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REVIEW: Monsters University Cosbaby (S) Series

Monsters University Cosbaby 01


Monsters University is the 2013 prequel follow-up to the Disney•Pixar Monsters, Inc. Fans of the original film only had to wait 12 years to get their anticipated sequel, which has pulled in mostly high grades among film review aggregators. I like to think of the film as Revenge of the Nerds in the Disney•Pixar universe.

Hot Toys, which has the license to produce their Cosbaby line based on Monsters University, has released a 6-pack Monsters University Cosbaby (S) Series featuring the entirety of Oozma Kappa characters: Mike, Sulley, Squishy, Art, Terry & Terri, and Don.

Monsters University Cosbaby 04

The Facts

Monsters University Cosbaby (S) Series
Series: Cosbaby (S) Series
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Material: Plastic snap kits
Dimensions: Approximately 3” tall
Points of Articulation: From zero to five, depending on character
Designs: Mike Wazowski, James “Sulley” Sullivan, Scott “Squishy” Squibbles, Art, Terry & Terri Perry, and Don Carlton
Accessories: Mike’s lunchbox and bag
Pricing: $69.99 set ($11.99 each)

Monsters University Cosbaby 02
Monsters University Cosbaby 03


The series comes packaged in a long, rectangular plastic window front box. That window shows off all of the characters that you’ve just purchased in a long plastic tray. The back of the box features some great character artwork, that’s somewhere between the on-screen version and the Cosbaby figure.

Monsters University Cosbaby 09

Our Opinion

If you’re not yet familiar with it, Hot Toys’ Cosbaby line features Baby Cosplayers (Cosplay is short for “costume play”). They’re pretty much the only ones at Comic-Con who can get away with dressing up in costume. And while some of the series features little human kids dressed up in the costumes of the film characters they represent, the Monsters University Cosbaby line is made up of what looks like younger versions of the members of Oozma Kappa.

Monsters University Cosbaby 13

They chose to go with Mike Wazowski’s look as he first arrived on the Monsters University campus. Rather than the MU cap, they gave him an OK (Oozma Kappa) hat. And Hot Toys also went with an OK shirt for Sulley. From my recollection, I don’t remember him ever wearing such a shirt in the film. Another thing I found a little strange was that Art doesn’t have any arms…or they’re hidden somewhere in the leg sculpting.

Monsters University Cosbaby 17

My favorite figure in this series would have to be Don. I give it to Hot Toys, who had to make an old guy with male pattern baldness look like a baby, but they were able to pull it off.

Monsters University Cosbaby 21

The quality on the line is about average for this price point. While there are no glaring issues, I do see a few spots where paint overlaps. Also, you probably won’t want to let the kids play with some of these – mainly Mike and Sulley – since they have small ball joints.

The entire series is available as a set, or if you only dig one or two characters – you can purchase a few of them individually.

Monsters University Cosbaby 25

You can pick these up at the following:

Sideshow Collectibles: $69.99 set ($11.99 each)

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Monsters University Cosbaby 27

Mezco’s Stylized Chucky

Mezco Chucky Stylized

Mezco is going to give everyone's favorite undead kids' play toy a stylized overhaul. The star of five Child's Play films, the Stylized Chucky rotocast figure features 7 points of articulation and a knife accessory.

Currently available to pre-order for $21.00, the figure will begin shipping around August 2014.

Mikie Graham’s Billy the Automaton

The following comes to you straight from Mikie Graham, who has created one of the more complex customs we've come across:

For the past 5 years I have had the pleasure of helping to curate the Blamo Toys Custom Show, as well as being able to contribute a piece of my own to the event. This year being our 5th anniversary, I wanted to do something special, so I requested one of Blamo's 32" solid wood Mega Billy figures to work with.

Chopping my figure in half, I went to work hand carving out the interior of this massive wooden toy, a process that took nearly 3 days. Once I had created a hollow shell of the figure, I chopped out and mounted Billy's face pieces back onto the figure with brass hinges, allowing them to flap open and display the interior.

Mikie Graham Billy 1

Now came the hard part, creating a mechanism within the figure that would allow the user to change the interior scene with the pull of a chain. Two grueling weeks of trial and error later I had created what you see here, Billy the Automaton.

The concept is simple:

1: Pull down on the Life or Death charm hanging on the outside of the figure to determine Billys fate.
2: Pull the charm between Billys legs to view your choice within.
3: Pull the Hug charm on Billys head to close up the device and reset for next use.

Life vs Death at the pull of a chain, like magic!

