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Ex Oblivione Kusogon – Release Tonight!

kuso glitter new year

Monster Worship is celebrating the New Year with an early morning toy release. The Ex Oblivione Kusogon (designed by beaK) is cast in virgin white vinyl and infused with silver flake. It stands approximately 4" tall and has 2 points of articulation.

Available at 12:21AM EST on January 1st 2012 in the Monster Worship store, you can purchase one for $35.00 each.

REVIEW: Stitch Santa and Gift Cosbaby

Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 01


Hot Toys, which has worked with several Disney licenses in the past, has released two Christmas themed Cosbaby sets (actually, one set and one individual figure) featuring Stitch from Disney's Lilo & Stitch films.

The Cosbaby line features film characters in child form. It's essentially a combination of the words “Cosplay” and “baby”. “Cosplay” is short for costume play. And baby just means a little case that was in doubt.

We'll be taking a closer look at the Santa Stitch and Gift Set, which includes two figures (Santa Stitch and Red Ribbon Gift Stitch), and the Green Ribbon Gift Stitch.

Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 13

The Facts

Stitch Santa and Gift Cosbaby
Series: Cosbaby
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Authorized Likeness: Disney's Stitch
Material: Injection molded plastic snap kits
Dimensions: Santa – 3” tall, Gift – 2.5” tall
Points of Articulation: 9 (neck, shoulders, wrists, legs, and feet)
Designs: Santa and Gift Set; Green Ribbon Gift Version
Pricing: $8.99 - $17.99

Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 02


The Santa and Gift Set is packaged in a plastic window-front box. It's shaped like a small gift box with a bow at the top. On the rear, there's a “To” space to label your gift.

Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 20

The Green Ribbon Gift packaging resembles the the aforementioned Stitch Cosbaby Set. It has a flap on the front, which is held on with a pair of Velcro tags. Underneath, there is a small plastic windowpane and a space to write a note to that lucky recipient.

Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 14

Our Opinion

The Stitch Santa and Gift Cosbaby Set includes a standing Santa Stitch and the seated Stitch (red ribbon) with a Christmas Tree in his right hand. The Green Ribbon version (sold separately) features a candy cane in Stitch's right hand.

Out of the two figure designs, I prefer the Santa Stitch. The Ribbon Stitch has downward pointing ears, which doesn't resemble most of the photos I have seen of Stitch (I'll admit that I've not seen the movie). Also, you need to position Ribbon Stitch's hands in front of him or else the figure doesn't sit correctly.

Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 05

But the one thing that bothers me the most about the Ribbon Stitch is the printing on the bottoms of his feet. I'm sure that Hot Toys uses the same feet for all of their Stitch Cosbaby figures, but when the figure is permanently get a primo view of the Hot Toys and Disney copyrights and a whole bunch of random numbers.

As far as sculpting and paint ops go, the Cosbaby line should not be confused with Hot Toys' 1/6th scale figures. Their 1/6th scale line is probably the best sculpted and intricately painted in the toy universe. The more affordable Cosbaby figures tend to compete with other mini figure lines.

Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 07

I think that both the sculpting and painting on the Stitch Cosbaby toys are average for mini figures. There are some visible seams, but the sculpts are fairly complex (they're made up of several different pieces) so that's to be expected. And I would have preferred the items (Christmas Tree and Candy Cane) not be attached to the hands.

I'm a sucker for fun designer toys that can make their way out of the self-appointed “man cave” and into the rest of the house. Being Christmas toys definitely allows you the ability to display these Cosbaby Stitch figures for a month or two during the year. And they're affordable (at less than $9 each). It's never too late to start your Christmas 2012 shopping...right?

Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 12

You can pick one up at the following:

Sideshow Collectibles:
Santa Stitch and Gift Set - $17.99
Green Ribbon Gift -

Stitch Xmas Cosbaby Grades
Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 21
Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 22
Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 03
Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 06
Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 08
Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 09
Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 10
Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 11
Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 15
Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 16
Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 17
Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 18
Stitch Xmas Cosbaby 19

Uglydoll iPhone Cases

Uglydoll iPhone Cases 2

If you ended up getting a shiny new iPhone for the holidays, you might just have a need for a case. The folks from Uglydolls and Uncommon have teamed up to release eight different Uglydoll iPhone Cases.

