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Whatsa Matter

whatsa matter

On Saturday May 15th, 2010, Le Merde will be opening their Whatsa Matter solo show at Super7 SF. Starting at 7PM PST, this show is sure to entertain. It's Le Merde's fourth solo show and - as one of our favorite artists - a must see.

Sock Kittens

kitbluefront original appears to be a site for "Furries". If you're into that...we're not here to judge you. But the artist who creates those suits also has released a number of handmade Sock Kittens through their webstore. Currently, there are three designs available - each one will run you $20.

kitsquarefront original

Qeeology 2.5 Student Edition

qeeology student

Toy2R USA has joined with Park Middle School of Lincoln, NE and invited sixty 8th Grade art students to submit their own custom 2.5" Qees to be displayed alongside the 70+ international professional artists customs being exhibited next weekend at the Qeeology 2.5 Exhibit. I'm interested in seeing how the art students' works look alongside some of the pro artists - since they'll probably be coming at these customs without much background of the designer toy scene.

Ninja of the Month: Dark Forest Ninja


Shawnimals is set to release the next (May) Ninja of the Month: Dark Forest Ninja. "The Dark Forest is filled with countless evil things, so Ninjas dare not venture into it. If they do, they may end up like the Dark Forest Ninja — a literal shadow of his former self, ensnared and consumed by the darkest of vines, thorns and branches, dripping of Dark Syrup."

Available on Wednesday May 5th, 2010 at 1PM CDT, this handmade 7" × 7" plush Ninja is limited to 100 pieces. Each plush includes "A horribly evil Dark Forest leaf", a character sticker and character button. And as with each Ninja of the Month, this Shawnimals will run you $30 each.


Andrew Bell’s Screamin’ Bird Print

poster screaminbird

The Poster Cause Project has made Andrew Bell's Screamin’ Bird print available for pre-order. This 18" x 24" screenprinted poster will not be available until May 10th, but you're able to pre-order it for $65 each (including shipping). This is a limited run of 50 prints, each one being signed and numbered by Andrew Bell. And 100% of the profits go to ACF/Action Against Hunger.

Hello, Brute Resin Minis

hello resinminis

Jon Knox of Hello, Brute has offered up this sneak peek at some of the mini resins that will be available through his shop. These will go up for sale today (Thursday April 28th 2010) at 12 noon PST. They’re all handmade and hand-painted in varying editions...ranging in price from $9 to $28 each.

Nakanari’s Custom Skitty Se Draft

nakanari bike 1

MaiHiro x urban1cycle x Velocity USA have teamed up on the one-of-a-kind custom Se Draft that features Nakanari's Skitty character. This project will be announced in the new and upcoming ' and 700C Magazine' in 2010. But you can check out these photos for a peek.

nakanari bike 2

Tokidoki + Sephora

tokidoki bellissima makeup bags

Sephora has announced a line of tokidoki beauty products - inspired by the work of Italian artist Simone Legno. Launching in May 2010, the line includes products for your eyes, lips, face, body, nails, among others. Unfortunately - as a guy - I really have no need for any of those things. But if you've ever walked past the tokidoki booth at SDCC, you'll notice a demographic trend that makes this the perfect pairing.

tokidoki kabuki brush

The Cyclopes

pt greek 1

This is one of the Greek Mythology inspired creations submitted to Patch Together for their current Creature Challenge (running until May 1st 2010). The Cyclopes - Arges, Brontes and Steropes - are designed by The Pixels (Kasia Piotrowska). If you want to get your design entered into the contest, you still have a few days left.

Art From The New World


Corey Helford Gallery in collaboration with Bristol's City Museum & Art Gallery present Art From The New World - A Big Brash Exhibition of the New American Art Scene. The show opens on Saturday May 15th 2010 at Bristol's City Museum & Art Gallery (running until August 22nd).

Art From The New World presents a diverse range of artists, spanning the spectrum from pop surreal and neo-figurative to street art in the exhibition. Virtually all of the works have been specifically created for the show and will infiltrate not only the exhibition gallery, but most of the ground floor of the museum. There will be a full program of events accompanying the exhibition and visitors will have the opportunity to buy a limited edition set of prints signed by the artists.