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Jade Tuttz – 8PM

pandp jade tuttz

In just a few minutes (8PM EST), we'll be releasing the Plastic and Plush Exclusive Jade Tuttz through our online shop. The five unpainted figures will sell for $50 each, while the hand painted chase (painted by Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins) will sell for $60. Shipping will be $10 in the US and $20 international.

These are all unique - tinted slightly different - so be sure to look at the circled Tuttz in the shop photos...that's the one you're buying. (I think it's easier to tell the slight differences when looking at all 6 lined up next to each other)

Butter and Blood at GR2


Giant Robot will be presenting a new art show called Butter and Blood featuring new artwork from Marc Johns and Steven Weissman. The show will open on May 8th 2010 and will run through June 2nd 2010. The opening reception runs from 6:30PM until 10PM on May 8th

2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Rotobox Ganpla Series – Infinite Justice


Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica has released their latest piece from their Rotobox Ganpla Series. The Infinite Justice Celsius custom is the second figure from the series. This custom is actually a limited edition of 5 pieces that will go on sale directly from Rotobox.

justice poster

Real Fighting Greasebat

greasebat 2

Monster Worship has announced some of the details (and more importantly - photos) about Jeff Lamm's upcoming Real Fighting Greasebat soft vinyl figure. The 7" tall by 7" wide was sculpted by Walter Jacott aka Chauskoskis. And while these figures aren't of the finished product, which will be fully painted with multiple points of articulation, it gives a good idea of what the vinyl will look like. Look for more info as we approach the anticipated June 2010 release.

greasebat 1

Astral Series Muju Release

astral 9

The Astral Series will be available to buy exclusively in the Mujuworld shop on Saturday (May 1st 2010) beginning at 12PM GMT (7AM EST). Each Astral Muju Toy has been hand-cut & hand-sewn by Mrs Muju using recycled-fiber felt. 

In this series, there are 7 color characters retailing at £40 each (about $61). There are two bonus characters - all white and all black - that will sell for £50 each (about $77). Each plush will include a Muju Astral Power print.

astral group web

Bossy Mojito Custom

wuz bossy 1

Wuz One is showing off this new custom Bossy Bear piece for the upcoming Toy2R 15th Anniversary World Tour - Qeeology 2.5. Named Bossy Mojito, this custom figure is 100% hand-paintend using acrylics and markers.

wuz bossy 2

Monstrehero’s Victim #3


The guys from Monstrehero have announced the release of their newest Victim (Victim #3). These are hand cast and feature a removable slime shell and "all new grimace of pain and agony".

Miles D. (Victim #3), while racing at a track even(t) located a little too close to the nuclear power plant he was an unfortunate victim of a pollution monstre attack. Guess those sludgy bastards are faster than they look.

Monstrehero will be releasing the 7.5" tall (8" with slime) Victim #3 through their MonstreShop on Friday April 30th 2010 (that's today) at 12 Noon PST for $80 each. There's only one of each color, so you should act quickly.

monstrehero victim3

Kozik’s Dead Che Bust

Kozik che

Frank Kozik dropped this photo of his Dead Che Bust sculpt that will be released at San Diego Comic Con 2010. Like his Ludwig Van, this will first be released in an orange colorway. So start saving up your pennies now,'ll want to grab one of these.

Spiki Lee Custom Munny

spiki lee showcase

Mai Hiro has returned with another Spiki Lee Custom Munny. Further developing their Bruce Lee tribute series, this Munny custom is influenced by Bruce Lee's "Enter The Dragon" film...and hand painted in Nakanari style. There will only be two customs available for sale this Friday (April 30th 2010). Along with the "Enter The Dragon" customs, there will also be one "Game of Death" custom Munny available.

spiki lee

Cometdebris Customs


Koji Harmon has announced that - over the next week or so - various custom figures will begin popping up in the Cometdebris web shop. "Expect to find figures of all shapes and sizes, there's something for everyone."