Ollie the Twitterrific Bird – Mono Vintage Version

Today (Friday March 26th, 2010) at Noon PST (3PM EST), Strangekiss will be dropping the Ollie the Twitterrific Bird – Mono Vintage Version by David Lanham.The 4" tall rotocast vinyl … Read More

REVIEW: Ollie the Twitterrific Bird

Background With the rising popularity of Twitter, it seems that everyone is tweeting nowadays. You can stay in touch with friends, follow the every move of celebrities, get the latest … Read More

Ollie the Twitterrific Bird

Ollie, the Twitterrific mascot, is now shipping worldwide. The Ollie character (and the rotocast vinyl figure) were designed by David Lanham and produced by the Iconfactory through StrangeKiss Toys. The … Read More

Goodbye Dunnys!

Goodbye Dunnys! Open Box Dunnys are History! The Strangekiss staff has just finished counting all the inventory for open blind box Dunny’s. Kidrobot has instructed retailers to seal up open … Read More

Ollie Prototype Auction

If you know Twitterrific, you know Ollie, the sweetest bluebird around for those who like to tweet. If you’re a fan, the one-of-a kind set of vinyl prototypes for the Ollie … Read More

Bill the Yeti…Now Available

If you didn’t make it to Comic Con, you’re in luck! Strangekiss just released all three of their Bill the Yeti designer toys. Designed by David Lanham, this rotocast vinyl features removable fabric clothing. Bill is available in three different…

SDCC 2009: Strangekiss

One of my favorite new vinyl pieces at SDCC would have the be BIll the Yeti from Strangekiss and designed by David Lanham. It’s tough picking a favorite out of the three designs (MAD, Lanham and Kozik). Also on display…

Strangekiss SDCC Exclusives by Kozik, Lanham and MAD

Strangekiss has dropped news of a number of their SDCC releases. Bill the Yeti (created by David Lanham and produced by Strangekiss)is about 8″ in height and weighs over one pound. He has authentic clothing from the hat, overalls, shirt…

Big Sale @ Strangekiss

Big sale going on over @ Strangekiss.. Wheee! 30% off TODAY (Monday) starting now until Tuesday when the discount will go to 20%, then the next day 10% then all will be quiet. Why??? Simply, they are clearing warehouse space…

Strangekiss Production ’09 – Part 2

We’ve already shown you three of the five product lines that Strangekiss has slated for 2009. So for you non math geeks…or those who didn’t pass second grade…that leaves two lines left. The Anarchy Troopers by Frank Kozik are a…

Strangekiss Production ’09

Strangekiss has announced several of their upcoming projects, which they are planning to have ready near or by San Diego Comic Con. We’ll be presenting 3 of them today and the other 2 tomorrow. The Fetch – Peet and Barnaby…

REVIEW: Zog Murder Edition

Background Strangekiss and artist David Lanham chose one artist to work his magic on their Zog vinyl figure – Frank Kozik. The Zog Murder Edition uses Kozik’s bloody Redrum color scheme on the previously cute character. The rotocast vinyl figure…