After making an appearance this Summer, the She Headless Horse (Deadless Halloween) is back and in limited numbers just for the Hallo-day. In a special seasonal online lottery, you can enter for your chance at purchasing one of these shimmering phantoms to haunt your own personal collection.

The She Headless Horse is an original design by Boon Velvet, produced in Japan by Grody Shogun (Lulubell Toys). The figure stands about 9.5 inches tall and can be transformed and displayed in her three different forms. It's een painted with a variety of paints including new vinyl paints with some of the best luster around by @kaiju_sommelier.

The lottery is open until Thursday November 1st 2018 by 8AM ET and winners will need to pay $160.00 plus shipping.

To enter, email the following to with “SHE HEADLESS HORSE (DEADLESS HALLOWEEN)” as the subject:

  • Your Full Name (in English please, no special characters!)
  • Your Shipping Address (must be a Paypal confirmed address)
  • Your Email
  • Your PayPal Email.

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