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New Nugglife NY Customs

Nugglife NY has released a number of new small-run custom figures, including the following:

Mega Nuggs "Blue Dream" Edition
Limited run of 10 pieces. Each one is signed and numbered and has Nugglife and the strain name on the pot.
$180.00 each

Nugg Grows Wooden Edition
Nugglife’s Nugg Grows are back and this time in 2 different colorways - Natural Grey, and Brown.This is a limited run of 3 pieces, with each one being hand-painted, hand-sculpted, hand-assembled, signed, and numbered.
$130.00 each

Stoned Eye Nugg Monster
This custom 5-inch Kidrobot Dunny is hand-crafted and hand-painted by artist Ian Ziobrowski. The custom is limited to a run of 3 pieces.
$250.00 each

Stoned Eye Purple Moon Rock
This custom 5-inch Kidrobot Dunny is hand-crafted and hand-painted by artist Ian Ziobrowski. This is a one-off piece

DHP: The Last Alavaka – and Other Weekend Releases

Several months back, Devils Head Productions had announced that their first Japanese soft vinyl toy - the Alavaka - would retire. Well, that day has come. DHP has announced a few releases that will hit their web-shop beginning tomorrow (July 20th 2019).

And so he retires, off into the sunset. The final painted run has an awesome summer vibe from head to toe. These Alavaka have been cast in opaque white Japanese vinyl and painted with shades of blue, green, red, brown, tan, black and metallic sprays. There is a single chase figure that has been cast in yellow vinyl and it will be sold at random. Comes with an assortment of vinyl stickers. Enjoy your rest my friend! Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.
$70.00 each

On October 10th 2018, the world tragically lost Scott Godon-Decoteau. There will never be another person who embraced the adventurous aspect of life more than he did. That spirit was "in your face" obvious with anything and everything he did with Barks and Wreck. These mixed parts toys make it possible for the full color pallet of his company to be present in each set. Buy a toy and GIVE in to fun and adventure. 100% of the proceeds from the sales will go directly to Scott's son. Comes with an assortment of stickers. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.
$175.00 each

Life-Size Masterpiece Series – Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor

Tony Stark created the very first Arc Reactor to keep him alive - and power his first suit of armor in - the original Iron Man film. Based on the first Marvel Studio production - Iron Man, Hot Toys has a new piece from their Life-Size Masterpiece Series with Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor which was given by Tony’s personal assistant Pepper as a desktop ornament. The Arc Reactor stands approximately 6 inches in height. Recreated with diecast and copper wire material, it features two LED lighting modes, which include a light-on effect and a breathing light effect.

The piece is scheduled to be released around Q3 of 2020. While it's not currently available to pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles, I'm guessing they will have it up following San Diego Comic-Con.

Pop! Mascots – NHL Series (But where’s Stormy?!?)

You might have though that Funko's Pop! NHL line was only for the players...well they've announced the new Pop! Mascots: NHL Series. There's the Chicago Blackhawks’ Tommy HawkNew Jersey Devils’ NJ DevilBoston Bruins’ Blades, Philadelphia Flyers’ Gritty, and Vegas Golden Knights’ Chance. There's also a Grosnor Exclusive in the Toronto Maple Leafs' Carlton. But my question is....where is everyone's favorite Ice Hog....Stormy?

Look for the Pop! NHL Mascots to be available over at (where you can already purchase a number of the Pop! NHL players...).

Plaseebo – Ghost Riders Lottery

Plaseebo has announced the lottery details for their latest small-run release - The Ghost Riders. The lottery is open through Wednesday July 24th 2019, with three unique customs available to purchase for the winners. The Ghost Rider is a Plaseebo custom of Vince Scalas' clear vinyl Skull Racer filled with skulls, space junk, bugs, red glass inset eyes and illuminated from the inside by a switched color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries mounted in the base of the car. Each one comes signed by artist Bob Conge.

If you win the lotto, you'l be able to purchase one for $250.00 plus $20.00 for US shipping ($60.00 for worldwide shipping).

To enter lottery, please send the following to

1. Name
2. Shipping Address
3. Country
4. Telephone Number
5. PayPal Email Address
6. Instagram ID

Lottery winners will receive notification emails by Thursday July 25th 2019. Figures will ship from the USA upon receipt of payment - due by Monday July 29th 2019.

DC Comics Jack-in-the-Boxes from Geek X

The Australia-based toy company Geek X has announced a pair of officially-licensed DC Comics Jack-in-the-Boxes. Measuring nearly 12 inches in height, the fully functioning Harley Quinn and The Joker Jack-in-the Box features a velvet-blend puppet in a tin box with embossed details. Each piece comes with three sticker sheets with a total of 77 stickers.

These are currently available to pre-order, priced at $24.99 each.  They're slated to be released around October 2019.

The company is currently looking for distributors outside of Australia and New Zealand (that means US, UK, etc). For those interested, please send an email at to discuss.

Yellow Carls Senior

Toy Art Gallery has announced a new edition of the Carls Senior vinyl figure from artist Joseph Harmon. The Yellow Carls Senior figure features articulated wings and a bad attitude. He stands 5 inches tall and is articulated at the arms, waist, and wings. The concept and sculpt was done by Joseph Harmon with the figure being produced by Toy Art Gallery.

The Yellow Carls Senior is available next Wednesday July 24th 2019 at Noon PT for $45.00.

Previews from Unruly Industries

Sideshow Collectibles has teased a number of upcoming figure releases of the "designer vinyl" ilk from the folks at Unruly Industries (which is actually a subset of Sideshow). Unruly has announced releases from artists such a kaNO, Greg "Craola" Simkins, and Jesse Hernandez. If you're at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, you'll want to swing by the Sideshow booth to check out some of these new/upcoming releases.

Overwatch Ashe Nendoroid

From the globally popular multiplayer team-based shooter Overwatch comes the 14th Nendoroid in Good Smile's series - the Ashe Nendoroid. Ashe comes fully equipped with her weapons of choice: The Viper, her Coach Gun, and a bundle of dynamite. The figure also includes Ashe's trusted sidekick/bodyguard - B.O.B - looking like he did in the animated short, 'Reunion'.

The figure is currently available to pre-order (through August 7th 2019) for $55.99. It's slated to be released in December 2019. Look for this figure to be available to grab over at

Threezero teases the Night King

Threezero has given fans of their 1/6th scale Game Of Thrones line a new teaser image of what is likely going to be the next figure available in the line - the Night King. Look for news about pre-order availability coming up in the next week - if history is any indication. IT looks like the Night King will fit perfectly alongside the already released 1/6th scale White Walker.