REVIEW: Bad Bad Kitty Monster

Background Patch Together, who has been known to release a resin figure or two, has teamed up with artist/designer ProjectBlue02. The figure, which is named Bad Bad Kitty Monster, is … Read More

REVIEW: Skulldog Plush

Background Patch Together is primarily known for producing resin figures from a community of designers and artists – some professionals, some amateurs. Recently, they’ve tried their hand at production plush … Read More

REVIEW: Tiny Horus

Background Artist Claire Hummel’s (Shoomlah) fascination with ancient Egypt and all related paraphernalia led to her designing and submitting the Tiny Horus character to Patch Together. Here’s how she sums … Read More

Monica in Earphones

Patch Together has revealed some painted up photos of their newest Wapsi Square resin figure. Called Monica in Earphones, this 6″ tall piece is currently in production. Also, it’s currently … Read More

NYCC10: Patch Together

Patch Together has made the trip to New York Comic Con, and they’ve brought artist VISEone with them. VISEone came all the way from Germany with a number of his … Read More

REVIEW: Wapsi Square – Tepoz

Background Here’s Wapsi Square’s tepoztecal, also known as Tepoz the Aztec God of Alcohol. He’s always ready for the party and he definitely brings his own booze as he can … Read More

REVIEW: Hell Resin Figure

Background Patch Together, the folks who turn user submitted designs into resin, vinyl or plush collectibles, has released a resin figure based on the artwork of Vaporotem (Rotem Moshkovitz). Named … Read More

Patch Together at New York Comic Con

Patch Together will be heading to New York Comic Con and setting up shop in booth #2464. They’ll be showing many of their products and prototypes, and there will be … Read More

New Foo Dog Toy Colorway

Miss Monster revealed that a new color version of her Foo Dog Toy (from Patch Together) will be produced in the near future. No word yet as to when this … Read More

Biting Pear Plush

You might remember that Patch Together released a resin figure based on the internet meme LOL WUT Pear. (It was actually one of our favorite pieces produced by the company) … Read More

Patch Together WIP Shots

Patch Together has posted up a couple of work-in-progress photos of two new resin figure sculpts that they are sure to release. Above, is Monica in earphones (from Wapsi Square) … Read More

REVIEW: Miss Mary Jane Resin

Background Paigey, otherwise known as Paige Pumphrey, submitted her Miss Mary Jane design to Patch Together with the hopes that she’d receive enough votes to get her character produced. Fans … Read More