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Nathan Hamill’s Bellicose Bunny Wallet

Hamill Bellicose Bunny Wallet 1

Nathan Hamill has submitted one of his designs to Dynomighty's artist collective. The design comes from Nathan's Bellicose Bunny print from 2011 named Animalia.

For the project to work, Nathan needs 30 people in 30 days to pre-order the wallet for it to go into production. You wouldn't be charged until after the 30 day period, and the price for the wallet is $15.00.

Hamill Bellicose Bunny Wallet 2

Planet Bam Bam Charms

Planet Bam Bam

Planet Bam Bam produces blind bagged charms. The charms attach to Planet Bam Bam’s charm bracelets as well as zippers, backpacks and hoodies. They have three different styles: Cushtys, Paper-Cuts (pictured above), and Banditos. Look for the charms to retail around $3.99 each.

Art Pass Series Five

Lunartik Art Pass Series 5 2

Matt JOnes (Lunartik) has announced that Art Pass Series Five has been released. This series of Art Pass wallets includes a talented lineup of artists, including:

• Jim Woodring
• Matt JOnes aka Lunartik
• Simone Legno
• Jon Burgerman
• Sarah & Den
• Billy
• Pablo Ientile
• un-plugged
• Jeff Lamm

You can pick one up over at the Lunartik Shop for £2.99 (around $5).

Lunartik Art Pass Series 5 1

Zukie Graphitti by Miss Zukie

Zukie Outsmart

The Zukie Graphitti shirts by Miss Zukie (Alison Perez) and OutsmART Originals is now available for pre-order. Screen printed on ultra cotton and soft style tees for superior comfort, fit and construction, they are available for both men and women on Black or White t-shirts. You can pick one up for $20.00, and look for them to begin shipping around September 24th 2013.

The Mark Ultra Shop Update


The Mark Ultra Shop will be stocked with some new goodies tonight - Thursday August 15th 2013 - at 10PM ET.


There will be a pair of resin releases - the Emerald Green Intruder ($18.00) and the M.U.S.C.L.E. inspired U.L.T.R.A. Figures in flesh for $15.00 a set.

There will also be a new series of t-shirts and snapback hats - all running $20.00 each.

TMU shirt 2
TMU shirt 1

Button Lab Artist Series Blind Packs

Button Lab Blind Pack 1

Button Lab has announced a new series of pinback buttons featuring 13 established and emerging artists from the underground art and toy world. The "Button Lab Artist Series" button packs include limited edition art buttons that are blind bagged - 4 buttons (3 x 1", 1 x 1.25") to a pack.

Artists include:

Abe Lincoln Jr.
Alex Chiu
Jason Limon
Mike Egan
Nate Mitchell
Nathan Hamill
Nosego (note: only 1 design, but it's awesome!)
Renee French
Royce Bannon
Scott Tolleson

Button Lab Artist Series Button Packs are available now at the Button Lab Online Shop for $5.00 per blind pack.

Button Lab Blind Pack 2

Ghostly x Warby Parker

curtis sun ghostly grey angle

Since 1999, Ghostly International has built a community that's part art gallery, design house, clothing designer, technology innovator, music-publishing company, record label. Warby Parker, the designer eyeglass company, has collaborated with Ghotly to design the Curtis, a graphic pair of sunglasses named after Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis.

curtis sun ghostly grey side

In addition to the collection, there will be a free custom lens cloth for every case that was designed by artist Michael Cina.

curtis sun revolver black angle

Paul Shih’s iPhone 5 Cases

Paul Shih iPhone5 Cases 1

Paul Shih has released a series of iPhone 5 case designs. He collaborated with a mobile accessory company called COOP, and they feature designs based on some of Paul's toy characters: PANDARA, Sushi Kaiju, and Hollow Threat patterns.

Each iPhone5 case includes a screen protector, cleaning cloth, and can be purchased for $19.00.

Paul Shih iPhone5 Cases 2

Pretty Ugly Announces Custom Designed Footwear

Uglydolls The Art Venice OX

Another day, another Uglydoll licensing announcement. Pretty Ugly has partnered with The Ave Venice, a concept store that delivers unique and legendary footwear, to offer a selection of custom designed and printed Uglydoll Converse Chuck Taylors.

Uglydolls The Art Venice Ninja Batty Shogun
Uglydolls The Art Venice Ice Bat

The initial launch features four styles: OX, Ninja Batty Shogun, Ice-Bat, and the Uglyverse. The custom shoes will be available beginning today - May 15th 2013 - exclusively at The Ave Venice brick and mortar and their website.

Uglydolls The Art Venice Uglyverse

V-Day Boyfriend Badges

Birthday Badges V Day

Ashley J has released a special set of V-Day Boyfriend Badges. The set includes (from top left to bottom right): Drunk Make Outs, You've Accepted My Fetish, Breaking the Fart Barrier, My Pet Likes You, Met the Parents, and Moral Support While Puking. Each Badge is 1.25 inches and runs $1.50 each of $8.00 for the set of 6.

Use code THANKYOU10 at checkout for 10% off anything you like in the etsy shop.

Also, 100% of proceeds from the Video Game Tolerance badge are going toward Ashley's friend Billy's cancer treatment.