Mondo Mecha Series: The Iron Giant

The first release from their Mondo Mecha collection, Mondo has announced The Iron Giant pre-order availability. Standing approximately 12.5 inches tall with 35+ points of articulation, The Iron Giant is … Read More

Fools Paradise: Legend – Seven

The latest sports homage/nod from the folks at Fools Paradise is the Legend – Seven collectible. This nod to #7 of Manchester United – David Beckham, the pieces stands approximately … Read More

Plaseebo: Partyphant-20

The “Partyphant-20” Plaseebo custom is available now from the Plaseebo web shop. This one-of-a-kind Plaseebo custom features a Paul Kaiju clear vinyl 8-inch tall Boss Carrion. Partyphant-20 has clear inset eyes … Read More

Pound For Pound Honey Edition

UVDToys has announced that JC Rivera’s Bear Series 2 comes to a close with the release of the Pound For Pound Honey Edition. Released today, this version is limited to … Read More

Plaseebo at The Glow Show 2

Artist Bob Conge – Plaseebo – was invited to send a few pieces to The Glow Show 2, which opens this Saturday January 11th 2020 at Clutter Gallery in NYC. … Read More

King Janky the Sixth

Superplastic has released the King Janky the Sixth. “Discovered half-buried in an immaculate pair of cement Nikes at the bottom of the East River, this most controversial member of the … Read More

BurgerCat: Orange Tabby Edition

Artist Nathan Hamill and Science Patrol will be releasing the BurgerCat: Orange Tabby Edition today – Friday January 10th 2020 – at Noon PT. The 2.75-inch tall vinyl figure will be … Read More

CCC’s – Babi2Babi – Rambutan and Kutil

Charles Creature Cabinet is currently taking pre-orders for their pocket-sized piggys – Babi Rambutan and Babi Kutil. These 2.4-inch tall limited edition ball joint figures can be pre-order for €199.00 (about … Read More

Kidrobot Harbinger 8-inch Dunny by Martin Ontiveros

Kidrobot has released the Harbinger 8-inch Dunny Art Figures by Martin Ontiveros. Available in two editions, the Harbinger 8-inch Dunny Art Figure comes in a Blue Edition and the Exclusive … Read More

Super7 x Thundercats – Ultimates Wave 2 Pre-Order Figures

Super7 is currently taking pre-orders for their Thundercats – Ultimates Wave 2 Figure Lineup. The pre-order runs from today through Friday January 31st 2020. The following 7-inch super-articulated deluxe action figures … Read More

Amazing Heroes Retrovese Wave 4 Pre-Order Ending Soon

Fresh Monkey Fiction has announced that their Amazing Heroes Retrovese Wave 4 Pre-Order will be ending soon. This Wave 4 assortment continues to add more figures to their 4.5-inch tall retro-inspired … Read More

Super7 – My Pet Monster ReAction Figures

Super7 has brought that cuddly 1980’s monster in chains to a slightly smaller (and harder) form. Currently available in two versions, the My Pet Monster and My Football Monster 3.75″ … Read More