2011 PAPAs: Vinyl Toy of the Year

Our final category for the 2011 PAPAs is the Vinyl Toy of the Year. With so many deserving toys, how were we able to whittle it down to only five? … Read More

2011 PAPAs: Plush Toy of the Year

We’re finishing off our 2011 Plastic And Plush Awards with one of the big categories – Plush Toy of the Year. Last year was a pretty big year for plush … Read More

2011 PAPAs: Sixth Scale/Articulated Toy of the Year

It seems like we reviewed more Sixth-Scale/highly articulated figures over the past year. Companies have definitely stepped up their games producing better sculpted, more accessorized, and higher quality pieces. So … Read More

2011 PAPAs: Resin Toy of the Year

Over the past several years, resin has been the medium for many artists to produce their limited run art pieces. It’s cheaper than vinyl production. The artist can monitor every … Read More

2011 PAPAs: Best Toy Line

While we already recognized some of our favorite new toy lines of 2011, there’s still our overall toy lines to go over. So here are five toy lines that  5. … Read More

2011 PAPAs: Biggest Disappointment

Even though we saw a number of toy releases in 2011 that we loved…there were a few disappointments. Here are five of those that disappointed us…for various reason: 5. MINDstyle’s … Read More

2011 PAPAs: Best New Line

Every year, we see a number of new companies and lines released…and we also see a number of them drop off the map. Here’s a look at five of those … Read More

2011 PAPAs: Best Blind Box Series

Yes…those blind boxes. Love them or hate them, they’re still a big part of the designer toy world. I had to whittle them down to our top five choices: 5. … Read More

2011 PAPAs: Customizer of the Year

Customizers make the designer toy world go ’round. They put their own unique spin on platform toys or use bits and pieces of other toys in their maniacal creations. Here … Read More

2011 PAPAs: Artist of the Year

So…how do I choose the Artist of the Year? I look at the entire art scene to see who had some of the most productive/influential years. The five chosen for … Read More

2011 PAPAs: Best Sculpting

Sculpting can often make or break a toy…especially when it comes to an authorized likeness. But it’s also important to transferring an artist’s two-dimensional work into a 3D piece. Here … Read More

2011 PAPAs: Best Packaging

Whether you’re a mint-in-package collector or you like to take your toys out to put on the shelf, everyone can appreciate well-made, attractive packaging. Here are our top five picks … Read More

2011 Plastic and Plush Awards: The PAPAs

You know…I can rarely make up my mind. Some things are a given: 1. I’ll never be satisfied with the site’s logo. (Plastic and Plush has had around two dozen … Read More