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Big Sale @ Strangekiss


Big sale going on over @ Strangekiss..

Wheee! 30% off TODAY (Monday) starting now until Tuesday when the discount will go to 20%, then the next day 10% then all will be quiet.

Why??? Simply, they are clearing warehouse space for incoming art toys and exclusives for SDCC 2009. Strangekiss and some BIG NAME artists will drop at SDCC.

"But for now enjoy the sale as it will be gone quickly."

Prices on the description don't have sale prices, but the discount is added on when you add it to the cart. 🙂


Strangekiss Production ’09 – Part 2

We've already shown you three of the five product lines that Strangekiss has slated for 2009.  So for you non math geeks...or those who didn't pass second grade...that leaves two lines left.

The Anarchy Troopers by Frank Kozik are a line of small - and smaller - figures based on the Marshmello Troopers design by David Lanham.


The Suicidal Bunnies - Five Pack is by Strangekiss and designer Martin Laksman.  There are plans for special guest artist variants for exclusive colorways.


Strangekiss Production ’09

Strangekiss has announced several of their upcoming projects, which they are planning to have ready near or by San Diego Comic Con.  We'll be presenting 3 of them today and the other 2 tomorrow.

The Fetch - Peet and Barnaby Set, pictured below, is designed by David Lanham (also designed Zog).  Look for special guest artists to be announced for exclusive colorways.


Also by David Lanham, Bill the Yeti looks like he'll be a figure with a removable outfit.  Special guest artists are also planned for this figure.  Obviously, I'm looking forward to this one!


Maxswell - The Bubble Monster is the third design from David Lanham and Strangekiss.  Special guest artists are also expected to produce exclusive variants for this piece.  I can't wait to see the texture of this figure.


REVIEW: Zog Murder Edition



Strangekiss and artist David Lanham chose one artist to work his magic on their Zog vinyl figure – Frank Kozik.  The Zog Murder Edition uses Kozik’s bloody Redrum color scheme on the previously cute character.  The rotocast vinyl figure was first made available (in limited quantities) at San Diego Comic Con and has since been released.

This version is described as “the evil alter ego of the nice Zog”.  If you’re interesting in reading the background story of the character, you can check out our review of the Standard Zog.



The Standard Zog and the Murder Edition are packaged in different box designs.  While the inside packaging and window front are the same, the outer package has been designed by Frank Kozik.  Blood-splattered, the box does not have the Zog story (or much writing at all) on it.

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REVIEW: Zog (Standard Edition)



Zog is the first vinyl figure for both artist David Lanham and the toy’s producer – Strangekiss.  Currently, there are two versions available: the standard purple colorway and the Kozik variant.  Today, we’ll be looking at the standard Zog.

We’ve compiled an abbreviated version of the story behind the character:

Years ago, a nameless King was betrayed and cast from his land into the swamps.  In his absence, the kingdom grew poor and famine befell the villages.  People became desperate and turned to their pets as food.  The frightened creatures fled from the villages to the swamps, crying for help since they had never been and knew nothing of survival.  They stumbled upon the old King.  In thanks they named him "Zog," and he called them his "Marshmello troops." Since then, the new friends have left the swamp together to explore the forgotten world.



The large rectangular box that encases Zog features a plastic window panel on the front and the story of the character printed on the rear.  There are several drawings of Zog on the sides and bottom of the box.

Inside, the figure is packaged in a bag and then has foam material protecting the sides, back and top of the piece.  Also, the hands have plastic bags over them so there is no rubbing against the body during transport.  (No...they're not plastic mitten accessories)

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SDCC 2008: Strangekiss


Strangekiss had their first vinyl toy prominently on display.  David Lanham's Zog, as well a special Murder variant from Frank Kozik, are now available.  But since there are only a small amount of the overall run here, Strangekiss will be doing a raffle.  Others will be able to pick them up online once they arrive.


Also on display were the killer customs from Leecifer.  Is it me, or do they almost look powdery?  There were two giant male and female sperm (from Shane Geil) watching over the booth.  And you could pick up a number of Strangekiss exclusives, including the very cool Blue Ho Chi Minh Bust from Kozik.