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BeeFy & Co at WonderCon Anaheim

Beefy Spirit Jade Front Wondercon

BeeFy & Co. will have a pair of WonderCon Anaheim Exclusives available at the show this year (April 18th to 20th) in Booth #1043.

Beefy Spirit Jade Box

The 7" tall Jade Bad Bad Buddha "Spirit" Edition will be packaged in a matte black gift box with the BBB logo in Golden Foil. The interior is made with a golden cloth wrapped around a secure foam cushion, which is cut to fit the piece firmly in place and keeping it well protected. This limited edition of 24 pieces will be available for $188.00 each.

Beefy Elipoo Wondercon

From their Adventures of Ryupoo line comes BeeFy & Co's 6th plush - Elipoo - The Clumsy, Wumsy, Cuddley, Wuddley, Bubbly Elephant. The 9" tall plush is a limited edition run of 100 pieces. You can pick one up for $25.00.

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Sideshow’s Sixth Scale Superman

Sideshow Collectibles has revealed their Sixth Scale Superman from their DC Comics license. Expected to ship in January 2015, the figure is currently available to pre-order for $199.99.

Inspired by over 75 years of comic book legacy, Superman takes flight wearing his iconic costume, exquisitely tailored with unmistakable S-shield emblazoned across the chest, and a poseable fabric cape. Interchangeable hands and portrait expressions perfectly capture the good-natured and serious sides of the hero’s personality, as well as his powerful heat vision. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail on a fully articulated muscular body design, Superman is ready to protect the city of Metropolis, and fight the never-ending battle for truth and justice.

Sideshow Superman 2

Sideshow's Sixth Scale Superman includes the following:

• Three detailed portraits (Heroic, Determined, and Heat Vision Eyes)
• Body suit with 'S' logo
• Briefs with sculpted belt
• Free flowing cape
• Posable cape
• Sculpted boots
• Seven total hands
• Printed figure support hex base
• Base flight attachment
• Exclusive Hand clutching detailed Metallo Head with articulated jaw

Sideshow Superman 3

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Trouble Boys S00? [NKD] Retailer Edition

troubleboys NKD Retail 1

The Trouble Boys S00? [NKD] Retailer Edition by Brandt Peters and Ferg should be available to pre-order from your favorite retailer. The 6" figure features elements of vinyl, cloth and ABS. It includes 3 sets of eye lenses, 2.1 and classic arms, white pajamas with a not so hidden clear axe, stovepipe hat (not shown) and a removable helmet. Look for it to retail around $85.00.

troubleboys NKD Retail 2

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Tonner Doll’s Catwoman 1966

Tonner Catwoman 1966 1

Fans of the classic Batman television series can now get their own Julie Newmar...sort of. Tonner Doll Company has introduced the 1966 Catwoman Tonner Character Figure

The figure features the 16" Starlet body with brown rooted saran hair. It includes a mask, black/silver glitter knit bodysuit with foot straps, a nude footed under-bodysuit, black ribbon headband with attached ears, a gold necklace, a gold belt, black gauntlets, black faux leather boots, and a stand.

The 1966 Catwoman is a limited edition of 500 pieces and sells for $199.99.

Tonner Catwoman 1966 2 Tonner Catwoman 1966 3

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Purridge & Friends “Walking Like Dead”

FFC Walk Like Dead Purr FFC Walk Like Dead Piga

Furry Feline Creatives has announced their 2014 Wondercon Exclusives. Running from April 18th through April 20th, Booth #1161 will showcase the "Walking Like Dead" plush exclusives. They'll be releasing four plush characters in limited editions (8 pieces each). Each 12" tall handmade soft fleece plush will sell for $50.00

Walking Like Dead Purridge

Purridge needs her coffee fix...RIGHT NOW. There's a lot of work to be done. Must work... Must finish work. Comes with a removable coffee mug.

Walking Like Dead Chef Tako

Chef Tako was so busy preparing at the kitchen, he got thirsty and mistakenly took the red bottle instead of the bottled water. Comes with a removable red hot sauce bottle.

Walking Like Dead Ringo

Ringo has been playing video games, all day, all night, non stop. Comes with a removable game controller tangled on his neck.

Walking Like Dead Piga

Piga was very tired, slept with a mudpack on and totally forgot to remove it the next day.

FFC Walk Like Dead Tako FFC Walk Like Dead Ringo

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Pop! MLB: Major League Baseball Mascots

Funko MLB Mariner Moose Funko MLB Phillie Phanatic

Funko has revealed the first seven Pop! MLB: Major League Baseball Mascots vinyl figures. Available in May 2014, the mascots include the Mariner Moose (Mariners), Phillie Phanatic (Phillies), Mr. Met (Mets), Mr. Redlegs (Reds), Orbit (Astros), Swinging Friar (Padres), and Wally the Green Monster (Red Sox).

Funko MLB Mr Met Funko MLB Mr Redlegs
Funko MLB Orbit Funko MLB Swinging Friar Funko MLB Wally the Green Monster

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We Are Indie Toys (Make Your Own Resin Characters)

We Are Indie Toys Front We Are Indie Toys Back

We Are Indie Toys (Make Your Own Resin Characters) by Louis Bou is the follow-up to the 2010 published We Are Paper Toys. The 208 page softcover book features handmade art pieces from 30 different artists. Those artists include: Emilio Garcia; Jon Knox; Le Merde; Patient No6; Plaseebo; Dave Pressler; Cris Rose; Paul Shih; Suckadelic; Tado; Tesselate.

We Are Indie Toys Pages

The book gives readers a sneak peek at the handmade production of some of the most popular indie resin toys. There's a whole lot of behind-the-scenes photos of the sculpting, molding, production, and painting processes. Plus, each artist section features a short biography as well as a "Tips and Tricks" blurb from that artist.

With an SRP of $29.99, Amazon.com currently has it available for $22.43.

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The Midnight 6ix

Alavaka Midnight

As the sunlight fades a warm green glow burns like an ember from the inside out. Golden flecks shine like stars embedded in their skin as daylight dies giving birth to the purple haze of midnight.

On April 19th 2014, Devil's Headquarters will release the Midnight 6ix (Alavakas). Featuring metallic blue, purple and gold sprays with subtle neon accents on the faces and horns (2 neon green, 2 neon orange and 2 neon pink), the figure is limited to 6 pieces. The neon accent spray color will be random when shipped.

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Chris Ryniak’s Snybora Set

Rotofugi Snybora Set

It's been a long time since we've seen any new color ways of Chris Ryniak's Snybora vinyl.

This three pack (blue, orange and green) is by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi. Designed and sculpted by Chris Ryniak, and with paint by Joe Somers (Squibbles Ink) and Kirby Kerr (Rotofugi), the pre-order ($100.00 for the set) cutoff is Sunday April 13th 2014. Look for them to ship around May 8th 2014.

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Flawtoys at ToyConUK

 Strangers Clear  Strangers Mini

Flawtoys will be bringing some toys to ToyConUK...you'll be able to find them at Booth #11.

Figures you'll be able to pick up include the following:

Clear Strangers

Mini Strangers

Project Unknown (Tim Sprangers X Flawtoys)

Project UNKNOWN 1 Project UNKNOWN 2

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