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Dark Lord and Steed


Jack from Horrorwood has submitted information about his newest papercraft character - Dark Lord and Steed.

I had intended to make my life a little easier by simply remixing my previous craft “Retro Demon“.
However Dark Lord turned into an almost complete redesign, and with the
addition of the horse ended up taking a lot more time than I expected.

You can now download it for free through his site.

Santa Foldable


Bryan from Paperfoldables has made his newest papercraft figure - a little paper Santa Claus - available for you to download.  So get in the holiday spirit.  I'm guessing you could turn this into an ornament if you like.

Fable II Foldables


The folks at Lionhead Studios released some paper foldables - produced by - specifically for their Fable II video game. Definitely cool if you enjoy the game, or if you just like cool paper crafts.

The Cannibal Paper Toy


Akumu Ink, a Montreal-based t-shirt company, will be including a limited edition paper toy with every hoodie purchased.  Limited to only 50 pieces, the paper toy is called The Cannibal and stays true to the company's Japanese fashion/horror style.

Paper Demon


Based on the Retro Demons illustration by Jack from Horrorwood, the Paper Demon is a mini papercraft diorama that takes two sheets of paper to produce.  You can download it for free here.  However, the printer ink and must pay for.


Stumpy by Tang Mu


O's Halloween?  Well, to celebrate the occasion, you could always go ahead and print out one of these free paper toys from Tang Mu.  You can download the Zombie Arm and the Boney Arm.

Bots and Papercraft


LouLou & Tummie have released several new (and free) downloadable paper toys in conjunction with Norton.  Each character represents a different "bot" that using Norton's programs can help to alleviate.  You can choose from the Spam Bot, DoS Bot, Identity Theft Bot and Extortion Bot. can just choose them all.

Lemi the Space Wanderer x Yeti


Check out the newest Lemi the Space Wanderer papertoy from Thunder Panda - Yeti Lemi from Tibet Highland.  You can download a free printable pattern via the above site link.  Also, below is a design from artist Brian Gubicza called Lemi Fresh.


Primo Spot Foldable


Bryan over at PaperFoldables created the above...well...paper foldable for Primo Spot. The face in the  little car is removable, so the person goes from sad to happy (when they find a primo parking spot).

The Zombiefie Six


The creepy, scary Halloween theme continues with a papercraft from Thunder PandaThe Zombiefie Six were made available to download and print and cut and tape on October 15th.  Get ready for some paper brain eating!