We're finishing off our 2011 Plastic And Plush Awards with one of the big categories - Plush Toy of the Year. Last year was a pretty big year for plush toys. It seems like more plush toys were reviewed than any other category...making it one of the most competitive.

5. Wince (Andi Green - Worry Woo Monsters)

Plush TOTY worry woos wince

The newest Worry Woo Monster - Wince - is the Monster of Worry. So he's pretty much the namesake of the Worry Woos. No? And Andi Green's illustrated book is the perfect complement to the cuddly plush.

4. Easter Cavey (A Little Stranger)

Plush TOTY cavey easter

The special edition Easter Cavey, designed and produced by Holly from A Little Stranger, looks a little different from your usual Cavey. (It has those long bunny ears)

3. FluffyBooBoo (Jordan Owen - OhNo!Doom)

Plush TOTY ond fluffy boo

You probably remember FluffyBadBad from OhNo!Doom. That plush won this award back in 2005. FluffyBooBoo is the ghostly glow-in-the-dark plush that has a chompin' mouth. Just watch your fingers.

2. Plunk Lion (Anna Chambers - Burgerlog)

Plush TOTY plunk lion

Anna Chambers' Plunk Lion took a simple black plush design and used it as a background. The pink, blue and yellow stitching on that background is what really makes the plush pop.

1. BAM - Bully Alpha Male (Elina Vartiainen - Pretty Disturbed)

Plush TOTY Pretty Disturbed Bully

One of the smaller-run plush toys that we reviewed was the Bully Alpha Male from Elina Vartiainen. This entirely handmade piece features some great artwork from the artist based out of Finland. I'd love seeing more designs in this style...or maybe a few production toys from Pretty Disturbed.

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