Our final category for the 2011 PAPAs is the Vinyl Toy of the Year. With so many deserving toys, how were we able to whittle it down to only five? Try locking yourself in a room with a bunch of toys and a six-pack.

5. Bellicose Bunny (Nathan Hamill - 3DRetro)

Vinyl TOTY 3DRetro Bellicose Bunny

Nathan Hamill's second vinyl toy release teamed them up with veteran online toy shop (turned toy producer) 3DRetro. An oversize astronaut rabbit riding a carrot-esqe rocketship? I'm pretty sure that was a part of a recurring nightmare I had when I was six.

4. Seahorse and Rider (Amanda Visell - Tomenosuke Exclusive)

Vinyl TOTY tomenosuke seahorse

We saw several different versions of Amanda Visell's Seahorse and Rider, but the white and gold Tomenosuke Exclusive was our favorite. The weathered paintwork is excellent. And there's a little girl with a trumpet who's dressed like Colonel Sanders.

3. Inspector Cumulus (Jonathan Edwards - Crazy Label)

Vinyl TOTY inspector cumulus

I had been looking forward to Crazy Label releasing Edwards' Inspector Cumulus vinyl figure for a while. And they didn't disappoint. As far as originality...I'm going to doubt you'll see many other trench coat wearing cloud detectives who smoke pipes.

2. Hermees (Gary Ham)

Vinyl TOTY gary ham hermees

Gary Ham's took his handmade wooden Hermees and turned it into a self produced vinyl toy. This bat features a 12" wingspan. Yep...it's enormous. And who thought that having a sculpt that looks like wood - with all of its imperfections - would be a good thing?


1. Cannibal Fuckface (Johnny Ryan - Monster Worship)

Vinyl TOTY Cannibal Fuckface

A name that I have had to &#$(%* out more times than not...Cannibals Fuckface burst out on the scene at San Diego Comic Con. It's the only piece on this list that was not reviewed, but as anyone who waited in line to get a ticket to buy one knows - the figure is part wrestler, part kaiju and entirely fuckface.

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