toy2r sdcc

Toy2R has announced their lineup for San Diego Comic Con that will be taking place in the Fugitive Toys Booth #601.

Scott Tolleson's Uncle Argh 5" Mini Qee Debut
   Signing event with Scott on Thursday at 1:00PM

Voltaire's Deady "Big in Japan" 5" Mini Qee Debut

Skelanimals 2.5" Qee Artist Collection Series 2 Debut
   Signing event with Skelanimals creator Mitch Bernall on Friday at 1:00PM

Advanced look at Jon-Paul Kaiser's 5" Mini Qees

• Customized Qees by artists including:

Jon-Paul Kaiser, Frank Mysterio, A Little Stranger, Gus Fink, RSIN, Joe Scarano, Grimsheep, Pocket Wookie, William Long, Monsterbot, Lisa Rae Hansen, Sneaky Raccon, Fried Gold Productions, Kim Mayhew, Phil T. Hunter, DrilOne, B.A.L.D., Tony Depew, Lightning Holt, Nicole Gustafsson, Jereme Memming, Misterdarkboy and more.