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Kickstarter: Ninjatown Sticker Club

Shawn Smith of Shawnimals fame has decided to kickstart a series of Ninjatown stickers. These stickers, some logo-ish, some character-based, will be delivered to you once a month for a year, starting in January 2017 (along with some bonus stickers thrown in now and again because... stickers, and because... ninjas). The Kickstarter Project is limited to 100 backers, so sign up if you're interested.

This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Tuesday, January 31st 2017 at 8PM EST.

Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back with caution.

Pop! Animation: Powerpuff Girls

Three perfect little girls, made of sugar, spice, everything nice… and “Chemical X”. Funko has announced the Pop! Animation: Powerpuff Girls series of vinyl collectibles.You'll be able to collect the adorable crime-fighting trio (Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup), as well their arch nemesis Mojo Jojo, and HIM, the chaotic and mysterious evil-doer.

You can currently pre-order these figures from

R5-J2 Imperial Astromech Droid

Sideshow Collectibles has added another droid to their acclaimed Star Wars Sixth Scale Collection. The R5-J2 Imperial Astromech Droid makes a brief appearance in the opening of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, stationed on the second Death Star during the battle of Endor. Built slightly larger than the Imperial R2-Q5 unit, the R5-J2 Sixth Scale Figure measures roughly 8.6 inches tall and features hinged panels, retractable treads, and a unique swiveling trapezoid-shaped head. 

Currently shipping, you can order this figure for $139.99.

The R5-J2 Imperial Astromech Droid 1/6th scale figure features the following:

  • A highly detailed R5 series Astromech sculpt
  • Rotating head
  • Articulated terrain tread legs
  • Antennae
  • Body compartments with hinged panels

Die Antwoord – Me And My Supa Fre$ Crew 2 Da Rescue

3A Toys has announced the newest Die Antwoord figure set - Me And My Supa Fre$ Crew 2 Da Rescue. The set will be available only at Bambaland on January 27th 2017 (I assume that means 9PM ET on January 26th). While the above picture was the only tease shown, the Ninja and Yolandi figures below are likely what will make up this set. We'll supply more details once they're released.


A photo posted by WorldOf3A (@worldof3a) on

REVIEW: December 2016 Loot Crate – Revolution

The monthly Loot Crate for December 2016 featured the theme “Revolution”. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, we’re looking at definition number one: “a sudden and great change, esp. the violent change of a system of government”. The theme has nothing to do with moving around in a circle around a central point. That might make for a dull box full of loot.

We received this Loot Crate to review from the fine folks at Loot Crate. Where you can sign up for monthly plans ranging from $11.99 to $15.99 a month (depending on the number of months you commit to).

It wasn’t until I read the Loot Crate Magazine, which comes with every Loot Crate, that I realized the crate box was designed to be an Assassin’s Creed style building. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a snapshot of the Aguilar Pop! getting ready for his leap of faith.

The Assassin’s Creed Aguilar Pop! vinyl figure is a Loot Crate Exclusive from Funko. This version shows the main character from the film posed in a crouch. Even if you didn’t see (or enjoy) the film, it’s clear this is an Assassin’s Creed figure. So just pretend he’s from one of the many games. No one will know.

Also from Assassin’s Creed is the Revolution themed pin. It features the Assassin’s Creed “Brotherhood” logo in a textured nickel look. The pin includes DLC, a digital excerpt from the new Assassin’s Creed Heresy novel.

As with every Loot Crate, you’re guaranteed a monthly t-shirt. For December, it was the Exclusive Mr. Robot fsociety tee made by Loot Crate. Mr. Robot is one of those shows that I know I should probably be watching, and would probably like if I did watch it…but for some reason I haven’t started watching it.

The Firefly Independents Patch is an exclusive patch made by QMx for Loot Crate. The design is based on the original art files from Firefly graphic designer Dylan Hay-Chapman. Perfect to put on a brown coat…or something.

This month, each Loot Crate included a pretty interesting exclusive book. The Figure Fantasy harcover book by photographer Daniel Picard is produced by Insight Editions and features incredible toy photography. While Loot Crate might have stretched the “Revolution” theme with this offering, there should be no complaining. It includes some great photos.

Trick ‘r Treat – Stylized Sam

Straight from the cult status film Trick 'r Treat comes Sam, the enforcer of the rules of Halloween. Part pumpkin, part supernatural being, Sam shows no mercy to those who disrespect his holiday.

This version of Sam is presented in Mezco's signature super-deformed style. He may look child-like and dressed for trick-or-treating, but Sam is the personification of Halloween itself. The figure stands nearly 6 inches tall and features 5 points of articulation. He comes complete with his ever-present trick-or-treat sack, and his half-eaten translucent pumpkin lollipop.

You can pre-order the figure now for $23.00. Look for it to ship between July and August of 2017.

Funko and Forbes

Yesterday, Forbes published an article entitled Ever Hear Of Funko? They Plan To Be A Billion Dollar Toy Company. It's an interesting look at the company and their aspirations. Some of the big takeaways are the sheer number of licenses that they hold in a given year. It's not surprising if you follow this site...Funko seems to produce a Pop! figure for every and any pop culture event.

The financial aspect is also interesting. If you have followed Plastic and Plush since its inception, you likely remember the "old Funko". They produced wacky bobbleheads and items based on weird licenses and original characters. At San Diego Comic Con, they'd always be giving away random items to Con-goers. But the company has apparently changed hands several times since that point in time.

"For now the company is privately owned. However, it's outreach to the financial community could signal its first steps towards going public. It was acquired by private equity fund ACON Investments from Fundamental Capital in 2015 for an undisclosed amount and is based in Washington."

Funko was able to take the stylized designer-toy look of their Pop! figure (which is clearly their leading product) and transcend the "mass market". There will be questions whether Pop! vinyl figures are an art toy (I think they are) or a designer toy (they aren't), but they're apparently doing well enough to warrant the attention of Forbes magazine.

Pop! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Funko has announced a rather large array of Pop! vinyl figures for the upcoming Marvel blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, and his team of heroes return to the world of Pop! vinyl in all-new poses and designs. You can collect Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot, as well as Nebula, Mantis, and Taserface.

This series features a number of exclusives, like Rocket with dual guns (GameStop), Groot in jumpsuit (Walmart), Groot with patch (Hot Topic), action pose Star-Lord (Toys R Us), and a special super-sized 10" Groot (Target).


You can currently pre-order these Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 figures over at