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Vince Carter All-Star Vinyl


Upper Deck is bringing New Jersey Nets Guard-Forward Vince Carter to All-Star
form. The next All-Star Vinyl
release at the Upper Deck Store is a slam-dunk tribute to the
high-flying Nets superstar. Platinum Club members will get the first
shot at buying the figures on Tuesday, February 26, at 9:15AM PST.  The general public will then be able to pick them up on Wednesday February 27 at the same time.  The figure is available in the following editions:

Away (Blue Jersey): 1,000 pieces
Alternate Away (Red Jersey): 500 pieces
Home (White Jersey): 500
Black Edition: 250 pieces

So, do you think they nailed Vinsanity?  I think the figure needs a little beard stubble.

Kovalchuk All-Star Vinyl


The 2008 NHL All Star Game Special Edition All-Star Vinyl figure will be Atlanta Thrashers assistant captain  - Ilya Kovalchuk.  The special edition vinyl will limited to a run of 250 pieces and drop on for Platinum Club members on January 23rd at 9:17AM PST and the same time on January 24th for the general public.

The one issue I have with the NHL figures is that most people have absolutely no idea what these players look like.  They don't get the same face time as other sports stars.


Peyton Manning All-Star Vinyl


Just in time for the final few rounds of the NFL playoffs...Upper Deck is releasing their latest All-Star Vinyl figure beginning on Tuesday, January 15th, at 9:18AM PST.  Platinum Club members will be able to snag the Peyton Manning ASV on Tuesday, while the normal folks will be able to purchase any of the four various colorways on January 16th.

  • Home (Blue Jersey, White Pants) - 1,000 pcs.
  • Away (White Jersey, White Pants) - 500 pcs.
  • 2007 AFC Pro Bowl (White Jersey, Red Pants) - 500 pcs.
  • Black Edition - 250 pcs
  • So what do you think about the figure?  I'm getting a cross between Quentin Tarentino and one of the munchkins from the Lollipop Guild.  But I do see a likeness to Manning.  However, maybe it's a bad jpg, but I'm looking at the artwork and I'm not seeing the Colts QB.


    Brian Urlacher All-Star Vinyl


    Upper Deck will be releasing their Brian Urlacher (Chicago Bears) All-Star Vinyl figure beginning on Tuesday December 18th at 9:54AM PDT for Platinum Club members and the same time the next day for the everyday public.  The sculpt on this one is great...and my favorite is the orange jersey.


    Steve Nash ASV Illustrations


    MAD is responsible for illustrating the initial artwork for this Steve Nash All-Star Vinyl figure.  I must say that his work is rather impressive and I like that the stance is more action than posing.  Hopefully, Upper Deck will be able to realistically recreate the box art when sculpting the figure (which didn't seem to happen with Shaquille O'Neal).  Personally, I think I might have to go after the orange jersey.


    LaDainian Tomlinson All-Star Vinyl


    Upper Deck will release an All-Star Vinyl action figure of the San Diego Chargers’ LaDainian Tomlinson to Platinum Club members on Friday, November 23 (9:25 AM PST) and to the general public on Monday, November 26 (9:25 AM PST).

    Tomlinson’s vinyl figures will be available to collectors and fans alike in a white and blue trimmed home uniform version (numbered to 500), the fan favorite powder blue version (numbered to 1,000), an alternate dark blue road uniform version (numbered to 500) and of course, a coveted black edition (numbered to 250) featuring gold team graphics on an all black figure.

    This is definitely my favorite in the NFL ASV line.


    Shaq All-Star Vinyl


    Upper Deck will be releasing their Shaquille O'Neal All-Star Vinyl figure for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  The Platinum Club will get first dibs as the figure goes on sale Black Friday (November 23rd) at 9:30AM PST.  The figures (above plus an all black version) go on sale to the general public on Cyber Monday (November 26th) at  the same time.  The nice thing is that this figure is in scale to some of the others and will stand over an inch taller than the D-Wade ASV.

    I Am (Stylized) Iron Man


    Following Upper Deck’s first SubCasts character launch (Spider-Man), the company has revealed that Iron Man will be the next superhero to become an art toy.

    The 10.5" tall polyresin collectible is individually hand numbered, with an overall run size of 2,000 pieces.  The Iron Man ($75 SRP) SubCasts figure goes on sale Tuesday November 13 at 9:00 AM PST.

    Carmelo Anthony All-Star Vinyl


    He is known for
    taking the big shot when his team needs a spark and scoring at near a 29 points
    per game clip, but now Carmelo Anthony is being immortalized by Upper Deck with
    an action figure.  Upper Deck will
    release an All-Star Vinyl action figure of the Denver Nuggets star forward on
    Tuesday, November 13.

    Four variants will be available:  a white and blue trimmed Home Version (numbered to
    500); a blue with yellow trimmed Road Version (numbered to 1,000); a
    dark blue Alternate Road Version (numbered to 500); and a Black Edition (numbered to 250) featuring gold team graphics on an all black

    The figures will run $74.99 (with the
    exception of the Black Edition - $99.99).  The figures will go live on Tuesday,
    November 13 at 9:15am PDT for members of the ASV Platinum Club and
    will be available to the public at 9:15am PDT on November 14th. 

    Reggie Bush All-Star Vinyl


    Upper Deck is set to release the newest addition to the All-Star Vinyl family.  Fans of the New Orleans Saints will be excited to see running back and kick return specialist Reggie Bush released this week.  Bush’s vinyl figures will be available to collectors and fans alike in a black on black edition uniform (numbered to 1,000), a black on gold version (numbered to 500), a white on gold version (numbered to 500) and a black edition (numbered to 250).

    The figure will run for $74.99, with the exception of the Black Edition, which is $99.99.  The figures will go live on October 30 at 9:25AM PDT for members of the All-Star Vinyl Platinum club and will be available to the public at 9:25AM PDT on October 31.