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Sam Flores – Orange Wyger

sam flores wyger

Sam Flores fans will be happy to see the Orange Wyger figure available for pre-order. From The Loyal Subjects and Upper Playground, this piece is a limited edition of 500 pieces. Standing nearly 10" tall, the part walrus (Upper Playground Walrus), part tiger is set to ship near the end of January 2010. The retail price appears to be around $78.50.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Paper Art Toy Exhibition

rock paper

Co-curator and paper art toy extraordinaire, Matthew Hawkins brings the Rock, Paper, Scissors: Paper Art Toy Exhibition to Rivet in January.  This exhibit will feature over 75 paper sculptures from more than 26 worldwide artists.  Assorted posters, paper art toy kits, and the book - Urban Paper - by Matthew Hawkins will be available.
The opening reception will be held this Saturday, January 2 from 7PM until 10PM.  There will be a D.I.Y. paper art station and Matthew will be in attendance at the reception.

For additional information or interest in any of the work, please contact Laura.

Ring of Fire…

seymour johnnycash

Artist Seymour has created this great handmade Johnny Cash figure for the Xmas Luau Tiki Show, taking place at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. He stands around 28cm and is made from a mix of polymer clay and framing. The piece is hand painted and satin varnished. It's a one off piece and is available to purchase (€ 550 about $790) through the gallery linked above.

Tommy Mission – Emo of Adventure

tommy mission 2

ThreeA Toys and Bambaland released their Tommy Mission figure today (January 1st)  at 9AM Hong Kong time. Tommy Mission, the self styled Emo of Adventure, is the founding member of the Adventure Kartel and son of the much revered Bleak Mission. It's another amazing figure from Ashley Wood.

tommy mission 1
tommy mission 3
tommy mission 4

Tula-Dil A Garden Mother

tula dil 1

Ion Tallman has posted up his Tula-Dil A Garden Mother design up on Patch Together for voters on. This is Ion's first submission to Patch Together, so if  you like it, go ahead and vote for it. It's not yet in the On Demand section, so to see this piece get produced, you've gotta vote it up.

tula dil 2

Droplet Series 2

droplet series 2

Crazy Label has announced that they will be releasing the Droplet Series 2 line beginning on February 6th, 2010. The launch party will take place in Bristol at the Fifty Fifty Gallery.

I like these designs! They've really focused on the artwork and adding some character to the Droplet figures.