Mikie Graham Billy 2

To create this illusion I used a rotating platform built within the mega Billy figure. This platform has two distinct sides. The LIFE side has a regluar 8" wooden Billy figure cut and mounted to it. The DEATH side has part of a real rabbit skeleton mounted to it.

Using precisely placed eye hooks and some strong brass chain, I was able to create a pulley system within the figure that would allow the user to operate Billy with the use of 2 external chains.

To light the interior scene a friend helped me mount two LED bulbs within the figure wired to a replaceable battery and a specially programed circuit that allows the the lights to illuminate only when Billys doors are opened, and to turn off and save battery power once the doors have been closed fully.

Mikie Graham Billy 3

The entire figure is mounted to a stable antique wooden base and can be easily opened for repair using the two latches on Billys back.

This was by far my most in-depth custom of the year (possibly ever) and it taught me a great deal, including a very deep respect for the old automaton makers who created much more complicated "robot's" then mine, hundreds of years before me and without the help of modern luxury like the hardware store.

If you're interested in Billy the Automaton, he is still available through Toy Art Gallery here for $2,500.00. The other 90+ custom Billy's will be up in TAG's Gallery through January 4th 2014.

Police-Machine from Patient No. 6

Patient No 6 Police Machine 1

From Patient No. 6:

Now Revolution in my country. Now people are fighting with injustice. The last straw was the iniquity of beating people 30.11.2013 ( This date is engraved on the helmet). I'm against all this!!! This toy is a protest against all this!!! This is my view on the machine that destroys my nation, and not just my - this machine is actual in all countries where there is injustice, and where there is a bold and honest people ready to fight with it.

The figure is named Police-Machine and stands in around 6-inches in height. It's available in two versions - the Police-Machine Grey for $86.00 (includes shipping) and the Police-Machine Full Colored for $96.00 (includes shipping).

Patient No 6 Police Machine 2
Patient No 6 Police Machine 3

Breaking Bad Bobbleheads

Mezco Jesse Bobblehead

Mezco has announced a pair of new 6-inch tall bobbleheads from their Breaking Bad license. Both the Jesse Pinkman and Saul Goodman bobbleheads are available to pre-order for $16.00. Look for them to be released in the summer of 2014.

Mezco Saul Bobblehead

Terminator Tuttz Mini Customs Series 2

Argonaut Terminators Series 2

Argonaut Resins has announced that Series 2 of the Terminator Tuttz Mini Customs collaboration with artist Leroy Wilkes of Kilroy's Attic has been released at the Argonaut Shop (linked above).

The edition size of this series is:

Clear Tint Outer Shell Tuttz - 6 pieces
Pearlescent Ghost-styled GID - 1 piece
Tuttz with Metal Cold Cast Skeletons - 4 pieces
X-ray-styled Beige Bone Colored Casting - 1 piece

Each Terminator Tuttz Mini custom comes with signed and numbered custom packaging and certificates of authenticity. They're available for $100.00 each.

Toy Break Episode 290: Big Ups!

Ben returns to Toy Break for Episode 290: Big Ups! George, Ayleen and Ben take a look at some big toys like Bossk, Batman, Dead Kozik, Dead Equine Super Set, and much more.


JMS BiteSize FullReveal1

Hot off the radioactive heels of the successful 8-Ball sofubi figure Kickstarter campaign, the Radioactive Uppercut is ready to unleash the 2nd figure in the Radioactive Rumblers monster toy line - the undead wolfman known as Bite-Size.

Bite-Size stands at 4” tall and features 3 points of articulation. It was sculpted by Jean St. Jean Studios and features the same size articulation joints as the 8-Ball figure.

Reveals for the first two colorway releases will be coming early next month, followed by a pre-order planned for late January or early February on the Radioactive Uppercut Storenvy Shop.

JMS BiteSize FullRevealGrid

Silver and Gold Alavaka

Alavaka Silver Gold

The Silver and Gold Alavaka is the final release of 2013 for the Devils Head Productions. The clear vinyl with black, silver and blue paint or black, gold and yellow paint is holding a holiday offering of jewels. There will only be 5 pieces, randomly packaged, for $60.00.

YO! Customs Charity Auction

POW Auction Fear and Loathing in Reyla
POW Auction Machete

Stan Lee and Pow! Entertainment have teamed with The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards to auction off some custom YO! figures for charity. Listed until Monday December 23rd 2013, each custom has a starting bid of $50.00. You can check out the auction page on eBay.