hedgehog

maqet heathrow hedgehog

Maqet will be represented at San Diego Comic Con 2011. They joined up with artist Frank Kozik in releasing Heathrow the Hedgehog. Heathrow and Frank will both be viewable at Booth #4734...although only Heathrow will be available for you to purchase.

There will be two versions available, an orange edition of 25 pieces and a black edition of 25 pieces. Each 4.5 -inch piece is individually numbered and made of MAQET Plastin.