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Monstermatic App – Design and 3D Print


We reported on the Monstermatic app back during its run on Kickstarter, and now the app that connects your creations with the world of 3D printing is available.

Monstermatic is a free app that inspires kids of all ages to engage in creative play. It provides a quick, fun and easy way to design monsters and unleash them into the world through 3D printing technology.

The app, now available via the Apple App Store, lets you interact with 10 animated monsters, each with a unique personality and swappable parts. The app allows you to take pictures using Augmented Reality Technology, draw on your monster, and share your creations through social media.

Then, you can send your creation to 3D printing and receive your figurine by mail a few days later. And it's only $25.95.


Polar Bear Cavey

Cavey Polar Bears

The Polar Bear Cavey duo will be released on Monday February 3rd 2014 at 8PM London Time (3PM ET) over at the Cavey Shop. The handmade plush features white soft polar fleece and is embellished with a hand-cut teddy bear muzzle. The (plush) Polar Bear Cavey is limited to 100 numbered pieces and will run £16.00 (around $27).

The Polar Bear Vinyl Cavey is hand-finished with a tiny hand-cut and embellished felt muzzle. He is limited to 20 numbered pieces and will sell for £15.00 (around $25).

Mark Gmehling x Creo Design – Unplugged

Unplugged 2

Mark Gmehling and Creo Design have collaborated on a new project called Unplugged. Creo Design was tasked with transforming Mark's 2D digital print of the Unplugged into a 25cm (almost 10") tall solid resin statue.

Creo created a limited edition run of 10 pieces that can now be ordered by emailing your note of interest to They will run you 600 euros not including shipping (around $813 plus shipping).

Unplugged 1

Love Gibblegumps

taylored curiosities gibblegump

Gibblegumps are quite soppy creatures and they love celebrating Valentines day with the one they love. Adult Gibblegumps spend a lot of their spare time searching for the right life partner and when they find them, it's celebrations all around.

Taylored Curiosities has released the Love Gibblegumps. Each set includes two creatures, one taller than the other (around 1" tall), and a love heart that has a secret word on the back to bring you luck, love or wealth in your life.

While Gibblegumps are usually orange, there's also a rare green one. Every 5th set of Love Gibblegumps will be the rare, green variety and have a pink heart rather than a purple one.

Each set comes in a clear, keepsake bag with a header card. You can pick them up now for £15.00 per set (around $25).

MegaSeth: Love Monster Edition

Love Monster Megaseth 1

This Sunday, February 2nd 2014 at 6PM ET, Tenacious Toys will release a new exclusive version of Lisa Rae Hansen's MegaSeth: Love Monster edition.

The 6-inch tall resin MegaSeth is limited to 8 pieces and features Benny Kline's pit bull Love Monster on the front of his shirt. Each piece is priced at $60.00 and comes bagged with header card, mini print and a button.

Love Monster Megaseth 2

Kookie No Good Release

Kookie No Good

So what's with fortune cookies all of a sudden?

The Kookie No Good sofubi figure from Scott Tolleson and De Korner is dressed up in traditional colors to celebrate the coming of the Year of the Horse. It will be released on Chinese New Year's (Friday January 31st 2014) at 10AM PST. This version is limited to 20 pieces and will sell for $35.00 each.

Pop! Television: Teen Titans Go!

Funko Teen Titans

Funko has revealed photos of their Pop! Television: Teen Titans Go! series. The first five figures from the collection are the Teen Titans team: Starfire, Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg.

Toy Break Episode 294: Dinofest

Carlos East joins Ayleen and George for this week's episode of Toy Break. Episode 294: Dinofest features discussions on T-Con, Monster Factory, Pacific Rim, and much more.

Toxic Gusto

Gusto Toxic

Blurble has released the Toxic Gusto. Gusto was created by Blurble and this batch was painted up by Weird Luke. There are only 4 pieces available at priced at $60.00 each.

R.Crumb’s On the Crest of a Wave

R Crumb Crest of a Wave

The R.Crumb Site has announced a new etching edition - On the Crest of a Wave. The etching measures 14" x 13" with an Image size of approximately 9" x 7". Printed on archival Hahnemuhle paper, this edition of 50 pieces will sell for $350.00 each.

In 1990, Crumb drew this cartoon for the cover of Fantagraphic's The Complete Crumb Volume 6. The volume contained his work created on the crest of the wave, late 1969 and early 1970, just before the youth movement came crashing down. Crumb's talents as an editorial cartoonist are well displayed here, humorously summarizing his generation's youthful and naive expectation for a better world. Crumb recently told printer Alex Wood, "There were very few people who were aware the wave was going to crash when we were on the crest." And the cartoon depicts this: there are several terrified hippies who are aware of the impending confrontation with reality. Crumb reworked the illustration for this etching edition.