taylored curiosities gibblegump

Gibblegumps are quite soppy creatures and they love celebrating Valentines day with the one they love. Adult Gibblegumps spend a lot of their spare time searching for the right life partner and when they find them, it's celebrations all around.

Taylored Curiosities has released the Love Gibblegumps. Each set includes two creatures, one taller than the other (around 1" tall), and a love heart that has a secret word on the back to bring you luck, love or wealth in your life.

While Gibblegumps are usually orange, there's also a rare green one. Every 5th set of Love Gibblegumps will be the rare, green variety and have a pink heart rather than a purple one.

Each set comes in a clear, keepsake bag with a header card. You can pick them up now for £15.00 per set (around $25).

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