You can choose from Babo's Cookies, Flying Ice-Bat, Ice-Bat, Uglydoll, Uglydoll Kaiju, Uglyverse, Wage and Wage is Real. They range range from illustrations to photographs, with each iPhone case being available for $39.95.

Uglydoll iPhone Cases 1

CrappyCat Teaser

crappycat tease

TVM has posted up this teaser image of what appears to be some expanding of the CrappyCat line. It looks like this one uses the Flunk Monkey platform. Could it be a part of a CrappyCat Series 2? I guess we should find out in the near future.

Fuller Designs’ New Customs

Fuller Designs has completed work on four more customs. As you can see below, the artist describes each one of these amazing pieces.

Fuller Mumford

Mumford (8” Dunny)
This was a commission for a good friend of mine. It’s a bigger, dirtier version of the small three inch dunny from my Monsteria I series. It was fun to make him on a bigger scale. The details are so much easier.

Fuller Cyborg Spawn

Cyborg Spawn (Chuckboy 3” Dunny)
This was a commission. Spawn is my favorite character so when he asked for this I was inspired. I hope I did him justice. It was fun to put ole Spawny in a different light.

Fuller Night Crawler

Night Crawler (8” Dunny)
I have never made a Night Crawler custom before… and have always wanted to. So I made him one of my store items this week. He has a custom tail and hooded cape so he can hide himself from the world when he wants too. This item is for sale on my store if you wish to take him home.

Fuller Book Covers

Book Covers (KR Extra Bears)
My thoughts behind this piece are to never judge a book by its cover. The cute lil girl bear with the pink bow and balloon is really a psycho killer. Hiding her bloody knife behind her, she lures in unsuspecting bachelors. And the mean looking boy bear is really a good boy who wants nothing more than to be her friend, carrying a box of chocolates and a rose as a gift for friendship. Hence… never judge a book by its cover. This item is on my store if you wish to take them home.

The Sucklord’s Microsexuals Suckpegs

suckadelic microsexuals suckpegs

The Sucklord has released a series of four Microsexuals Suckpegs. Yes...the brilliantly comedic Microsexuals hop off of your computer screen and into Suckpeg form. Stevan, Levar, Lance and Julian come packaged individually, carded and such. If you're interested in purchasing one of these finely crafted resin pieces, head over to the Suckstore and drop $60.00 for each character.

suckadelic microsexuals stevan
suckadelic microsexuals levar
suckadelic microsexuals lance
suckadelic microsexuals julian

Toy Break Episode 197: Spacemas!

Scott Tolleson returns to the Toy Break couch for Episode 197: Spacemas! For this week's show, George, Ayleen and Scott are taking a closer look at Toy Boarders, Thor, Holiday Yoda, and much more.

QiQi Teaser Number Two

qiqi teaser

Scottish designer art toy producer Creo Design is proud to present a new QiQi teaser poster for fans to drool over. It appears that they are, little by little, going to reveal the entire figure.

The 3" tall QiQi, created by Singapore based artist ZIQI, will come in three colorways: Original Red, Metallic Black and Metallic Red. This first series is slated to be released in Q1 of 2012.

Zukie Droids

zukie droids 1

Alison Perez has customized a trio of Android vinyl figures, which she calls "Zukie Droids". These customs include sculpey bits and are both airbrushed and hand painted. And each Zukie droid comes with his own "Unknown" small airbrush on Canvas. Both works are signed by the artist. Pick one up for $40.00 plus shipping.

zukie droids 2

Tomenosuke Exclusive Long Lost Sisters

tomenosuke esctoy

Erick Scarecrow is teasing an upcoming exclusive project that will land in the new year (2012...that is). ESC-Toy will be releasing this Tomenosuke Exclusive Long Lost Sisters resin figures...when, how much and what do the rest of them look like? I'm sure we'll find out soon.