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Pop! Movies: Rudy

Rudy might not be the tallest or most talented football player, but that’s not going to stop this Pop! from playing for the Fighting Irish.

Funko has announced the Pop! Movies: Rudy collectible vinyl figure. From the 1993 football drama, featuring Sean Astin as the title character - Rudy Ruettiger, this is the figure you'll want to pick up for your friend who's the Notre Dame  fan.

And while the Rudy Pop! is not currently available to pre-order over at, searching for Rudy/Pop/Funko does pull up a Sean Astin from Stranger Things Pop!

Lord of the Rings – Pop! Movies and Pop! Keychains

Funko has announced several new additions to their Lord of the Rings license. The Pop! Movies: Lord of the Rings has added the likes of Legolas armed with his bow, Gimli with his ax, Boromir with his sword and horn of Gondor, the Dunharrow King - who is eager to fulfill his oath to Isildur and be rid of his curse, the Witch King of Angmar - leader of the Ringwraiths and scourge of Middle-earth, and Lady Galadriel - keeper of Nenya.

Also, look for a few exclusives, including the tempted Galadriel (Barnes & Noble) and Elrond (Hot Topic).

Also, the Pocket Pop! Keychain: Lord of the Rings series will include Frodo Baggins, Aragorn, an invisible Frodo Baggins, Gandalf,
Gollum, an invisible Gollum, Samwise Gamgee, SarumanPippin Took, Merry Brandybuck, a Ringwraith, and a Nazgul. The line is blind bagged, so best of luck getting the one you want.

Head on over to, where you can pre-order these figures plus pick up one of the already released Funko Lord of the Rings collectibles.

My Little Pizza from Kidrobot and The Tollesons

Kidrobot has announced their newest collaboration with artist Scott Tolleson. Pre-launched at Los Angeles Comic Con, the My Little Pizza figure is from Scott's daughters - Lyla and Piper Tolleson. Look for these to be available over at Kidrobot, apparently with an exclusive colorway (just check out below). 

Pop! Animation: Voltron Series

Funko has announced a new series of Pop! vinyl figures - the Pop! Animation: Voltron Series. You can defend the universe against the evil Galra Empire with a little help from the Defender of the Universe, Voltron - with a 6-inch tall Pop! The lineup features Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane - leader of the five Paladins of Voltron and Paladin of the Black Lion, Red Paladin Keith, Katie “Pidge Gunderson” Holt - the Green Paladin and pilot of the Green Lion, Hunk - the pilot of the Yellow Lion, Lance - the Blue Paladin, and Allura - Crown Princess of Altea and pilot and keeper of the Castle of Lions.

In addition, there will be some exclusives, including a glow in the dark Shiro (Hot Topic) and a metallic version 6-inch tall Voltron (Amazon).

You can currently pre-order these Voltron Pop! figures over at

“Deadless Halloween” – She Headless Horse Lottery

After making an appearance this Summer, the She Headless Horse (Deadless Halloween) is back and in limited numbers just for the Hallo-day. In a special seasonal online lottery, you can enter for your chance at purchasing one of these shimmering phantoms to haunt your own personal collection.

The She Headless Horse is an original design by Boon Velvet, produced in Japan by Grody Shogun (Lulubell Toys). The figure stands about 9.5 inches tall and can be transformed and displayed in her three different forms. It's een painted with a variety of paints including new vinyl paints with some of the best luster around by @kaiju_sommelier.

The lottery is open until Thursday November 1st 2018 by 8AM ET and winners will need to pay $160.00 plus shipping.

To enter, email the following to with “SHE HEADLESS HORSE (DEADLESS HALLOWEEN)” as the subject:

  • Your Full Name (in English please, no special characters!)
  • Your Shipping Address (must be a Paypal confirmed address)
  • Your Email
  • Your PayPal Email.

