The Chumbuddy 3

Patch Together is apparently taking pre-orders for a pair of new Chumbuddy sleeping bags. The Chumbuddy 3 Adult Edition features a removable dorsal fin, which can be used as a pillow, and a reusable vacuum bags for easy storage. It'll retail for $200.00. Also,...

Chumbuddy 2

Patch Together is accepting pre-orders for their Chumbuddy 2. This is the new version of the shark sleeping bag (apparently enhanced from the first version). This 7 foot long plush will cost $199.95. It's slated to begin shipping in January or February of 2012.

Faux Bronze S.J Bust

Patch Together has posted their Faux Bronze S.J Bust up for pre-order. This 3.5" tall resin figure is obviously based on Apple founder Steve Jobs. (I'm guessing there could be some issues with them using the name Steve Jobs) This piece is estimated to begin shipping...

Bonsai Dragon Sculpt

Patch Together has posted some photos of the Bonsai Dragon figure that's currently available for pre-order ($69.99). From designer Polysoup, this will measure 10" in height and be made out of resin. Just from these sculpt shots, it looks like the Bonsai Dragon might...

Bonsai Dragon from Patch Together

Patch Together has placed the Bonsai Dragon resin figure, designed by Polysoup (Lori Zawada), up for pre-order. It's a 10" tall Bonsai tree that doesn't need any watering or trimming...and has a dragon face. You can currently pre-order one for $69.99.

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