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The Chumbuddy 3

Patch Together Chumbuddy

Patch Together is apparently taking pre-orders for a pair of new Chumbuddy sleeping bags. The Chumbuddy 3 Adult Edition features a removable dorsal fin, which can be used as a pillow, and a reusable vacuum bags for easy storage. It'll retail for $200.00.

Patch Together Chumbuddy Jr

Also, you can pretend that your little one has been eaten by a shark with the Chumbuddy 3 Kids Edition. It's slightly smaller with a slightly smaller price tag ($100.00).

For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

Chumbuddy 2

patch together chumbuddy2 1

Patch Together is accepting pre-orders for their Chumbuddy 2. This is the new version of the shark sleeping bag (apparently enhanced from the first version). This 7 foot long plush will cost $199.95. It's slated to begin shipping in January or February of 2012.

patch together chumbuddy2 2

Faux Bronze S.J Bust

patch together sj bust 1

Patch Together has posted their Faux Bronze S.J Bust up for pre-order. This 3.5" tall resin figure is obviously based on Apple founder Steve Jobs. (I'm guessing there could be some issues with them using the name Steve Jobs)

This piece is estimated to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2012. The pre-order price is $49.95 (regular price of $59.95).

patch together sj bust 2
patch together sj bust 3

Bonsai Dragon Sculpt

pt bonsai dragon 1

Patch Together has posted some photos of the Bonsai Dragon figure that's currently available for pre-order ($69.99). From designer Polysoup, this will measure 10" in height and be made out of resin. Just from these sculpt shots, it looks like the Bonsai Dragon might be the most complex figure from Patch Together.

pt bonsai dragon 2

Bonsai Dragon from Patch Together

patch together bonsai dragon

Patch Together has placed the Bonsai Dragon resin figure, designed by Polysoup (Lori Zawada), up for pre-order. It's a 10" tall Bonsai tree that doesn't need any watering or trimming...and has a dragon face. You can currently pre-order one for $69.99.

Design a Children’s Toy for Patch Together

pt challenge

Patch Together has announced that this month's PT Challenge is Design a Children's Toy. Help to design a toy that any kid would love to play with. The winner will get a Chumbuddy plus 5% royalty of your design. The contest ends on June 30th 2011.

The Floxy Plush

pt floxy plush 1

Patch Together will be releasing their first blind box vinyl character - Floxy - in a much larger plush form. Designed by Soma, the 8" tall plush is currently available for pre-order. You'll save $3.00 off of the regular price ($15.00) if you pre-order the piece. The plush is the original version of Floxy...the orange fox-looking character.

pt floxy plush 2

One Creepy Undead Zombie Catcus

pt zombie cactus 1

Patch Together has posted pre-order details for their Zombie Cactus! resin figure. This 5" tall piece is designed by PT member evil-santa (Josh Lee). It's available for a pre-order price of $29.95 (regularly $35.00).

Here are details about the design

Looking for an indoor plant and leafy companion? Look no further than the Zombie Cactus! As a low maintenance alternative, the Zombie Cactus survives on fewer brains than most zombie household plants whilst providing vivid color and soft atmospheric groans to any indoor space. The Zombie Cactus is grown in a thrice-fired ceramic pot, complete with brain motif and is delivered directly to your door.

pt zombie cactus 2

Zombear Plush

pt zombear 1

Patch Together is taking pre-orders for their Zombear plush. The design was submitted by Patch Together member Fenra. The 9" tall plush sells for $25.00, but is available for a pre-order price of $20.00.

Here's a description from the artist:

You thought he was gone... thought he was "missing". Sold in that garage sale... lost in the attic? You were wrong. Dead Wrong. Zombear; Back From The Dead. Couldn't resist with this theme. Not sure what people might want to see him as, a plush or a figure. I thought he might be cute either way

pt zombear 3
pt zombear 2

Werewolf Black Colorway

pt werewolf 1

If you missed out on the first Werewolf figure from Patch Together and Miss Monster, they've made the Werewolf Black Colorway available for pre-order. It appears that this 8" tall resin piece uses the same base as the previous version. You can pre-order it for $49.95.

pt werewolf 2