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Nakanari at Wondercon

nakanari custom lucky

Tony Shiau aka Nakanari will be in attendance at Wondercon (April 2nd through 4th) in both the Kuso Vinyl and Dragatomi booths. He'll have his newest piece - Lucky Cat Spiki - on display. There will be 3 figures available, with each cat including a different color bell collar. They'll come with a custom made gold coin design by Dave "outtamymindcreations".

Nakanari will also be previewing an upcoming Spiki colorway with Texas designer toy store Produce - "Adult Crayon" CYMK Spiki.


Kozik’s 6″ Potamus

6 Potomus D Day sm

Toy2R is showing off the newest creations by artist Frank Kozik. Kozik’s 6" Potamus suits up in military garb to pay homage to WWII. The D-Day (above) and Wermacht (below) versions are both limited in production but should be ready to launch around mid 2010. Personally...I think these are the best military themed platform figures that Kozik has released (I'm not including those Army Men in that).

6 Potomus Wermacht sm

Purple Haze Duster


The latest one-off custom Duster figure (Purple Haze) from DMS-One is now available through his online shop. This one features metallic paint fading through purple, black and silver. It's now available for £19.99.

Message Update: The unit has arrived back at our New London One Base, we are very concerned. A serious mutation has taken place, the unit is now covered in what seems to be a kind of liquid metal which shifts constantly in form and colour: Code name: Purple Haze.

Simon the Sock Bully

simon 1

Two Feet Deep have introduced Simon the Sock Bully. He's known as the Sock Bully, but deep down he has a kinder side. Think of him as a bit of a guard dog - he's your little friend, but best of all he'll protect you from danger.

Simon is the first in a series of limited edition sock monsters. Once he has sold out, there will be none of this character created. Simon has been handmade from new socks and stuffed with polyester filling. Every detail has been hand-stitched to perfection and the quality really is impressive.

You can pick one up through the above link, or through the Two Feet Deep Etsy Shop.

Please note: This is a limited edition pre-order item and it will be sent as soon as the stock arrives.

simon 3
simon 2

Wuz One’s Dare Custom

wuz custom 1

Wuz One has sent photos of a special tribute to one of his favorite artists - Dare. The Swiss writer recently died of cancer. So, in honor of Dare, all of the money raised from the sale of the custom will be donated to Spanish Association Against Cancer.
This will be put up for sale on Friday, April 2nd 2010 on Wuz One's website (linked above). It will probably be sold in auction format.

wuz custom 2
wuz custom 3