While Alex Pardee fans will be able to find plenty of his new prints and t-shirts at the Zerofriends booth, he also has a few toy collaborations available. Alex teamed up with The Witness (Tyke) and Toynami (Booth #3229) to release a new design for their Canman Series of collectible toys. You'll be able to pick one up from Toynami for $30.00.

tupac cat

You'll also be able to pick up "It's Tupac Cat, Bitch!" Sculpted and designed by JAY 222, Alex's Tupac Cat Character will be available in 75 unique, hand-painted pieces. They will only be putting out a handful of these a just stalk out Booth #5502/#5503. Also, anyone who picks up a Tupac Cat will get a FREE mini-book featuring the adventures of Tupac Cat. They will run $70.00 each.

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