Fever Dream Fashion Horror SuperGuggi

Superplastic has released their latest creation by artist Guggimon. The Fever Dream Fashion Horror SuperGuggi measures in at 8 inches in height. Limited to a run of 1,111 pieces, this … Read More

Peanuts Big Vinyl – Franklin

Super7 has announced their Peanuts Big Vinyl – Franklin collectible figure. “Franklin is the level-headed voice of reason amongst the other Peanuts characters’ frequent phobias and neuroses. A close friend … Read More

The Diners Club Show – Bob Conge

Artist Bob Conge – of Plaseebo fame – has been invited to have his work included in “The Diners Club Show” at the Main Street Arts Gallery in Clifton Springs, … Read More

Cruel World Ugly Baby

Toy Art Gallery has announced a new edition of the Ugly Baby – a collaboration with Paul Kaiju and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore. The Cruel World Ugly Baby features a custom fit … Read More

Dirty Snow Ice Queen Edition – Tenacious Toys Exclusive

Tenacious Toys has announced that the third colorway of the Dirty Snow vinyl art toy by Inprimewetrust and Strangecat Toys will be the Tenacious Exclusive blue Ice Queen Edition. Limited to just … Read More

The 6th Prince – Lost Cause – Book One

Artist and toymaker Eric Nocella has gotten the publishing arm for Argonaut Resins up and running as he’s releasing the first graphic novel in the Tuttz book series called The 6th … Read More

The Shocking Twins

Fools Paradise continues their mashup collectibles with their latest pre-order – The Shocking Twins. These would go perfectly with their previously announced collectible – The Shocking (not included). This set … Read More

Brachiosore Carnian Rain Edition

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present a brand new edition of James Groman’s Brachiosore. The Brachiosore Carnian Rain Edition stands 8 inches tall and features 5 points of articulation. This … Read More

One Formula Clockwork Orange Canbot by Sket One

This one is a true collaboration, with artist Sket One teaming up with Czee13 and Clutter to bring you a Tenacious Toys exclusive piece. The One Formula Clockwork Orange Canbot … Read More

Plaseebo takes part in The Glow Show

Bob Conge of Plaseebo has been invited to have my work included in “The Glow Show” at the Clutter Gallery in Beacon New York. The show opens on Saturday February … Read More

Candemom Custom by SoKo Cat

Tenacious Toys and artist SoKo Cat bring her hilariously skewed flavor to Tenacious Toys Fair with Candemom (Candy+Demon+Mom) – a one of a kind custom she created based on Alex Pardee’s … Read More

Superplastic – Lil’ Helpers

Superplastic is currently taking pre-orders for their newest vinyl figures designed by legendary fashion-horror influencer Guggimon. The Lil’ Helpers are made up of Janky and Guggi – both in greyscale. Janky … Read More