REVIEW: Floxy Series 1

Background Patch Together recently released their first ever blind-box platform series. Floxy is a fox-like creature dreamt up by the artist who uses the moniker of Soma. His deisgn was … Read More

REVIEW: Green GID Mycena

Background Artist Mandy Draeger submitted her design concept for a little mushroom girl that would glow in the dark (either via and LED inside or GID resin) to Patch Together. … Read More

Vapore Macchina Insetto

Patch Together has put the Vapore Macchina Insetto resin figure up for pre-order. Designed by Polysoup (Lori Zawada), you can currently pre-order this 3″ tall piece for $49.95. Look for … Read More

The Purring Gryphon

Patch Together has released details of The Purring Gryphon resin figure designed by FeatherOfLead (Melissa Sumby). Available in three different colorways (Frost, Shadow and Flame), the 6″ tall piece is … Read More

Three Little Pigs Totem Pole

Patch Together and artist Pigeonbox (Samantha Newman) has put a new twist on the age old tale of The Three Little Pigs. The Three Little Pigs Totem Pole is currently … Read More

Floxy the Fox Wave 1

This past Monday, Patch Together released Wave 1 of their new Floxy the Fox blindbox series. The platform was designed by SOMA and includes 9 different designs (including one chase). … Read More

VISEone + Think-Pink-Celle

VISEone designed the logo character for Germany-based designer toy shop – “Think-Pink-Celle”. And now they’ve teamed up to release limited edition runs of a 5.5″ resin figure. The original 5.5″ … Read More

Shortpacked: Robin DeSanto

Patch Together has placed the third figure from the web-comic Shortpacked! up for pre-order. The 7″ tall Robin DeSanto resin piece is currently available for a pre-order price of $34.95.

REVIEW: Shortpacked! – Mike Warner

Background Patch Together and artist David Willis have been teaming up to produce resin statuettes based on the various characters from David’s webcomic – Shortpacked! We first saw Amber O’Malley … Read More

Dark Dargon Child

You can now pre-order the Dark Dargon Child plush line from Patch Together. Designed by Thaz (Christopher Schmid), the plush is available in four different colorways: Fire/Red, Water/Blue, Earth/Green and … Read More

Felix: Volcanic Fenra Sculpt

Patch Together has posted some work in progress shots for the Felix: Volcanic Fenra resin figure. This was designed by an artist named Fenra and is currently available for pre-order … Read More

REVIEW: Acacia “Bud” Budur

Background To date, Patch Together has brought six of Paul Taylor’s Wapsi Square characters to collectible reality. If you’re not familiar with Wapsi Square, it’s Taylor’s webcomic series that revolves … Read More