Whether you love or hate blind boxes, you have to admit that they're a big part of the designer toy world. Rarely, do blind box series feature an entire set of strong designs...but these five come pretty close. Even though you don't know which figure you'll get, you should be happy with the result.

mini cupcake

#5 - Miss Cupcake by Dreamland Toyworks
Call me biased - as I love cupcakes - but this line (from artist olive47) features an assortment of the tasty little confections. While rotocast vinyl isn't as tasty as sugar and flour, the line would be a super cute addition to your collection. No matter which version you get.

mini treeson

#4 - Treeson & Other Stories by Crazy Label
Treeson fans were obviously super-excited to see a number of new characters added to Bubi Au Yeung's classic Treeson figure. It's one of the few blind box lines that's not a platform figure - these are all unique sculpts.

mini uglys

#3 - Uglydoll Action Figures by Pretty Ugly
All of your favorite cuddly Uglydolls (or at least 6 of them) were turned into little rotocast vinyl figures with waist spinning action. Each character was made available in a pair of colorways - their normal and Little Ugly variant.

mini bic

#2 - BIC Buddy Artist Series #1 by BIC Plastics
BIC Plastics' foray into the blind box realm yielded the BIC Buddy line. This series featured quite possibly the best lineup of artists ever - Andrew Bell, Brandt Peters, Sket, MAD, Angry Woebots, David Flores, etc. Plus, there were a few secret variants randomly packaged.

mini buds

**WINNER** #1 - BUDS Series 3 by Jamungo
Once you get to the third series in a line, you'll often find stale designs. But the guys at Jamungo stepped up their game, making Series 3 the best so far. They added in some new sculpts - had a few secret chase figures - and was our favorite blind box line of 2009.

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