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Calling All Cars! Wave 2


Jack Hankins from Horrorwood has released Wave 2 of his Calling All Cars! papercraft series. This wave includes designs from five different artists. Those designs include: Carro Loco (Machintoy), Ron Deer (TheDayDreamKid), Rad Rodney (Macula), Sea Critter (Matthew Gilpin) and Calling All Squids (Collin David). They're all available to download for free via the above link.

Krang Paper Foldable


Was there a child in the 80's who didn't love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? I would rush home to watch the cartoon on TV. The first movie I saw without parents was the first TMNT. And I had a huge collection of the toys. Well, Bryan from Paper Foldables shares that passion. And he's created a free, downloadable Krang template so you can assemble everyone's favorite evil brain.

Bryan describes this project below:

I am a HUGE fan of Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles. I have all the ol' skool toons on DVD and other stuff
I'm probably too old for, but whatevs. I love it. I've been wanting to
make a KRANG foldable for some time now, so finally sat down for 3
straight days to make him! What better time to make it, this year being
the 25th anniversary of TMNT!
This complete Paper Foldable comes in several parts. I designed it so
the top half and bottom half of the android body can come apart. I was
watching an episode of Turtles and they showed Foot soldiers putting
the body together like this. Then of course you got cute li'l Krang who
fits snuggly into the belly of the android body.


Paper Totem: Collect + Build + Stack


Paper Totem, a project from artist Dolly Oblong, brings together a selected group of designers from around the world to "carve" their own paper custom. Together, they will combine to create one giant paper totem. These will be available for free download at for people to collect + build + stack. The project has kicked off with 3 customs (pictured below) made by Shin Tanaka, and they're currently available for download.


Hipster Grifter Paper Foldable


Bryan from Paper Foldables has posted up his newest downloadable papercraft figure. Here's his explanation:

There is a local fugitive "celebrity" here in Brooklyn called the "Hipster Grifter". You can read all about it here. I made a Paper Foldable of her that will be available on the
website. There's a bunch of pics floating around of her that I used for
reference, including some boobie pics, so of course I had to design
this so the dress comes off and you can see some boobz.

Ahh...nothing like paper nudity. This is the first in a line of local Williamsburg celebrities that Paper Foldables will be doing for the site.

Calling All Cars! Wave 1


Jack Hankins of Horrorwood Hills has released his Calling All Cars! Wave 1. All five designs are currently available for download (and absolutely free of charge).  This wave is made up of artwork from the following artists: Matt Hawkins, Jerom, Matthijs Kamstra aka [mck], Jonathan Greenwell aka Jonny Chiba and Dolly Oblong.

Shin Tanaka x Little 9: The Movie


Papercraft artist Shin Tanaka has designed this fun paper toy to promote Little 9: The Movie, which will be coming out this summer on DVD. There's no info on where or how you will be able to get your hands on this design, but I'm guessing there should be a .pdf file available at some point.

Urban Paper Book Launch and Art Show


Urban Paper is finally here. And to celebrate, they are throwing a launch
party and papertoy show at Mobius in LA's Koreatown on May 2nd (starting at 7PM).
Christopher Bonnette, Nicebunny, and Matt Hawkins will be on hand to
sign books and meet everyone. The show will include original hand built
papertoys, paper art and prints from many of the Urban Paper
contributors including Shin Tanaka, Kenn Munk, Sjors Trimbach, Matt
Hawkins and many more.

The Urban Paper book features 26 papertoys from the top international
papertoy designers of the day as well as interviews with each artist, a
how to section and a bonus DVD rom full of templates videos and fun. So
if your in the LA area come out and snag a brand spanking new copy of
Urban Paper and help them celebrate.

Mad Monk Paper Foldable


Bryan from Paper Foldables has added the fifth character to his Kid Niki enemy lineup - Mad Monk.

I designed this Paper Foldable in 02
parts. His head can slip off to reveal his skull. In the game, if Kid
Niki can manage to dodge Mad Monk's insults and curses, Mad Monk turns
into a skeleton once defeated! Atta boy!

Horned Witch Paper Foldable


Bryan of Paper Foldables fame has released the Level 03 boss - Horned Witch - from his Kid Niki collection of enemy foldables. Here's what he has to say about this character:

went through several redesigns on this one. I wanted to have the Horned
Witch act as a compartment for the little boogies, so you can take her
hat thing off and store them inside of her, but structure got a little
flimsy. You can also see in some of the rough sketches how I played
with several different shapes for the witch. I had to constantly tweak
a lot of little things in the template file."


Spike Paper Foldable


Paper Foldables has posted the Level 02 boss from their
series of Kid Niki characters. Spike is "like some weird
concrete skeleton guy who hangs out in a graveyard. He'll come at you
with a ball and chain that you have to jump over and then hit him in
the back (UGH!). He will also toss a throwing star at you.
" You can now download hi for free via the above linked site.