3A Toys – Transformers DLX Scale Series

3A Toys has announced the Transformers DLX Scale Collectible Figure Series. The seres will debut in December 2018, alongside the release of the new Transformers Bumblebee film. Each DLX Scale Collectible figure will feature intricately detailed sculpts, a high range of articulation, LED illuminated details, diecast metal parts, and the expert paint weathering that 3A is known for. They'll be a little smaller (Bumblebee is slated for 8 inches tall) and cost less.

“MIMI The Cannibal Girl” Candy Pink Edition (Pink GID Swirl)

Tomenosuke has announced the newest edition of their MIMI The Cannibal Girl based on the infamous scene from the 1980's horror flick - Cannibal Holocaust. The "MIMI The Cannibal Girl” Candy Pink Edition (Pink GID Swirl) is limited to a run of 50 pieces. There will be 30 pieces available as a 3DRetro Exclusive (sold to art toy fans throughout the world, excluding Asia). And the remaining 20 pieces will be sold to Japanese and Asian fans via Tomenosuke.

The Japanese sofubi figure, which stands 7.5 inches tall (11.5 inches tall with the spear) will be released on Halloween - October 31st 2018. It will retail for $160.00 or 17.500JPY - available via the above links.

Plaseebo “Moonlight SUM” Lottery

Plaseebo has announced that the “Moonlight SUM” lottery is currently open through Thursday November 1st 2018. This custom Plaseebo vinyl is produced by Planet-X. The piece measures 9 inches tall, has a switched color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries mounted in the base and red glass inset eyes, is custom painted with Monster Kolor sprays, and comes hand-signed by artist Bob Conge.

Lottery winners will receive a notification email by November 3rd 2018, with payment due by November 5th. It will be priced at $350.00 plus shipping ($20.00 for US or $50.00 for worldwide).

To enter lottery, please send the following to

  • Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Country
  • Telephone Number
  • PayPal Email Address
  • Instagram ID

Nendoroid Torbjörn: Classic Skin Edition

Good Smile Inc has announced that their latest Overwatch figure - the Nendoroid Torbjörn: Classic Skin Edition - is now available for pre-order. The tenth Nendoroid figure from the series, the Nendoroid Torbjörn is fully articulated and features a double-jointed neck joint, allowing for a wide variety of posing options. His Rivet Gun, Forge Hammer and an Armor Pack are all included allowing you to easily display him fighting with or against other heroes. The figure, currently available to pre-order, will be released in March 2019 (the pre-order date ends December 5th 2018). It's priced at $59.99.

Fortnite 5 Star, Pint Size Heroes, Vynl., Pocket Pop! and Pop!

Funko has announced a whole bunch of Fortnite figures - Fortnite 5 Star, Pint Size Heroes, Vynl., Pocket Pop! and Pop!

Fortnite 5 Star
The lineup includes: Omega in full battle armor, Zoey with bandages, Moonwalker with Slurp Juice, Love Ranger armed with an Impulse Grenade, and Tomato Head with a Chug Jug.

Fortnite Pint Size Heroes
These two-packs make excellent teams on and off the battlefield: Pathfinder/Highrise Assault TrooperRanger/Zoey, Funk Ops/Tomato Head, Omega/Valor, Raptor/Elite Agent, Black Knight/Red KnightRex/Tricera Ops, Cuddle Team Leader/Ghoul Trooper, and Moonwalker/Burnout.

Fortnite Vynl.
Cuddle Team Leader and Love Ranger are a Vynl. duo like no other, fooling enemies with their cuddly personas while helping your team to victory. Rex and Tricera Ops have evolved to handle anything the battle can throw at them.

Fortnite Pocket Pop!
The Pocket Pop! keychain series includes Dark Voyager, Moonwalker, Highrise Assault TrooperTower Recon Specialist, Skull Trooper, Black Knight, Omega in full armor, Raptor, Brite Bomber, and Rex are ready to squad up.

Fortnite Pop!
Finally, you can increase your squad with Pop!s celebrating some of Fortnite’s most epic skins. Rex and Dark Voyager are ready for action,
and no enemy combatant will remain unscathed.

Pre-order these, or pick up some of the already released Funko Fortnite figures, over at