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With the rising popularity of Twitter, it seems that everyone is tweeting nowadays. You can stay in touch with friends, follow the every move of celebrities, get the latest deals from companies, or stay updated with the latest news. And while some folks like using the web interface, other want a more personalized Twitter experience. 

One of the most popular Twitter clients is named Twitterrific. From the Greensboro, NC based Iconfactory, Twitterrific is a favorite of Mac, iPhone and iPod Touch users. And you've probably seen the mascot - Ollie - who was designed by artist David Lanham (Zog, Bill the Yeti). He's so popular that some folks mistake Ollie for the official Twitter mascot. 

Well, Iconfactory, David Lanham and Strangekiss have teamed up to turn Ollie the Twitterrific Bird into a rotocast vinyl figure. But, I'm sure you probably heard about that on Twitter, right?

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The Facts

Ollie the Twitterrific Bird
Manufacturer: Strangekiss and Iconfactory
Artist: David Lanham
Material: Rotocast vinyl (flocked variant)
Dimensions: 4” tall by 4.75" long
Points of Articulation: none
Edition Size: Limited Run - regular; 350 pieces - flocked

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Ollie comes packaged in a plastic window-front box between two snap plastic trays. The top and sides of the box feature illustrations of the Ollie character, while the back has a little information about the character and the Twitterrific client.

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Our Opinion

After attempting to write this review using only 140 characters, I decided that I might need a little more space. (That's a joke...you only get 140 characters per tweet...ahhh....nevermind) Out of the numerous Twitter clients out there, Twitterrific is one of the most recognizable. While it's only available for use on the Mac and iPhone, their version of the Twitter bird is often thought to be the official Twitter mascot. It's probably because Iconfactory's is the best looking take on the bird.

Many folks probably didn't know that David Lanham, who teamed up with Strangekiss to release the Zog and Bill the Yeti vinyl figures, is the artist behind Ollie the Twitterrific Bird (he's a part of the Iconfactory team). So this is his third vinyl figure project with Strangekiss. And while it's more of a licensed character, it's fun nonetheless.

Honestly, I see the Ollie figure primarily appealing to those who use Twitter. While those non-tweeters might pick one up because they find the character cute, it's a perfect toy for Twitter fanatics to place next to their computer. And all of those involved have made sure that the Ollie vinyl looks just like the illustrated Ollie.

There are a few spots on the beak where you can see some blue through the yellow. But it's actually done fairly well considering that there's a lot of sculpting work (jagged edges) around the beak. I actually like that there is no articulation in this figure. The only area where there could be articulation would be the legs...and it would be a pain getting them positioned probably so not to tip over.

Out of the two figures, I prefer the regular version. While there's a market for the flocked Ollie, I just like the simple and sleek look of the regular version better. There's a slight difference between the two versions - the tongue. The regular version has a red tongue, while the flocked is more of a maroon tongue.

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You can pick one up at the following:

Strangekiss: $19.95
Iconfactory: $26.95 (Flocked Exclusive)

Ollie the Twitterrific Bird Grades

Figure Quality: 8/10
  Sculpt: 9/10
  Paint: 8/10
Accessories/Outfit: N/A
Packaging: 7/10
Durability: 9/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 9/10 (8/10 - flocked)

Overall: 9.1/10

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