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Brodeur All-Star Vinyl


The next highly anticipated All-Star Vinyl
release at the Upper Deck Store features NHL netminder, Martin Brodeur.
Platinum Club members will get the first shot at the
figures on Tuesday Sept 25th at 9:30AM PDT.


  • New Jersey Devils Home, limited to 1,500
  • New Jersey Devils Road, limited to 500
  • Black Edition, limited to 250
  • Any remaining figures will be made available to the general public on Wednesday
    Sept 26th at 9:30 AM PDT
    on a first-come, first-served basis while
    quantities last.

    ASV Blackout Event


    All-Star Vinyl Platinum Club members should rejoice...Upper Deck released the following news:

    The long awaited first-ever All-Star Vinyl™ Platinum Club Blackout
    is just a few days away on Friday the 21st at 9:00 a.m. PT.
    During this special sale only for Platinum Club members, we will be
    offering extremely limited quantities of past Black Edition figures
    previously offered at both special events and select online releases.
    Due to such limited quantities available, please be aware that placing
    the item in your shopping cart doesn’t guarantee its availability as it
    is possible for an item to sell out while you are in the process of
    ordering.  Finishing checkout and the ordering process will officially
    confirm your purchase.  As a special treat for this event, anyone who
    places an order will also be randomly entered to win the holy grail of
    ASV’s short history, the highly-coveted employee-only Kris Kringle
    figure.  Winner to be announced on the ASV site the following week.  In
    addition, this special event will also feature a first-time drop of the
    Black Edition Joe Sakic figure, limited to 2 per order.  All previously
    released Black Edition figures will be limited to 1 figure per order.

    REVIEW: Spider-Man SubCasts



    Upper Deck made their first SubCast figure – Spider-Man – available to the public on August 28th.  That is, unless you had attended Comic Con, where they made a handful (100) of the overall run available for purchase.

    The SubCasts line is a joint venture with Marvel as well as designer toy veteran miQ Willmott and TWEEQiM.  Each figure is given a stylized look that makes the polyresin statue resemble an "urban vinyl" figure.



    Since the line is made of resin, Spider-Man is packaged within a layer of Styrofoam.  The artwork on the outside of the glossy box is the concept art that TWEEQiM created for the figure.  There is foil on Spider-Man’s eyes as well as the SubCasts logo.

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    The Gunslingers Return


    Upper Deck is set to release 9 new football variants over the next two months.  Brett Favre, Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady were some of the first athletes released from the All-Star Vinyl line.  The variants will include a Black Edition, an Away Jersey Edition and a Retro Jersey Edition.  Both the Favre and Brady figures will include helmets, which the original release lacked.  Since Big Ben is wearing a reversed cap, it would be tough to get a helmet over that.


    The following release dates are for Platinum Club members and the General Public:

    Favre: PC - September 4th  GP - September 5th (9:04 AM PST)
    Roethlisberger: PC - September 12th  GP - September 13th (9:07 AM PST)
    Brady: PC - October 1st  GP - October 2nd (9:12 AM PST)


    Are You Ready For Some Vinyl?


    The most exciting player in the NFL is being immortalized as an All-Star Vinyl figure.  Yes...that's Reggie Bush in his black and gold New Orleans Saints jersey.  The figure will be released in October, with Ladanian Tomlinson (November), Brian Urlacher (December) and Peyton Manning (January).  Are you ready for some football?

    SubCasts Spider-Man


    If you weren't one of the lucky 100 people who picked up the Spider-Man polyresin figure from Upper Deck, be sure to wait by the computer tomorrow.  The SubCasts line combines the characters from Marvel Comics with the stylings of miQ Willmott and TWEEQiM.  The limited edition of 2,000 pieces will be made available tomorrow (Tuesday August  28th) at 9:00AM PST through the SubCasts website.


    Allen Iverson All-Star Vinyl


    Upper Deck has revealed photos and some details about their upcoming Allen Iverson All-Star Vinyl figure.  The figures will be available to Platinum Club members on Monday August 13th and the general public on Tuesday August 14th.  The white jersey will be the 1,500 figure edition, while the blue jersey will be limited to 500 pieces.  And it's nice to see the black version is sporting the Nuggets third jersey.


    Tom Brady All-Star Vinyl


    We showed you photos of the All-Star Vinyl Tom Brady retro version figure from Comic Con.  But Upper Deck has revealed several other photos that show the figure donning the accompanying helmet.  Since the original figure did not include a helmet, it's a nice addition to the line.  Let's hope that it has some sort of padding to protect the figure's head.


    LeBron James All-Star Vinyl


    All-Star Vinyl Platinum Club members will begin reaping their benefits tomorrow - Monday August 6th.  They'll get a one day jump on the new LeBron James ASV figures from Upper Deck.  The general public will get a chance to pick up the figures at 9:23AM on August 7th.  The Road jersey LeBron is limited to 1,500 pieces, the Home jersey figure is limited to 500 pieces, and the black edition is limited to 250 pieces.

    REVIEW: Alexander Ovechkin All-Star Vinyl



    Upper Deck’s All-Star Vinyl line includes figures from the NBA, Major League Baseball, the NFL and the NHL.  While they focused on NFL quarterbacks to begin the ASV line, they have since shifted their focus to the NBA and NHL.

    One of the more recent releases is that of the Russian hockey sensation Alexander Ovechkin.  Also known as Alexander the Great, the Ovechkin ASV figure was released on May 15th.  It makes sense that two of the first NHL figures released are the young phenoms Crosby and Ovechkin.  Think I’m lying?  Check out the goal below.




    The standard All-Star Vinyl packaging is always impressive.  The artwork on the box includes several sketches from line illustrator - MAD.  The front flap opens up to a window, allowing the figure to be displayed in the box.  However, you’d have to come up with a good way to keep that flap open indefinitely.

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