Nakanari at Wondercon

Tony Shiau aka Nakanari will be in attendance at Wondercon (April 2nd through 4th) in both the Kuso Vinyl and Dragatomi booths. He’ll have his newest piece – Lucky Cat … Read More

Hello, Brute at Wondercon

Jon Knox of Hello, Brute created a couple custom resin figures for Neon Monster’s Resin Showcase which will be on display at San Francisco’s Wondercon. This is the first painted … Read More

Kozik’s 6″ Potamus

Toy2R is showing off the newest creations by artist Frank Kozik. Kozik’s 6" Potamus suits up in military garb to pay homage to WWII. The D-Day (above) and Wermacht (below) … Read More

Alice in Wonderland Rotten Dollies

Artist Lana Moffatt – of Rotten Dollies – recently completed a set of Rotten Dollies inspired by the new Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland film. Alice, the Mad Hatter and … Read More

Journey to Molestown

DGPH presents Journey to Molestown – the first DGPH exhibition of 2010. It will take place at Gallery 1988 in San Francisco and feature 90 pieces of artwork in various … Read More

Purple Haze Duster

The latest one-off custom Duster figure (Purple Haze) from DMS-One is now available through his online shop. This one features metallic paint fading through purple, black and silver. It’s now … Read More

Fools Paradise: Keiko

The Fools Paradise Handmade 12: series KEIKO, will be be made available on April Fool’s Day (April 1st, 2010) at the Fools Paradise blog. The figure will be limited to … Read More

CONTEST: Win a Molos the Lobster Plush

We’re teaming up with Geared For Imagination, who will be randomly giving away a few Molos the Lobster plush toys to some lucky “fans” that follow him on Facebook.  Anyone … Read More

Wuz One’s Dare Custom

Wuz One has sent photos of a special tribute to one of his favorite artists – Dare. The Swiss writer recently died of cancer. So, in honor of Dare, all … Read More

Toy2R’s 15th Anniversary World Tour

Toy2R has announced the next stop on the 15th Anniversary World Tour – Rivet Gallery. Curated by Laura Kuenzil, the entire exhibit focuses on Toy2R’s 3.5″ Baby Qee line. Don’t … Read More

Red Jouwe at Wondercon

Designed by Marine Ramdhani, the Red Jouwe – by Kuso Vinyl x MyTummyToys x Plastic Culture – will be officially released at Wondercon (April 2-4, 2010) in San Francisco, CA. … Read More