Joe Grady, aka Rebel Wookiee, sent us word of the new line of vinyl figures he was chosen to work on.  MVPs is a vinyl line from Upper Deck.  It will be different from their All-Star Vinyl lineup...the MVPs will be focused on teams rather than individual players.  The above poster is for the NFL lineup, but look for other leagues to be introduced.

MiQ and TWEEQiM curated the lineup of 8 artists to be involved in the project.  Look for designs from Jesse Hernandez, MAD, Niark1, Rebel Wookiee, Sket-One, Spanky, TWEEQiM and Unklbrand.  Each limited editionUpper  vinyl is said to be 8" in height and the designers were actually involved in a draft to decide who could design which team.  All I want to know is who did the Eagles?

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