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Toy2R’s 15th Anniversary World Tour

qee flyer front flat
qee flyer back flat

Toy2R has announced the next stop on the 15th Anniversary World Tour – Rivet Gallery. Curated by Laura Kuenzil, the entire exhibit focuses on Toy2R’s 3.5″ Baby Qee line. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another cute show – these cuddly critters will amaze and bewilder you – plus it will be benefiting a good cause, The Ronald McDonald House.

The line-up of artists include: Adam Levene, Amanda L. Spayd, Amy Kollar Anderson, Andrew Bawidamann, Andy B. Clarkson, Angela Matteson, BetsO, Chas Ray Krider, Chris Ryniak, Clinton Reno, Dave Perillo, Jenna Colby, Joe Scarano, Johnny Yanok, Laine Bachman, Okkle, Sharon Bell, Tom Williams, Trenton McBeath, and Troy Stith.

The opening reception will be held on April 3rd, 2010 from 7PM until 10PM. The figures will remain on exhibit through April 28th. 25% of the sales proceeds from these Baby Qee figures will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

Rivet Gallery
1200 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

Red Jouwe at Wondercon


Designed by Marine Ramdhani, the Red Jouwe - by Kuso Vinyl x MyTummyToys x Plastic Culture - will be officially released at Wondercon (April 2-4, 2010) in San Francisco, CA. These 10" tall vinyl figures will be made available at the Kuso booth (Number 1343). It's limited to a run of 200 pieces, but only 20 pieces will be available at the show ($55 each).

Tytus MOTU Classics

motu tytus 1 will be releasing another new Masters of the Universe Classics figure on May 17, 2010. Tytus, the Heroic Giant Warlord, will tower over the other MOTU Classic figures. He stands in at 12" and will run twice the normal figure (these will be $40 each). Each Tytus figure will include removable armor and Warrior Smasher.

motu tytus 2

New Adoptees at Monster Workshop

The folks at Monster Workshop have added some fresh faces to their adoption store:


Udge measures 14.5" by 27.5" featuring dark fur with painted detailing and fully poseable/bendable arms.

Udge found found asleep inside a car wreck in a scrap yard early one morning. The owner of the yard noticed that Udge was badly wounded, we're guessing the result of a recent brawl with some unknown attacker. Luckily there was no life threatening damage, the loss of sight in one eye and Udge still carries another reminder with a large scar across his belly. A confident and strong monster that will not shy away when approached by someone new.

iko and anti

The twins - Iko and Anti - both measure 7" by 14" featuring grey fur with color cast features and fully poseable/bendable arms.

This terrible twosome were caught in the act! Cctv captured the evenings events when these twins were locked over night inside a giant supermarket. You would never think that something so small could cause so much damage, aisles were literally turned over. Cakes, sweets, eggs and flour littered the floors! It was thought that the total cost of the damage was extremely high. Management were extremely glad when we came to escort Iko and Anti off the premises. A cute couple that would be a challenge to control.

Custom Dusters by DMS


We got this cryptic message from DMS about the upcoming Duster figure:

Image received from Duster Medic unit 022, location: Desert. Tracking confirms as unit: DSRTR/K33 Duster Unit, presumed lost in the previous Nebula storm. Unit does not seem to be functioning as normal, also does not appear as standard. Possible damage from the Nebula storm, recall to base for testing.  

More information to follow.

Crazy Label Totes

cl tote bay 2

Crazy Label has unveiled a new line of 11 tote bag styles from artists Veggiesomething and Bubi Au Yeung (Treeson). These bags are 14.5" W x 15" H (not including the handles) and made of 100% cotton.

cl totes bay

Seven of the eleven designs are from Treeson creator Bubi Au Yeung, while the remaining four are from Veggiesomething. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys. Look for the totes to retail around $14 each.

cl tote vs 1

Two New Oakor Sets

oakor minimum roy barry

Tesselate has announced a pair of new Oakor figure packs: Minimum Roy and Barry (above), and Maximum Joy 2 and Tony (below). These will be released on Tuesday March 30th, 2010 at 4PM GMT for £26 each.

Tony and Barry come with their own personal sleeping quarters, while Maximum Joy/Minimum Roy come in their own sturdy packaging. All of the figures are hand cast in resin and hand painted with acrylic paints (and a bit of spraypaint), in the deepest bowels of the Tessetoys manufacturing plant.

oakor maximum joy tony

Candypaint Fire

ferg candypaint fire4

Candypaint Fire is Jamungo's third release in their Candypaint lineup. It will be released today (Monday, March 29th 2010) at 10AM - Central Time. To be eligible, you'll have to go here and add your name to the list.

The list will be capped around 50 or 60 pieces or at the 48 hour mark...whichever comes first. These are hand painted at the secret lab (ferg's garage) and limited to one per person. Pick one up for $35 US shipping included (international customers will need to add $25USD for shipping)

The Weird Hand Monster of S”K”UM-kun

hand red1

ZacPac has announced the second colorway of their special resin figure designed by Knuckle - the Weird Hand Monster of S"K"UM-kun. This figure was released on Saturday March 27, 2010 at the ZacPac shops (brick and mortar as well as online). These will run 19950yen (about $215) and are limited to a run of only 5 pieces.

hand red2