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Hot Toys – 1/6th scale Captain Marvel

With Captain Marvel is coming to theaters in less than a month, anticipation for this forthcoming installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is running exceptionally high. And Hot Toys is expanding their Movie Masterpiece Series with the cosmic-powered hero Captain Marvel 1/6th scale collectible figure.

Expertly crafted based on the appearance of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel in the movie, the highly-detailed collectible figure features two interchangeable head sculpts (unmasked and helmeted head sculpt with LED light-up function), a newly developed body equipped with LED light-up function on both sides of the forearms, a skillfully tailored costume in metallic red and blue with a gold star emblem on chest, and multiple energy-blasting effect accessories that are wearable on arms.

Also, a Deluxe Version will be available with exclusive pieces such as Goose the Cat, a delicate Flight Bomber jacket, and an extra pair of firing effect accessories.

You can currently pre-order this figure from Sideshow Collectibles for $266.00. It's slated to begin shipping in Q4 of 2019.

The 1/6th scale Captain Marvel (Deluxe Version) Collectible Figure features the following:

  • Interchangeable Captain Marvel helmeted head sculpt with LED light-up function
  • Two pieces of Mohawk hair sculptures wearable on LED helmeted head (blond and translucent yellow)
  • Head sculpt with authentic likeness of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in the movie
  • Pair of fists
  • Pair of relaxed hands
  • Three gesture hands
  • Tailored metallic red and blue Captain Marvel suit with shoulder armor and star emblem on chest
  • Pair of metallic red and gold colored gauntlets
  • Pair of metallic blue colored knee pads
  • Metallic red and gold colored belt
  • Pair of metallic red and blue colored boots
  • Deluxe Exclusive: Brown-colored leather-like jacket
  • Deluxe Exclusive: Goose the cat
  • Deluxe Exclusive: Pair of gradient yellow and blue colored firing effect accessories (attachable on hands)
  • Pair of translucent blue colored interchangeable energy-blasting effect fists
  • Pair of interchangeable gradient red and yellow colored energy-blasting gauntlets
  • Pair of translucent blue colored effect accessories (attachable on hands)
  • Pair of gradient yellow colored energy-blasting effect accessories (attachable on hands)
  • Movie themed figure base stand with character name

Overwatch – Mercy figma

From the globally popular multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch, GoodSmile has announced the Mercy figma collectible. She comes with two face plates, including a smiling expression and a more serious expression, her Caduceus Staff and Caduceus Blaster - the end of her staff can be displayed opened or closed, attachable effect parts for her wings, and an articulated figma stand to facilitate various exciting poses.

Standing around 6 inches tall, the figure will be available to pre-order through March 20th 2019. Shipping is expected to take place in December 2019. You can pre-order one now for $89.99.

New Wave Toys – 1/6th scale Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Cabinet

New Wave Toys has announced the pre-order availability of their Street Fighter II: Champion Edition 1/6th scale arcade machine. Expected to ship around July 1st 2019, the limited edition cabinet sells for $119.99 (currently on sale for $99.99).

On this 1/6th scale machine, you can play the original Street Fighter II: Champion Edition and Super Street Fighter II Turbo arcade games. It features a miniaturized Fight Stick control panel, which includes bat style joystick and microswitch action buttons. Also, this game includes an additional USB Mini Fight Stick for two-player action (works with your modern console controllers too). The wood cabinet features an illuminated marquee and cabinet accents, with a 3.5-inch flat LCD color screen.

Argonaut Resins 8 Ball T-shirt

Eric Nocella Diaz from Argonaut Resins has teamed up with Plastic Tree Designs to release a new t-shirt with a character that he's calling 8 Ball. "This new character is the head of a gang called the Billiardos (that might mean other color ways, stay tuned!) and ready to take on whatever comes his way. I designed this concept a bunch of years ago and like many things I work on sometimes the timing has to be right let these new ideas out into the wild." The shirts are available in red or white and are sized from Small to XXXL - stating at $25.00 plus shipping.

Love Slugs: Pink from Taylored Curiosities

Everyone knows slugs are lucky.... but if you happen to find a pair of love slugs you can share that luck with someone you love! This pair of slugs are so in love, they fit together perfectly! You could keep both of them or maybe give one of them away and share the love?

Taylored Curiosities has released the Love Slugs: Pink set. This pair of love slugs are cast from an original sculpt and each one is individually pigmented so shades may vary slightly. The Slugs measure 1.5" tall, are signed, and have hand painted details. The run is limited to 10 sets, with each one running £20.00 (about $26).

Mondo x Disney Valentine’s Day Enamel Pins

Mondo has teamed up with Disney to release an enamel pin line. Their Valentine's Day Enamel Pins will be dropping today (February 14th 2019) at Noon CT, with three new pins available. Plus, there are two pins that Mondo recently released - both Mickey Mouse pins.

Designed by Dave Perillo
Edition of 300 pieces
Expected to Ship in March 2019

Robin Hood and Maid Marion Enamel Pin Set
Designed by Matt Taylor
Edition of 300 pieces
Expected to Ship in February 2019

Willie and Minnie Mouse Enamel Pin Set
Designed by 100% Soft
Edition of 300 pieces
Expected to Ship in February 2019

Classic Mickey Enamel Pin
Designed by DKNG Studios

Sorcerer Mickey Enamel Pin
Designed by Tom Whalen

Bodega Blade Dead Presidents Edition Resin Figure Drops Friday Feb 15th

Tenacious Toys is teaming up with FU-Stamps to release the second edition of their Bodega Blade resin figure - the Bodega Blade: Dead Presidents Edition. Limited to a run of 20 pieces, this super-rare variant is the follow-up to the original "Beef N Broccoli" colorway. Bodega Blade is a new, original character designed, developed and produced by Bronx native Rios Palante as an indy resin art toy line.

The Bodega Blade resin figure stands 7 inches tall and features highly detailed and precise paint and sculpting. Dega conceals a sword in his parka's inner pocket, a separate accessory which can be displayed in the pocket or in Dega's hand.

The Dead Presidents edition of Bodega Blade will be released on Friday February 15th 2019 at Noon ET on the Tenacious Toy homepage for $120.00 each.

Threezero – Honor of Kings – 1/12 Collectible Action Figures

Threezero has announced the second batch of five characters from the Honor of Kings - 1/12 Collectible Action Figures line. These mobile video game characters are in collaboration with Tencent. Pre-orders for the Honor of Kings - 1/12 Collectible Action Figures is now open, with each figure running $59.00 (with worldwide shipping included). Those five new figures, each measuring approximately 6.25 inches tall, includes Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Liu Bei, Zhao Yun, and Zhu Ge Liang. Each figure includes multiple hands, weapons and clothes.

Ovnik SuperJanky “Maui Edition” by Pete Fowler

Superplastic has announced the newest collectible figure - the Ovnik SuperJanky "Maui Edition" by artist Pete Fowler. Slated to begin shipping in March 2019, this version is limited to a run of 333 pieces. You can currently pre-order one for $75.00.

A posse of psychedelic sirens rescued Ovnik after his spacecraft crashed off of Hawaii. They traded his eyes for a pair of magic leopard skin sneakers. Now he slings Mai Tais at a tiki bar on the set of Magnum PI, and sidelines as the drummer in Max Ca$h’s band.