Fuller Designs has completed work on four more customs. As you can see below, the artist describes each one of these amazing pieces.

Fuller Mumford

Mumford (8” Dunny)
This was a commission for a good friend of mine. It’s a bigger, dirtier version of the small three inch dunny from my Monsteria I series. It was fun to make him on a bigger scale. The details are so much easier.

Fuller Cyborg Spawn

Cyborg Spawn (Chuckboy 3” Dunny)
This was a commission. Spawn is my favorite character so when he asked for this I was inspired. I hope I did him justice. It was fun to put ole Spawny in a different light.

Fuller Night Crawler

Night Crawler (8” Dunny)
I have never made a Night Crawler custom before… and have always wanted to. So I made him one of my store items this week. He has a custom tail and hooded cape so he can hide himself from the world when he wants too. This item is for sale on my store if you wish to take him home.

Fuller Book Covers

Book Covers (KR Extra Bears)
My thoughts behind this piece are to never judge a book by its cover. The cute lil girl bear with the pink bow and balloon is really a psycho killer. Hiding her bloody knife behind her, she lures in unsuspecting bachelors. And the mean looking boy bear is really a good boy who wants nothing more than to be her friend, carrying a box of chocolates and a rose as a gift for friendship. Hence… never judge a book by its cover. This item is on my store if you wish to take them home.

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