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Amy By Jeremiah Ketner and Strangekiss

"This ethereal portrait of Amy the fuel of Strangekiss has been captured in soft paint etches from the bristles of the brush. The depth of the blue eyes in this work can tell tales."

Strangekiss is releasing this limited edition run of the above pictured Amy print by artist Jeremiah Ketner. The limited edition of 10 signed artist proofs goes on sale today (February 24th 2017) at Noon PT. The 11-inch by 14-inch print will run $119.95, with 100% of the proceeds going to cancer research for Small Cell Neuroendocrine Cancer - to the NecTur program at M.D. Anderson, the only program trying to help this rare cancer.

Unknown By Jon Paul Kaiser x Strangekiss

Michael Stills and Strangekiss are back. And their first original release is Unknown by Jon Paul Kaiser. Yes...this resin art toy is purchased blindly. You can sort of tell what it looks like from the drawings and you likely know JPK's style. This limited edition run of 15 pieces will begin shipping in 6 to 8 weeks. The approximately 4-inch tall figure sells for $159.95.

Strangekiss Cyber Monday 2011

SK lanham artifact

We haven't heard from one of our favorite toy companies - Strangekiss - in a while. Well, their site is back online, and according to Micheal's latest post, collectors are going to have the opportunity to pick up some ultra-rare pieces.

Items that you thought were long gone and could only be picked up for hefty Ebay prices? You might just find 'em there. While they might be posting these up on Ebay, I'd check out the Strangekiss website to get the latest news.

tyrannoCECILrex Revealed


You probably saw the previously released teaser picture of tyrannoCECILrex...and I'm pretty sure you could have seen a copy of the original artwork. Right? Well...Nathan Hamill has now revealed photos of the tyrannoCECILrex resin figure that will be made available during Comic Con. This small run of 8 pieces (plus a print) will go on sale beginning Friday July 23rd for $80 each. And get to the Strangekiss booth on Saturday for Nathan's signing.


Strangekiss Introduces Peet

peet colins
peet jpk

Strangekiss has unveiled several variants of the David Lanham designed Peet character. There is a small chance that some of the product samples and a few pieces for sale might arrive on time for San Diego Comic Con.

Shown above, in order, are the Peet Variants by Bryan Colins and Jon Paul Kaiser. Below, there are two more variant Peets...the first being by artist Sarah Miskelly Lunabee and the Peet Evil Variant from Jon Paul Kaiser...which will thankfully be a exclusive! All of these will be limited to runs of 100 pieces.

peet miskelly
peet jpk evil


SDCC10: Strangekiss Presents

strangekiss sdcc

What is Strangekiss Presents?

Over the past four years, Strangekiss has always striven to bring diversity to their booth at San Diego Comic Con. From David Lanham's Zog and Bill the Yeti to the jaw-breaking custom work of Leecifer, Reactor88, DrilONE to a "virtual signing" by MAD...Strangekiss has been on the cutting edge

So what about SDCC 2010? Strangekiss will be giving some love back to the artists, and - of course - staying high tech.

strangekiss mugo

Strangekiss Presents from the West Coast - MUGO from Feed the Beast, LLC. Mugo is an amazing Limited Edition Designer MP3 player that doubles as a USB Flash Drive. Series One includes artists Julie West, Yup, Shin Tanaka and Tougui.

strangekiss foox

Strangekiss Presents from the East Coast - The Pop Art Style of David FOOX. The artist who has created toys such as Organ Donors, his new Elemental Badgers Art Toy and a top secret iPhone application based on Organ Donors, David has been invited him to showcase his art at the booth.

Strangekiss Presents these Saturday Signings at Strangekiss Booth 4637

1PM - 2PM - Ritzy Perwinkle
3PM - 4PM -
Nathan Hamill (releasing tyrannoCECILrex resin)


There will also be special unannounced artists, street vandals and more stopping by throughout the event. Follow them on Twitter @strangekiss. following us, you will be automatically be entered in out SDCC Super Pack Giveaway.

SDCC10: Nathan Hamill Signing


Nathan Hamill will be signing at the Strangekiss booth (#4637) during San Diego Comic Con. The signing will take place on Saturday July 24th from 3PM until 4PM. Nathan will also have a small run (8 pieces) of 4" tall hand-painted tyrannoCECILrex resin figures. Released on Friday, July 23rd, each piece will include a mini-print and sell for $80.

Strangekiss – 50% Off Everything

strangekiss sale


Strangekiss is having a big sale. And when I say big...I mean 50% Off everything in stock! read that right - 50% off everything in stock!

Why? Because they are consolidating warehouse space for production only! Note that not all sizes are sold out in apparel, so take a peek.

**Please look at the webpage at There will be one of a kind items and rarities listed here as they find them...discounts wont apply
in this section.

Strangekiss Super Sale – 40% off Everything

strange ollie


Strangekiss is having a super spring cleaning warehouse BLOW OUT!. SAVE 40% PLUS ON EVERYTHING!!!

Want a Bart Simpson Qee for $40.00? They found quite a few in the warehouse. These are ultra rare. Email Strangekiss if you're interested. YES! Even the Mono version of Ollie is on sale. Tweet and Rock on!