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Hipster Foldable – Kyp Malone


Bryan from Paper Foldables - in conjunction with the Free Williamsburg website - has revealed the second hipster foldable - Hyp Kyp Malone (the guy from TV on
the Radio
). You can download the template from the above links and queue up Dear Science.

Here's what the artist has to say about the project:

hipster beard, afro, and vintage wardrobe makes Kyp a shoe-in for Paper
Foldable immortalization! I always like to try and make my foldables as
01 single template, but I had to separate the head from the rest of the
body for max afro goodness... this allows for a sort of bobble head
effect. Went thru several variations on the glasses, but finally opted
for the simple final version so it's easier for you to cut-out. I also
try and make these foldables simple enough for you to cut out, so you
don't hate me. Hyp Kyp stands just over 04 inches tall and is great for
fans of both hipsters and TV on the Radio.


Calling All Cars! Wave 3


Jack Hankins and Horrorwood have released Calling All Cars! Wave 3. This set of papercraft toys are currently available for free via the above link.  The designs are as follows:

Hot Rod Summer (Jason Harlan aka Harlancore)
California Hot Rod (Scott Schaller)
Oh Hey Ladies (DMC)
Burning Gasoline (Methuup da Funky One)
Sapo (Billy Toledo)

New Paper Totem! Designs


Dolly Oblong has posted several new Paper Totem! designs available for your downloading pleasure. The designs featured about are (left) Horrorwood's Lord of Thunder and (right) Chobopop's two owls and a bat. They're all free to'll just cost you paper, glue, ink and a little bit of time.



In celebration of World Environment Day, which took place last week, artist Jellyface released a trio of papercraft characters: CHLO, RO and PHYLL. These downloadable toys were created to show how important planting trees is. And the artist encourages you to use recycled paper.

Food Party Paper Foldables


Bryan from Paper Foldables has created a set of free downloadable paper creation for IFC's original series - Food Party. Here's what Bryan has to say about this project:

I just finished up a commission Paper
Foldable job for IFC channel's bizarre new show, "Food Party"! Had to
do a bunch of research for character reference and watch some videos...
totally weird and right up my ally! It's now programmed into my DVR.
The show premieres Tuesday June 09 at 11:15pm et/pt, so be sure to
check it out and make some foldables! Paper Foldables include the host,
Thu Tran, and her cooking buddies, "Italian Chef" and "Senior Baguette"!


Horrorwood x Speakerdog Paper Collab


Jack Hankins (Horrorwood) has joined forces with Ben the Illustrator (of Speakerdog fame) to produce two great papercraft toys. Jack ended up rescaling his “Paper Demon” toy so that it could ride atop a Speakerdog. The result is a two toy set: Jack's “Dog Rider” (representing the dark side) and Ben’s “Uke Troupe” (representing the light).

The templates are available for free download from each of the above sites. And Jack has also created some free wallpaper to celebrate the completion of the project.


The Handsome Family Foldable


The newest from Paper Foldables is the husband and wife band - The Handsome Family. You can download the template for free via the above link. And what's fun about this foldable is that they're actually attached, so you can push them together for a little smooching action.

Horrorwood x Nanibird Papercraft Collab‏


For the release of the Urban Paper book, Josh McKible
(of Nanibird fame) and Jack Hankins (from Horrorwood) decided to do a special collaboration. Jack came
up with the idea of scaling up his “Calling All Cars”
car so that it could accommodate one of Josh’s Nanibirds. The results are
these two exclusive designs that can be downloaded as a deluxe bumper

Jack's design is called “The Banana Bird”, for which he clothed a bird
(based on a real Banana Bird) in the same outfit as his original “Go Bananas” ape. Josh went with a reworking of the original base and created the futuristic “Space Racer”.

This is a dual release available for download on both of their sites.

TOKI TORI Paper Foldable


Bryan from Paper Foldables has posted his newest (free) downloadable paper toy - TOKI TORI. While I had no idea who this character was, Bryan's done a pretty good job describing his latest addiction:

Here's my Paper Foldable promoting the WiiWare game, TOKI TORI! Awesome puzzler video game... I downloaded it the other day and have been obsessed on it! Got pretty far into the game too, so I am feeling accomplished. I love the cute, simple game and character design which makes designing a Paper Foldable based on it a pleasure! The design is pretty simple with a couple of plug-in pieces (wings and beak). The beak took the most time... tried to figure out something more pointy and "beaky", but really wasn't quite working. I like the way this turned out.

Snake Eyes Artist Series 1


From Jack Hankins and Horrorwood comes the third series of Snake Eyes paper toys. This is the first artist series and features the work of Shin Tanaka (Archive), Thunder Panda (Rust and Block), Harlancore (Papernoise!), Tougui (Fat Bear) and Overcast (Subterfuge).