Patient No 6 Police Machine 1

From Patient No. 6:

Now Revolution in my country. Now people are fighting with injustice. The last straw was the iniquity of beating people 30.11.2013 ( This date is engraved on the helmet). I'm against all this!!! This toy is a protest against all this!!! This is my view on the machine that destroys my nation, and not just my - this machine is actual in all countries where there is injustice, and where there is a bold and honest people ready to fight with it.

The figure is named Police-Machine and stands in around 6-inches in height. It's available in two versions - the Police-Machine Grey for $86.00 (includes shipping) and the Police-Machine Full Colored for $96.00 (includes shipping).

Patient No 6 Police Machine 2 Patient No 6 Police Machine 3

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