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Green Grub Paper Foldable


Bryan from Paper
is continuing his series of Kid Niki boss characters with the level 04 boss - Green Grub.

"I went thru several designs to get this
one the way I wanted it. In the game, when Kid Niki hits him with his
magical spinning sword, segments of Green Grub's body turn to skeleton.
I designed this Paper Foldable so you can break Green Grub's body apart
to reveal skeleton! After Kid Niki hits all of Green Grub's segments,
you then have to attack the head and then his skeleton explodes!"

And now you can download it, print it and play with it for free.

Death Breath Foldable


The newest project from Bryan of Paper Foldables is to recreate the bad guys from the old school NES game - Kid Niki.  The first character is the level 1 boss - Death Breath. You can download this figure from the Paper Foldables website for free.

Beat It!



Bryan from Paper Foldables has produced one of the most iconic pieces of outerwear ever to be shown on MTV. That's right! It's Michael Jackson's jacket from the Beat It video. It's free to download, print and fold up. And it'll make you want to stand around and watch a knife fight.

Calling All Cars!


In celebration of the launch of Matt Hawkins' book Urban Paper, which
will be released next month, Jack Hankins from Horrorwood has started a new customization project named Calling All Cars. He's currently
recruiting artists to customize the above featured Go Bananas paper toy that will be
featured in the book.
The project is open to everyone. You can download the template via the above link!

Paper Robots On The Attack!

Snake Eyes Series 2


Jack from Horrorwood has introduced Series 2 of his Snake Eyes papercraft series. This time around, he's made 5 different paper toys. Our favorite is the Generic Killer design. And they're all free to download and print.

Bossy Bear x Shin


If you're a fan of David Horvath's Bossy Bear character or Shin Tanaka's papercraft figures, you'll be super excited about the above piece.  It's free, downloadable...and just waiting for you to print out via Shin's website.

Snake Eyes Papercraft Series


Jack Hankins of Horrorwood sent us word of the release of the first series of new platform papercraft named Snake Eyes (a dice reference).  The
first series is entitled Finders Keepers and consists of designs made
from photos "found" on Flickr (under the Creative Commons license). The designs can be downloaded for free from a new mini site named Horrorwood Hills.

Sin Tanaka’s 4-in1 Robot


Scion, Asian and Asian-American pop culture magazine Giant Robot and
artist Shin Tanaka bring cut-out fun to all ages and paper toy
enthusiasts alike through special templates included in select Giant
Robot issues. 

Tanaka’s first template appeared in Giant Robot issue 56 which also
featured an interview with the artist himself.  The second template
followed in issue 57 which is out now, and the third will be featured
in issue 58 which hits streets on February 9, 2009.  Readers can cut
out the templates and fold them following the simple instructions to
make their own robots.  Readers who create all three figures can
assemble them to create Tanaka’s larger “4-in1 Robot” commissioned by

Millennium Falcon Papercraft


This might just be the king of all papercraft toys...the paper Millennium Falcon.  The design appears to be from a Japanese site, with instructions in English and Japanese.  We found it via the official Star Wars blog.  The pattern consists of 8 different printable pages and three different pages of instructions.  If anyone ends up assembling this, let us know how it turns out.