Even though we saw a number of toy releases in 2011 that we loved...there were a few disappointments. Here are five of those that disappointed us...for various reason:

5. MINDstyle's NBA Vinyl Line (MINDstyle)

Dis mindstyle kobe

The rise and fall of MINDstyle in the designer toy scene was quick. But the NBA line designed by CoolRain looks an awful lot like a Michael Lau or Eric So figure.

4. Smell Me Marshalls (64 Colors - Rotofugi)

Dis Smell Me Marshall

The lone disappointment with the Smell Me Marshall scented vinyls is that they lose their smell within a few days of being opened. Since that's the main attraction of the line, it's a little disappointing.

3. 4-LOM (Medicom)

Dis medicom 4 lom

The colors on Medicom's 4-LOM figure just seem a little off. But it might not be that bad if this figure didn't run just under $250.00.

2. Yankee Pig Dog Labbit (Kidrobot)

Dis kidrobot kronk labbit

Apparently, Kidrobot received a number of poorly produced Yankee Pig Dog Labbits...so instead of getting them reproduced to the company's standards, they lowered the price by 31%.

1. The Walking Dead (McFarlane Toys)

Dis mcfarlane daryl dixon

One of my most anticipated lines of the year was McFarlane's The Walking Dead (both the television and comic book series). Unfortunately, it looks like these were sculpted as traditional McFarlane statues...and the articulation was added later (just look at the legs above).

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